• Massey Tractor 10k – results

    RESULTS ARE IN! “2020 Massey Tractor 10k” . The Warwickshire Road Race League is BACK! We appreciate your patience waiting 2 years for us to get the race on. As you maybe aware it wasn’t without its challenges with a HS2 re route required and a late change of race HQ from the venue meant […]

  • Regency 10k – 10.4.22

    Race report by David Phillips. Regency 10k, Leamington Spa, 10/04/22. Well once again this event proved to be a favourite with many people with a very full field of nearly 2,000 runners (so it seemed) starting at the very early time of 09:00 hrs. So for the leaders it was over early in the morning-then […]

  • Glow For Myton 5k – 2.4.2022

    Race Report – by Jenna Pogue Channeling our inner 80s pop icons, Jo and I made our way to University Square in Coventry for the Glow For Myton 5k on Saturday night. Very much a fun run, you could walk, jog, run or dance your way around the city centre in aid of The Myton […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 20.2.22

    Ilmington 10k Tempo Events Winter Series 5th Race. Race report by David Phillips. Well what a killer this was (as always!) for the 259 runners. As usual some of started off 20 minutes before the main start and I was one of these. In fact I led for a short while! This was the 5th and last […]

  • Ilmington 10k (+ a bit) – 23.1.22

    Race report by David Phillips. This was the 4th in the Winter series of 5 events and this one was clockwise. Ughhh! That means that the hill is a bit shorter than the clockwise hill but it’s about twice as steep. A real killer of a run until the top is reached which is the highest […]

  • Christmas Races – 25th & 27th December 2021

    Christmas Races by David Phillips. Well what another strange running year 2021 was with only 13 events (14 in 2020) but at least there were 2 races in the last 3 days. 25/12/21 Warwick Christmas Day run 3.2 miles in St. Nicholas Park (4 laps) at 10:30 hrs. This event has been going now for […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 21.11.21

    Race report by David Phillips. Well what a great event this was for the 289 runners who took part in the 2nd race in the 5 race series, so well done again to the organisers Rob and Sarah of Tempo Events. The weather was sunny, coolish and windy but dry so no problems there. The […]

  • Coventry Half Marathon – 31.10.21

    Race Report by Joy Woolass After many delays the Coventry Half was finally here. Coventry Half was meant to be the first half but covid put a stop to that. Racers benefited from an extra hour in bed after the clocks changed. The weather however was horrendous . Racers assembled in the student hub to […]

  • Coventry Half Marathon – 31.10.21

    Race Report by David Phillips. Well what a day! Never known rain, wind, floods as bad as these were on today’s race. They all started just as the start signal went off and were with us for over 2 hours until, believe it or not, until the sun came out in Kersley. I was soaked […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 24.10.21

    Race report by David Phillips. Well the new Tempo Events Winter Series has started so just 4 more to go over the next 4 months. 281 turned up on this cold and windy day to do the anti-clockwise route and what a killer it is for the first 4k. Mostly all vertically uphill until the […]

  • National Trust Colby Gardens parkrun – 4.9.21

    Race report by David Phillips. National Trust Colby Gardens 3 mile Park Run, 04/9/21. Well this is a beautiful large wooded area near Tenby so as we were down there at Penally what else to do on a Saturday morning? So I turned up at 0830 to find that this was their 1st Park Run since […]

  • Stratford Summer 6 miler – 28.8.21

    Race report by David Phillips. Well great to be on the local circuits again, this time at Mary Arden’s House, Illmington near Stratford where lots of well-known local runners turned up for the 6 mile evening annual road race event with the 1800 hrs start. It starts off outside the House and after a smallish […]

  • Windermere Marathon – 23.5.21

    RACE REPORT by John Bennett Members of the club are starting to resume to in-person events as COVID restrictions begin to lift. Three club members (David Goodwin, Rachel Brock, & John Bennett) made the trip north for a weekend in Ambleside to take part in the 2021 Windermere Marathon on the 23 May 2021. The […]

  • Ilmington 10.13k – 5th & last in the Winter Series – 23.5.21

    Race report by David Phillips. Well Ilmington is all over until it all starts again in the Autumn when it should finish before May 2022! Once again Rob and Sarah of Tempo Events put on a superb event and this time the groups went off at 2 minute intervals not 5 as previously. Trouble is […]

  • Ilmington 10.13k – 2.5.21

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Another great day out in the hills and 155 runners took part going off in groups of about 5 between 0900 and 1200 hrs. at 5 minute intervals. This was the 4th race in the Winter series of 5. My group of 2 started at 1030 ish so there were lots […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 18.4.21

    Race report by David Phillips. Well once again well done Sarah and Rob of Tempo Events for continuing the winter series. 2 to go now. As last time the runners went off in groups of c5 at 5 minute intervals starting at 0900 hrs until noon. Fortunately my group (last off last time) was moved […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 4.4.21

    Ilmington 2nd Race in the Winter Series, 10.13k 4/4/21. Race Report by David Phillips.  Well at last it’s great to be back on the roads again even if it is on Warwickshire’s highest peak. Strange but my last race and race report was on 25/10/20 when it was the 1st in the Ilmington Winter Series so just […]

  • 40 Mile Ultra

    Race Report by Claire Newman It has taken me a while to write this. Initially I was too tired, then I was too busy, then I thought maybe there was no point as it was weeks ago. So, I didn’t get very lucky with the weather for my ultra. It pretty much hammered it down […]

  • Virtual Chocathon – 20.11.20

    Race Report by Sonia Karamat Without a ballot place for the VLM, Mylene and I signed up for the Tissington Trail Marathon scheduled on the 26th April, the same day as London. Training started in the New Year and included a half marathon and 20 mile races as part of the preparation. By the 15th […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 25.10.20

