Kingsbury Classic 10k – 8.5.18

Race Report by Dave Phillips 

This annual event gets more popular every year and tonight’s was no exception. About 10 red and whites were there to enjoy the jog around the lakes and pools of Kingsbury Water Park but so many entered on the night that some had black crosses put on their numbers as there were not enough medals for these late comers.

So as usual the start was in the woods but soon the lakes came into view and the course went around the perimeter of the park around the lakes taking in spectacularly beautiful views for the whole event.

Eventually we came to the river and ran along the bank with the river on the right and lakes and parks on the left. What more could you wish for on a beautiful May evening?

Everywhere there were geese, swans, ducks and water fowl of every sort-all looking at us thinking “whatever are they doing on our land”?

This was a good question because as usual the air was full of swarms of gnats and midges especially by the river, so if you talked or breathed through your mouth you got a “gob full” of them. Same every year so maybe that’s why we go back? In fact the organiser my friend Richard Baker (who not so long ago ran 30 races in one month-June) refers to this as “Midge Central”.

Eventually the leaders passed me and lap 2 was in sight and then I really was on my own with just the gnats and water fowl for comfort but what a peaceful place this is. In fact there were only about half a dozen non-runners in the whole of the park so all in all a great night-even if a bit slow! In fact it was getting “darkish” when I finished to meet Kelvin who was seeing all Massey people in- many thanks mate.

Will be back next year (with the Midges) as I seem to have done most of these since they started.

Massey time:

Dave phillips. 1hr 25 mins.