Welcome to Massey Ferguson RC

Massey Ferguson RC are an England Athletics affiliated, Coventry based running club. Our diverse member base consists of members who are lifetime runners as well as complete beginners at the start of their running journey. So whether you are a seasoned athlete or you are taking your first steps into the running world, we have a place for you in our running community.

We are a supportive club whose primary goal is to encourage each member to achieve and surpass their own personal goals, whatever those may be. No matter your speed, we wholeheartedly encourage every member to participate in our annual club races, regardless of their finishing time.

Looking to kickstart your fitness journey? Want to enjoy a group run followed by a refreshing beer? Look no further! Massey runners can provide the space for those looking to start running or those who are looking to improve. We also cater to the needs of those who want to embrace their competitive side, fielding teams who compete in the Birmingham cross country league, the Midland road relays and also the Warwickshire road race league amongst others.

We’ve plenty of activities to suit all tastes – As well as the regular weekly gatherings our members and teams enter various competitions and events throughout the year. We regularly have groups of runners attending most of the big marathon events as well as local 5km events and everything inbetween. We always try to ensure we put on some proper social events too, mainly our yearly awards night and our Chistmas party.

We were founded in 1977 and wear the distinctive red and white quarter vests, so you can easily spot our runners on race days, proudly representing our club. So, if you have moved to the area and want to find a running club; if you want to trade the treadmill for the great outdoors; or if you’re just taking up this fantastic sport, why not come to one of our training sessions and see why we all love it so much