    Race report by David Phillips. Ilmington Race 10.13k (6.3M) 25.10.20 1st in the Winter Series of 5. Well I can hardly believe it. This was my 1st race since 15th March so the 7 month layoff is indeed a 1st for me. Wasn’t off for this length of time when I broke my leg! So what can I say? […]

  • Dorney Lakes Half Marathon – 30.8.20

    Race Report by Claire Newman On Saturday I did another ACTUAL EVENT! F3 Events Ltd were putting on a multi-distance event at Dorney Lakes and Phil and I were signed up for the half marathon. At the site entrance we had to give our names through the car window to someone checking off booked participants […]

  • Lee Valley VeloPark 10k – 29.8.20

    Race Report by Claire Newman Yesterday I took part in my first actual event since March . Lisa and I headed down to the Lee Valley VeloPark to do a RunThrough.co.uk 10k. Obviously it was massively exciting to be going to an event finally, , but we were also both really interested to see how […]

  • The Great British Bake Run / Pokérun – 6.9.20

    As I laid out my running kit in Egham Travelodge the night before my return to a proper race I realised that I was missing one fairly critical item of clothing… My running shorts! Surprisingly, Mary was actually quite supportive with my predicament and said that because it had been such a long time since […]

  • Virtual 5k Race – May 2020

    Race Report by John D Bennett Virtual 5k Race May 2020 – Virtual Warwickshire Road Race League (vWRRL)   The first Virtual Warwickshire Road Race League (vWRRL) race was 5km during the month of May 2020. It was a great challenge in the socially distanced COVID-19 world we now all inhabit.   For a virtual race, where […]

  • Centurion 5 miles – 15.3.20

     Race report by Dave Phillips.  About 60+ of us from a variety of local clubs (5 Red and Whites) did what we always do on a Sunday-RUN! You could get far worse in C/Wood than coronavirus if you stopped running ! So I decided to self-isolate from the start and sweep along behind the others […]

  • Draycote Water 10k – 8.3.20

    Race Report by Dave Phillips  Should call this Storm Draycote because the head on wind for the 302 10k runners was a real killer and forward movement was not easy. Plus it was cold despite the sun being out all the time but the wonderful scenery made up for everything. Plus there were a good […]

  • Malta Marathon – 1.3.20

    Race Report by Cathy Keay Pondering which Spring marathon to do, I stumbled across a website by Tim Teege a German chap who had run a marathon in every EU capital – now with my obsession of only doing marathons in capital cities this was perfect research for my next venture. Further details can be […]

  • Malta Half Marathon – 1.3.20

    Mayhem in Malta with the Massey 8 Race Report by Helen Rowe Friday 28th February 2020 –The Massey 8 (Cal Oddy, Carol Martin, Cathy Keay, Cristina Semple, Helen Rowe, Marie O’Connor, Rachel Brock and Rachel Hogg) travelled to Malta in two separate groups – one group gong from East Midlands, and the other going from […]

  • Warwick Half Marathon – 1.3.20

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I did the very 1st Warwick ½ (from the racecourse but in the opposite direction) around 1986 and I met a Massey Runner Hugh Docherty and ran with him. What’s that red and white vest I asked? The rest is history and I joined Massey soon after and I’ve done all […]

  • Draycote Water 10K & 10 mile – 22.2.20

    Race Report by Helen Rowe I signed up for the 10 mile at Draycote Water because I needed a 10 mile run on my training plan.  It was originally scheduled for Sunday 9th February, and quite a few Massey runners had signed up for either the 10k or the 10 mile.  However, Storm Ciara had […]

  • Colby Gardens Woodland 5k – 22.2.20

    National Trust Colby Gardens Woodland 5k, Amroth, Near Tenby – 22/02/20. Race report by Dave Phillips. Well back now from a very wet Wales but Pembrokeshire was also as windy as it has ever been. Then that ****** French XV at Cardiff just added to the misery-although Wales blew it. My dad’s Welsh jersey and […]

  • Barcelona Half Marathon – 16.2.20

    Race Report by Alison Lowe I first heard about this race from a flyer I picked up at the London Marathon expo When I saw it was only €28 and being somewhere I could persuade my husband we could go for a weekend away I booked it up ! This is one of biggest half […]

  • 5th Tempo Winter Series – 16.2.20

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well why ever did 294 people turn out for this today? Must be mad. Floods all the way there, rain and more rain and that 80+ MPH wind on the course. So off we went anti clockwise for the last of the series and it wasn’t long until we were […]

  • One out of Two – 8.2.20

    Race report by Dave Phillips – One out of Two – 8/9 Feb. Well just a 50% w/e so what a bummer. Blame the wind/rain/danger (?) + anything else. Saturday. The final League XC of the season at the stunning Lilleshall National Sports Centre near Telford was a real troublesome 4 lap 6ish mile event. […]

  • Centurion Grand Prix, Race 4 – 2.2.20

    Race Report By Helen Rowe Cal persuaded me to give this 5 mile race a go. I needed to get back on the horse, figuratively speaking.  Cal picked me up and we headed for Chelmsley Wood. We were expecting to see Dave Phillips (who would have written this report had he been there), and Lizzie Watts, […]

  • Watford Half Marathon – 2.2.20

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Around 2,000 of us assembled at the race HQ in the usual Cassiobury Park and at 1030 the gun went and we were off. I’ve done this c30 times I think and in the good old days there were at least a dozen from Massey there competing with the hosts […]

  • Not the Not the Roman IX – 26.1.20

     12k race at Stratford upon Avon.  According to the records someone said I’ve done more of these than anyone else so good news there. This year 356 took part with a good Red and White turnout so well done everyone on a very cold, wet and windy day for this hilly event. I asked many […]

  • The “crash, bang, wallop” Ilmington 10k – 19.1.20

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what a morning for the 4th Ilmington run in the series of 5 and this time it was clockwise. The roads there were icy, very misty and it was freezing. In fact from Stratford it was dangerous driving with poor visibility-and that was on the flat. 5 Massey runners there […]

  • A Weekend Double

    Race report by David Phillips. Well what a way to start the year with a double. 2 doubles so read on! On Sat it was the combined Warks and Worcs XC Champs at Warley Woods near Smethwick, B’ham. It was the 3rd consecutive year there with races for boys and girls from under 13 to 20 […]

  • Warwick Christmas Day 3.5 mile – 25.12.19

    Race report by David Phillips.  This race has been held for c60 years now (with many of the regular local faces appearing year after year-me included). The HQ is always in a pub but many of them have closed, converted into houses etc., over the years but for the 4th successive year it was in the […]

  • Thames Hare and Hounds Alumni 5 – 14.12.19

    Thames Hare and Hounds Alumni 5 mile Cross Country, Wimbledon Common  Race report by David Phillips. Thames Hare and Hounds is the oldest XC club in the UK formed back in 1868. Their clubhouse is on the edge of Wimbledon and Putney Common in Roehampton Vale near Kingston and next to London Cornish Rugby Club. […]

  • MK Winter Half Marathon – 8.12.19

    Race report by Claire Newman I blagged a cheeky transfer entry to the Mk Winter Half Marathon on Sunday. The race village was well organised, and I very swiftly completed the transfer of the place into my name although my bib still said ‘Mark’ on it. I bag dropped as late as possible as the wind was […]

  • 2nd Cross Country League Race – 7.12.19

    Race report by David Phillips. 2nd Cross Country League Race, Stratford-Upon-Avon  Well Stratford town was manic and closed off due to the Victorian Xmas Fare over the w/e so lots of runners walked up to the start on the top on the Welcome Hills in Clopton Park. Living quite nearby I drove and parked within […]

  • Coombe 8 – 1.12.19

    Race Report by Dave Phillips What can I say except “mud, mud glorious mud, there’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood”. How true that was today for the 339 who ran (or tried to) today’s annual event organised by Sphinx. A huge thank you Sphinx and well done for the superbly organised event […]

  • Silverstone 10k – 24.11.19

    Race Report by Helen Rowe Run Silverstone  5000 people were running Silverstone on Sunday 24th November 2019.  Run Silverstone had a choice of distances: Family Mile, 5K, 10K and Half Marathon.  Cal had “won” a voucher for The Race Organiser, and had decided to use it on the Run Silverstone 10K.  I signed up later, […]

  • Derby 10 – 17.11.19

    Race Report by Helen Rowe Derby 10 (will it be never again?) It was an early start.  5 of us were travelling to Derby together, and I had to be at Cal’s by 7.45am.  I parked in Cal’a allotted parking space, behind her house. It took me about 8 attempts to be satisfied with my […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 24.11.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips – 2nd in the Winter Series of 5 Today was the clockwise direction of the circular course but as usual the hills took their toll. 305 runners started so what a great turnout on this superbly organised run by Tempo Events so again many thanks. Pity they can’t make the […]

  • Coventry 10k – 17.11.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This was a good event put on by MCC Promotions who have organised 23 10k runs all over the place this year so well done to them. This was 3.5 times round the Park and there were probably around 200+ in it so well done everyone. However very few from […]

  • Wyre Wizard Trail Half Marathon – 3.11.19

    Race Report by Casey Leaver The two things that people said to me *after* we’d completed this race were “Ooh, that’s a toughie.” and “I bet it was beautiful.” In a nutshell, yes and yes. It was a ten o’clock start and a small, but serious-looking, field. And, sure enough, everyone (even us) was well […]

  • New York Marathon – 3.11.19

    Race Report by Claire Newman It is a bit of a mission to get to the start line as it is on Staten Island. The options are either a bus from Manhattan or a ferry. We chose the 6.15 ferry and Brian and I met with John at the subway and we made our way […]

  • Centurion 5 miles – 3.11.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This was the 1st run in Centurion’s Grand Prix series of 6 races held each month and what great scenic events they are. Mind you Great Scenic and Chelmsley Wood is a complete oxymoron (a contradiction in terms). However because these events are completely off road, two and a half times […]

  • Beachy Head Marathon – 26.10.19

    Gone with the Wind! – by Mary Connolly. Two years ago I was gutted to be dropping Daniel off at the start of my favourite marathon before driving off to run a parkrun, due to recovering from injury.  At the time Daniel was knocking up the marathon numbers and slowly building a lead towards the […]

  • Dramathon – 19.10.19

    Race Report by Claire Newman Last week I found myself travelling circa 500 miles *insert Proclaimers reference here* to run one leg of a relay marathon just south of Inverness. Despite running a short distance, this is going to be a long report just because it was a bit complicated! The Dramathon is a multi-distance […]

  • Great South Run – 20.10.19

    A Great Run ….  By Helen Rowe The Great South Run was a great run (pun intended).  As anyone who has ever done a Great Run knows, the organisation is spot on.  When you have got 20,000 runners congregating in one place to run a 10 mile race, then it has to be. We were awake […]

  • Auckland Marathon, NZ – 20.10.19

    What an experience by Michael Hammond On May 27 2019 I booked my place on my first full Marathon: ASB Auckland , New Zealand October 20th. Every run became preparation: Tysoe Windmill, Masseys handicap, Two Castles, Leamington Half, Northbrook 10k, Badgers 10k, Kenilworth Half, Draycote 10K, training runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays were all […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 20.10.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well they don’t come any hillier than this 1st race in the series of 5 until next Feb. Maybe that was why there were only 3 red and whites amongst the 361 runners there but come on we need more there as we were outnumbered by almost every local club-except Sphinx […]

  • Cabbage Patch 10 – 13.10.19

    Race Report by Claire Newman I bloody loved the Cabbage Patch 10 last year and fully intended to do it again this year, so when the announcement was made that it unfortunately would not be continuing I was really sad. Then came the brilliant news that another club had decided to take on the organisation […]

  • Green Leek 10k Run – 13.10.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. An early start for me as drove to the finish and caught one of the 2 double decker busses to the start at 0830. Good value for an extra £2. Well they don’t come much muddier, wetter, colder, dirtier than this. So the start for the 500 runners was on […]

  • Alcester 10k – 6.10.19

    Race report by David Phillips. This run has to be at the very top of all the runs I’ve done. Why? Well it started in the closed off centre of lovely town of Alcester just near the church. Over 1,000 took part and with families, residents, onlookers, marshals, it was just crazy but great fun. […]

  • National Trust Colby Gardens 5k – 21.9.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Despite Pembs. probably being the windiest place in the UK this w/e, running on trails and paths 3 times in the woods and forests area at Colby we were at least protected from the gales. Even so this 3 lapper has 4 hills each lap so just maybe a head […]

  • Tamworth 5 miles – 15.9.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what can I say as this was the 10th Tamworth event and I’d never done it before nor to be honest not known about it. Pity because out of all the local short events this has to be right at the top so well done Dave Williams and Tamworth Athletic […]

  • Stratford’s Big 10k – 8.9.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well all I can say is this was not BIG it was HUGE. Never before in a short race have I been with so many runners-about1,700! Car parking in Stratford was manic and the loo queues near the start area were so long that holding on to anything waiting for […]

  • Kenilworth Half Marathon – 1.9.19

    Race Report by Brian Boyle This year saw the inaugural two lap course make its debut. Number pick up was available on the day before from the Holiday Inn. Car parks on race day filled up quite early, and then all lined up ready for the start in the Main Street. A quick briefing and […]

  • Bedford Twilight 10k – 31.8.19

    Race Report by Paul Curtis Di and I headed down to Bedford for the Twilight 10k, which was billed as “flat and fast” with pb potential.  With a 5:30pm start we set off early for a leisurely drive down the M1. The weather was meant to be set fair for the entire day. We opened […]

  • Kenilworth’s 20th ½ marathon – 1.9.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. What can I say after this super event except well done to Kenilworth Runners and our ex Massey man Dave Pettifer who organised it. Huge field with c1500+ runners all on closed roads. So what more could I have wished for on my 360th half marathon? 40 to go then someone […]

  • Welsh Runs – August 2019

    Race report by Dave Phillips Well as usual the last 2 weeks in August in our Penally Hideway meant that the annual toughies had to be run (albeit in Pembrokeshire Harriers colours). St. Clears 10k – 18.8.19 TROTS running club organise this event that is anything but easy-especially at the back of the pack. The […]

  • Poppit 3 & Stratford 6 – 6.8.19 & 10.8.19

    Race reports by David Phillips  Poppit Sands 3 miles – 6.8.19 This is the 2nd of the 3 evening races at St. Dogmaels near Cardigan and about an hour from our Penally home. The start is on a small lane outside the RNLI station on the beach then soon you turn onto the river Tiefi estuary […]

  • Brecon 10 miles – 4.8.19

    Race Report by Dave Phillips  Where else would always you go on the 1st Sunday in August (or any other day for that matter)? To God’s own country of course and as always I popped down (2+hr trip) to Brecon for the usual trudge around the foothills of the majestic Brecon Beacons. Fortunately this is a […]

  • Run Aintree 10k – 28.7.19

    Race Report by Brenda Lee I was up in Liverpool visiting my daughter so decided to take the opportunity to enter Run Aintree 10K. It was a short drive from her house and was held at the famous Aintree racecourse, somewhere I had never visited. There are 3 different distances available to enter, half marathon, […]

  • Timberhonger 10k – 13.7.19 & Northbrook 10k – 14.7.29

    Race reports by Dave Phillips.  You could even call this the Morning after the Night Before but at least I was sober! Timberhonger is in Bromsgrove and this was their 16th 10k and I do it every year now. It starts in the park where there was a super fun fair, stalls, music, kids’ races, […]

  • Leamington Half Marathon – 7.7.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what can I say about this fabulous event? From start to finish it must surely rank as the best in the UK. Great start area in the Pump Room Gardens, roads closed to traffic throughout the run, course went through beautiful countryside and villages, marshals and drink stations were […]

  • Compton Verney Half Marathon – 30.6.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. What a superb event this-my 1st CV half. The start is at the entrance of the most beautiful ancient Compton Verney Manor (between Wellesbourne and Kineton) then off we went through the grounds past the lakes and rivers to the road to Kineton. This was all uphill so was this […]

  • Run for Nepal – 23.6.19

    Race Report by Richard Pearce If ever there was an event with a difference, this was it – the Run for Nepal at Sandon Park, Nuneaton. I hadn’t even heard of it until a recent post by Dave Adams on My Running Club. So glad he did, because this was brilliant. Big thanks, Dave.  Four of […]

  • Trail Marathon Wales – Half Marathon – 15.6.19

    Race Report by Casey Leaver This weekend was the long-awaited and much-anticipated Trail Marathon Wales.  Half though obvs.  Matt generously let me defer last year because I got shingles.  So I had a good year to (under)prepare.  Last year when I said I’d entered Cathy Keay laughed at me outright.  And now I know why!  […]

  • Arden 9 – 16.6.19

    Race report by David Phillips. Well done Knowle & Dorridge RC for this super event. The HQ is fabulous, parking great all around and the facilities lacked nothing. The course is also just as good taking us through lovely countryside along fairly traffic free roads and lanes and through nice villages. It wasn’t ‘till 8+ […]

  • Sphinx 5 miler – 12.6.19

    Race report by David Phillips. Well this event lived up to its popular reputation with all places sold out a few days ago, unlike the good old days (quite recently) when you just entered on the night. So a really packed house with everyone trying to shelter under the small roof that overhung the central […]

  • Aldridge 10k – 9.6.19

    Race Report by Brenda Lee The “Real” Dave Lee works in Aldridge and after speaking to a colleague who is a member of Aldridge running club I took his recommendation to take part in their annual 10k. It clashed with Two Castles but as I have done that race more than once, decided a change […]

  • Race to the Tower – 8 & 9.6.19

    Race Report by Cathy Keay – warning, reading this might take as long as it took me to run it !!! Most of you know that I do a lot of events, and I’m always talking Massey members into doing various events, but somehow I talked myself into this double marathon and I’m not sure […]

  • Rhein – Ruhr ½ Marathon – 2.6.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well time changes all things so they say. For the last 16 years I’ve done the marathon here but this year it was the half. As usual Robina, Michaela, Rob and I flew out on Thursday, Then Robina and I did our usual Rhein-Ruhr cruise, visited museums, walks a plenty […]

  • Liverpool Marathon – 19.5.19

    Breaking four – Gary’s story (Race Report by Phil McCarron) As essentially all Massey’s know by them, every May on a predetermined weekend, thousands of runners from across the world embark onto the streets of Liverpool to run a variety of races and collect some uniquely designed medals and also to sample the local beverages […]

  • Copenhagen Marathon (& parkrun) – 19.5.19

    Race Report by Lisa Jay Cathy and I set off on our Danish adventure on Friday morning from Luton Airport, everything went like clockwork and we arrived in Denmark to unplanned showers.    After navigating the world’s smallest metro system we dumped our bags at the hotel and headed by bus to the Expo so […]

  • Worcester Pitchcroft 10k – 26.5.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips.  This is a super event (not done it for c20 years) and the course follows the boundary of the Worcester Race Course on paths so it is 100% traffic free. It’s a 3 lapper and probably the flattest race anywhere and that’s probably why the winner did it in 32.52. […]

  • Dorset Invader Weekend – 25-26.5.19

      As Mary is contentedly snoring in bed exhausted from a weekend of running marathons, I am on the computer trying to decide if I am happy with how my running weekend turned out. Many of you who have read my reports will know my speciality is a total lack of organisation when it comes […]

  • MK Marathon – 6.5.19

    MK Marathon – sssh don’t tell anyone – Race Report by Wendy Foxall Up until last Monday I really didn’t think I could run a marathon. Which is why I decided to do my first one without telling anyone. A couple of close friends were more than a little suspicious by the number of miles […]

  • Kingsbury Classic 10k (Dave) – 7.5.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This was the 19th  race here and I seem to have done most of them. Massey runners were all over the place and once again the ladies outnumbered the men (now you know why I do so many races!). As usual it was a 2 lapper all around the woods, trails […]

  • Kingsbury Classic 10k (Paul) – 7.5.19

    Race Report by Paul Curtis As Di will testify, reading literature is not my thing having only read one fiction book in my life. Nevertheless, I thought I’d give this writing a race report thing a bash… and after reading Claire’s recent “Sicky banana burps” and “small bag of wee” insights in her last two […]

  • Sandwell Valley parkrun – 4.5.19

    More than just a parkrun – Sandwell Valley Race Report by Helen Rowe We had heard that Coventry parkrun was cancelled.  So Cal and I decided to do a bit of tourism. Sally was going to Gloucester to get a G for her alphabet, so Cal and I decided to look for somewhere not too […]

  • The Dragon’s Lair 10K – 28.4.19

    Race Report by Helen Rowe This was an inaugural race, organised by Jack Rabbit Events, who are known for their challenging event.  There were 5 runners from Massey’s signed up to do the race. Cal had offered to drive, and so she picked me up at 8.00am, and we set off on the road to […]

  • London Marathon (David) – 28.4.19

    25 Not Out – Race Report – by David Goodwin Back in 2010 I was lucky to be selected for the National Autistic Society team for the first Virgin London Marathon, as Flora left their sponsorship behind to the history books. Good news I thought as I couldn’t and still can’t stand butter or margarine […]

  • London Marathon (Claire) – 28.4.19

    Race Report by Claire Newman If you’ve read my blog posts about London you might want to skip this as it is just a slightly (not very) condensed version! Getting to the start was easy, there were extra trains and lots of marshals herding everyone towards Blackheath and the start zones. Once in the zone […]

  • London Marathon (Alison) – 28.4.19

    The Journey to London – a first marathon. Race Report by Alison Lowe On Sunday 7th October I ran the Rugby 10 mile in a PB time and decided that would be my preferred long run distance from now on  – not even halves The next day my ‘You’re in’ magazine dropped on the doormat […]

  • Stratford Marathon – 28.4.19

    Stratford Shakespeare Marathon – My 500th marathon. Race report by David Phillips. Well what can I say? I did my 1st marathon in Coventry in 1982 and 1st  Stratford full in 1983 and have only missed 2 since when they clashed with London. Yes they did clash on Sunday but Stratford won as it was local, many friends came […]

  • Ty-RUN-ousaurus – 19.4.19

    Any sensible multiple marathon runner, who shredded their inner thigh 5 days earlier would be taking a rest from running for a while whilst the wound heals. However sensible and multiple marathon are words you rarely find together in a sentence.  Even more so if you add the word Daniel! So with thigh adorned with […]

  • Mersey Tunnel 10K – 14.4.19

    Race report by Brenda Lee My daughter Hannah had booked to do the Mersey Tunnel 10k race so I decided to take the opportunity of a visit to see her and also do the race. The morning started off chilly and we were happy to see the sun breaking through as we stood waiting to […]

  • Boston (UK) Marathon – 14.4.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well this was my 4th Boston (plus one over the water in USA) but what a killer it was. It started early at 0900 hrs so I went up on Sat and stayed there in the New England Hotel where on Sat. evening the organisers had organised a Meet and […]

  • Draycote 10 mile – 14.4.19

    Race report by Emma King It’s 8.15 on a Sunday morning waiting for Cal to pick me up. Having been up since 7am as I struggle with breakfast so a protein shake and half a batch with nutella and I’m ready. All kitted out in my Massey red, felt a bit of a sniffle after […]

  • Star Runners – 14.4.19

    A LONG TIME AGO IN A CITY FAR FAR AWAY (From Coventry) duh duh duh DUN DA DUN, DUN DA DUN (John William Theme music, text scrolling up the screen.) Episode IV, A NEW HOPE It is a holiday period. The Connolly’s car had been driven to a hotel in Durham, from where they have […]

  • Cathedral to Castle 10 – 7.4.19

    Race Report by Brenda Lee It’s 7.15 am on Sunday morning and myself, Cal, Sonia and Nicola are being kindly chaffered by the real Dave Lee to Litchfield to begin the Cathedral to Castle 10 mile race. I have never done this race but have had my eye on it for a little while. The […]

  • Regency Leamington Spa 10k – 7.4.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This has to be one of the best and most enjoyable 10ks around. The first half is all on trails, paths and tracks up and over Newbold Common with no cars, houses, shops, pubs or roads in sight and what beautiful scenery it is too. Much of it is around […]

  • Dorney Lake 20 Mile – 31.3.19

    Race Report by Claire Newman Mothering Sunday meant I got to choose what I wanted to do, and what I wanted was skip breakfast in bed, leave the house before kids even woke up, and travel to Windsor to run 20 miles around Dorney Lake. With a head cold. I travelled in style with Lisa […]

  • Coventry Half Marathon – 24.3.19

    Race Report by Claire Newman Goal number one for me was to get around, miles on my legs without damaging them more is what I need at the moment. But, I did have a vanity goal of wanting to come in under 2:30, it’s a long way off my PB, but it would mean i’d […]

  • London Landmarks Half Marathon – 24.3.19

    Race Report by Helen Rowe Saturday 23rd March This year, the race was on Sunday 24th March, the day after my birthday.  Andrew Rollins, Jenna Pogue and myself were due to be running, and Delroy Taylor was a pacer.  Hayley Rollins and Stuart Liggins were coming down in support. The hotel was booked, and the […]

  • Coventry Half Marathon – 24.3.19

    Race report by David Phillips. Well what a fantastic day for all concerned and huge thanks to the organisers and sponsors (including Coventry Runner and of course Anne-Marie). It seems a long time ago that I did the 1stCov half in 1983 and then of course when Massey ran it later on and it was […]

  • Banbury 15 – 17.3.19

    Race Report by Dave Phillips  Well if you thought Storm Gareth (named after my son) was on its way out you should have been at Banbury today. Very cold, windy, a bit sunny, very hilly and a massive hail storm cascaded down to complete the fun. This a lovely event taking us in some of […]

  • Ashbourne 10 – 3.3.19

    Race Report by Helen Rowe I needed a 10 miler for the spreadsheet, and I thought the sooner I did it the better, as last year it was a scramble trying to fit one in.  I also needed to be doing 10 miles as training for my Half Marathon coming up on 24th March, so […]

  • Gato Head Torch 10K Race 2 – 27.2.19

    Race Report by Helen Rowe The inaugural Gato Head Torch 10K was held in January 2019.  I couldn’t get a place on that, as it was sold out, so I signed up for Race 2.  The first race had been held on the night that we cancelled all of the Massey Training Runs, as it […]

  • Weekend Double – 2.3.19 & 3.3.19

    Race reports by Dave Phillips. This year has been bad in that in Feb the Watford ½ was cancelled because of a flake of snow and I couldn’t get to last week’s half at Carsington Lakes near Ashbourne because of the fog so I turned round and came home. So I made up for it […]

  • Naseby 1645 – 24.2.19

    Race Report by Alison Lowe This was another race I booked last autumn when I was planning my marathon training long runs. I remembered seeing that a few Massey’s had run its inaugural event the year before and the distance was perfect for this point in my training. The race starts in Naseby and goes […]

  • Let’s Go Round Again Disco Marathon – 17.2.19

    Race Report by Jeremy Smith Very windy.  The “Let’s Go Round Again Disco Marathon”, Nottingham, February 17 2019 Holme Pierrepont, near Nottingham, is a watersports centre and among other wet attractions it has a long, oblong lake for rowing.  I’ve been told it can’t be used for certain high prestige rowing events because of its […]

  • Leicestershire Half Marathon – 17.2.19

    Race Report by Alison Lowe. When I started planning my long runs for VLM training back in the autumn I noticed this run was great timing for a 13 mile run. In chatting to other Massey runners however, they said they had found this race really hard in 2018 due to a really boring route […]

  • Illmington 10k – 17.2.19

    Race report by David Phillips. This was the last of the series and what super (if hard) runs they are too up and over Warwickshire’s highest point. This time it was anti clockwise so the uphill drag was not so steep as the clockwise drag but it was longer. Eventually the 2 radio masts came […]

  • Runners of the Lost Ark – 17.2.19

    When Saturn Running put out on Facebook a 7hour timed, multi lapped event that was listed on the 100 Marathon Club website up in Durham during at the start of the half term holiday it should have been a no brainer to enter and give this race as a gift to Mary.  After all, we […]

  • Cattle Country Park XC – 9.2.19

    Cross Country Leagues – Cattle Country Park near Gloucester – Saturday 9 February 2019 Ramblings from the Course by  I.M. Muddy You just knew from the name of the new venue of Cattle Country Park, south of Gloucester, that the course for the final cross country league matches for the men and women was going […]

  • Draycote Water 10k – 10.2.19

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Well what a miserable day at the reservoir. Very wet, windy and cold for the 300+ runners for this event sponsored by Anne-Marie and Coventry Runner. Hardly anyone had his or her club vest on as most were covered up with waterproofs, jackets, hoodies, plastic bags and anything to keep […]

  • Shambolic Race Weekend – 3.2.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what a shambles. Cathy Keay and I were down to do the Watford ½ marathon then due to those ******* stupid H&S things it was cancelled yesterday afternoon. No snow apparently but may be a bit slippery in parts. OMG. So I decided to do the Stourbridge Stagger-a 10 […]

  • Holly Challenge – 26.1.19

    Race Report by Brenda Lee So 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning and I’m not getting ready for Park run! Instead the lovely Nicky Chambers was picking me up for us to go to the Winter Holly Challenge in Telford. We set off and journey was good. We had been sent detailed pictures and instructions […]

  • Gato Sports Head Torch 10K – 23.1.19

    Race Report by Brenda Lee So 5pm on a Wednesday evening and Cal and I set off to the Head Torch 10K in Rugby. A change from our normal Wednesday training but we already knew that due to weather conditions, several groups had cancelled. We arrived at the Race location and it was all very […]

  • Illmington 10k – 20.1.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This was the 4th in the series of 5 and today it was clockwise round the course. That means the uphill is neo vertical. So the hooter sounded at 1030 for the very full field with 4 Red and Whites present (I think). Down into the village we ran then a […]

  • Embrace the Race – 20.1.19

    At our regular athlete / coach chats (Different from Husband / Wife ones as my views are listened to and considered although she still has demands that she expects to be met!) Mary set her aims for 2019. After being fired again for some realism and then rehired (again) we both agreed some targets and […]

  • XC League Droitwich – 12.1.19

    Ramblings from the Course by  I.M. Muddy It was nice to travel in the luxury of a Harry Shaw bus to the cross country at Churchfields Farm near Droitwich on Saturday – a new venue for us all. In the past, we have had quite a few adventures with our bus trips to cross country […]

  • Polar Night Half Marathon – 5.1.19

    Race Report by Nicola Hunt Tromsø, Norway This time last week, 5 January, I was 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Tromsø, Norway (69 degrees north) having travelled about 1,400 miles North just to run a half marathon. Fast forward to today, 12 January 2019, and I’m at home on the sofa in […]

  • Draycote Water 10k – 13.1.19

    Race report by Dave Phillips There was no reason at all why I went here today having cried off training the Main Group last Wed and similarly the XC at Droitwich yesterday. For weeks now I’ve had coughs, colds, temperatures, tiredness, aches, dizziness plus gallons of “stuff” that I keep bringing up! In fact never […]

  • Chelmsley Wood 5 miles – 6.1.19

    Race report by David Phillips. Well what a better way to kick off 2019 with a “double”. Yesterday (Saturday) was the Massey XC Winter handicap at Newbold Common with loads of other Park Runners (so I wasn’t last), and today (Sunday) was the 3rd of the Chelmsley Wood Centurion Runners series of 6 races. It was […]

  • Start Me Up (6 hour Timed Challenge) – 6.1.19

    I am currently trying to write this run report as I marinate in a rather fragrant Acai Berry Bath Salts, Radox Sage and Sea Salt and Sainsbury’s ginsing black pepper bubble bath.  They all claim different effects to ease tired muscles so after today’s Marathon I am trying the lot! Today, I ran on my […]

  • Warwick Annual Christmas Day Run – 25.12.18

    Warwick Annual Christmas Day 3.4 mile run. Race report by Dave Phillips. Well this event now in its 50th consecutive year attracted the usual bunch of local runners from Leam, Ken, Spa Striders, Massey (only 2 this year Graham Patton and me) and the holiday makers and “dog runners”. 60 of us in fact including […]

  • Sunrise to Sunset – 8:20am to 4:01pm – 27.12.18

    Mary is very keen to join the 100 marathon club after having fallen in love with marathons after her very first Beachy Head Marathon in 2014.  If I hadn’t already booked a 2nd marathon before Beachy Head I would have forever remained on 1 as I spent 15 miles hating everything about it!  But ask […]

  • Thames Hare & Hounds Alumni Cross Country – 15.12.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. The TH&H club was formed in 1868 and has its HQ alongside London Cornish Rugby Club on Wimbledon Common near Kingston on Thames. Most of its events are XC and they have loads of them each year. Check them out. Yesterday was its 66th Alumni race for former pupils from schools […]

  • 33rd Sneyd Christmas Pudding Run, 5 & 10 miles – 9.12.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips I seem to have been doing this for ever from its many venues but all in all it’s a good event. Just found a 1993 medal hanging up in the kitchen but that was not my 1st Sneyd. Plenty of red and whites were here today doing one or other of […]

  • Centurion Grand Prix Series 5 miler – 2.12.18

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Well Chelmsley Wood does have some nice off road, woodland, lake and river places and today’s run for the 106 (see results) of us took place in such an area. This was the 2nd in the 6 race series and all in all it was great fun, very friendly with lots […]

  • Race for Rotary 10k Draycote Water – 25.11.18

    Race report by David Phillips  Well I arrived with plenty of time to spare to avoid the queues in the car park but it was almost empty. So I got my race number, read the papers in the car and wandered to the start at 0955 with just a handful of others. Then I spotted […]

  • Coombe 8 – 18.11.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips.  What a great event this is so well done Sphinx (Cov’s number 2 club!!) for putting on their 10th Coombe 8 and to Paul Bergin and Mitch Timms for their efforts once again. The course is a real cracker with fields, trails, tracks, woods, lakes and of course the Abbey itself […]

  • Sunset to Sunrise – 17–18.11.18

    Two weeks ago I ran a marathon with 14 tunes on my phone playing over and over and over again!  At the speed I run at I heard them many times over.  As I like to learn from my many errors I purchased a great little Bluetooth MP3 player and proceeded to dump every song […]

  • Tunnel Vison Night Run – 15.11.18

    Race Report by Claire Newman Well last night was lots of fun!  We headed off (in Lisa’s fancy car again) to Market Harborough for Tunnel Vison Night and Dawn Runs. An out and back 5 mile run in that dark that takes you through a long tunnel. We turned up in our brightest run gear, […]

  • Birmingham Cross Country League – 10.11.18

    Ramblings from the Course by I.M. Muddy First cross country fixture of the new season always brings an element of the unknown – what length of spikes will I put in, what clothing is required, and what will the weather be like ? I turned up at Coundon Park to give the Ladies a cheer […]

  • Coalville 10k – 11.11.18

    Race Report by Brenda Lee So after completing Dublin Cal and I were both keen to do a race. So as a late decision we entered the Coalville 10k. It looked a nice location and was within Lisa Kenny’s race rule of not driving any longer than it takes to run the race. The course […]

  • TCS New York City Marathon – 4.11.18

    Race Report by Phil McCarron I am not sure if many people have heard of this race 🙂 🙂 but on the 4th November 2018 I got to experience something so special and memorable that I will never forget and have decided to write this report as a result.  Prior to my departure for this […]

  • Dublin Marathon (No 2 Report) – 28.10.18

    Dublin Marathon Run Report (the shortened version) By Helen Rowe (and Cal Oddy) Our journey began in 2017, when we supported the Dublin Marathon, and Sally told us that we would be coming back to do it next year.  In our excitement we may have agreed.  However, once back at home, both Cal and I […]

  • 30th Marlow Half Marathon – 4.11.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips All I can say (as I do every year) that this is probably the best organised half in the UK BUT it is BRUTAL. The Chiltern Hills may not seem to severe as you drive down the M40 with the Red Kites soaring above but try running up and down […]

  • The Runger Games – 4.11.18

    Mary was my guinea pig for my coaching qualification last year and despite being fired 24times over the last year – mainly when I tell her that she shouldn’t run or needs to take a rest – she has always rehired me.  So it was at our athlete coach chat at Delightful Deserts in Kenilworth […]

  • Dublin Marathon (No 1 Report) – 28.10.2018

    Race Report by Claire Newman Dublin Marathon Weekend – Pt 1 We landed in Dublin late Friday afternoon and got a bus to the apartment we had rented for the weekend. The owner asked if we were there for the marathon and when we said we were he asked if we were planning to walk […]

  • Snowdonia Marathon – 27.10.18

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Well having done 31 of the 36 Snowdon marathons this one was one to remember. Nice that they gave me race number 31 but that didn’t help too much with the difficulty of the event. Only 2 others have done more than me. The official start time was 10:30 hrs […]

  • Beachy Head Marathon – 27.10.18

    Yet again we return to Eastbourne and I am trying to write up a race report as Mary’s snoring gives a pneumatic drill a run for its money. Beachy Head Marathon was our first marathon and Mary’s favourite.  I keep trying to persuade her to try other end of season marathons (Snowdonia) but she won’t […]

  • Great South Run – 21.10.18

    Race Report by Alison Lowe I’ve wanted to do this race for several years having watched it on the TV, but it had always clashed with half term holidays. The race takes place in Southsea in Portsmouth and I grew up in nearby Southampton and as well as bringing back a few memories, I had […]

  • Yorkshire Marathon – 14.10.18

    Race Report by Samantha Pointon I had booked a cottage which said it was within easy reach of York so when the sat nav said it was 1 hour 15 mins away an early start before 6am was required. Good job as it took us 2 hours to get to the park and run, for […]

  • Ilmington 10k – 21.10.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. 1st race of the Ilmington Winter Series 10k Well as usual many of the locals turned up for this very tough and hilly event but only 3 red and whites kept the colours flying. Alan and Marie flew them from the front and I swept up behind most of the 245 […]

  • Royal Parks Half Marathon – 14.10.18

    Race Report by Cathy Keay I’d been trying to get into the Royal Parks Half Marathon for a number of years and I was finally lucky this year.  The 13.1 mile route took in some of the capital’s world-famous landmarks on closed roads, and four of London’s eight Royal Parks – Hyde Park, The Green Park, […]

  • Cabbage Patch 10 – 14.10.18

    Race Report by Claire Newman Cabbage Patch 10 – Twickenham The last race before Dublin – PB!!!! 📣 A group Massey ladies set off at 7am in heavy rain for a car trip of witty banter, poo talk, and calling other drivers dick heads. We arrived about 30 mins before the start and parked really easily just […]

  • Birmingham Half Marathon – 14.10.18

    Race Report By Helen Rowe Sunday 14th October 2018 – the alarm went off at 6.30am.  To the say the weather was inclement would be putting it mildly.  I had decided on shorts, long sleeved top under Massey Vest, and compression socks.  I had my usual breakfast of porridge and a cup of tea, and […]

  • Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun – 13.10.18

    Golden Girls on ParkRun Tour – Worcester Pitchcroft ParkRun 13/10/2018 Cal, Sally and I took the A46/A422/A44 to Worcester today to run Worcester Pitchcroft ParkRun.  It is a nice flat course.  I had volunteered as Tail Walker, as it enables me to do the course as well as volunteer. The Race Director did the briefing, and […]

  • Bournemouth Half Marathon – 7.10.18

    Race Report by Kelvin Elliott It feels ironic writing this report on World Mental Health Day as this feels so applicable to me. This year has been a really tough year for me as a runner and as a person due to my anxiety and depression that has impacted many things I have done,  which […]

  • Chicago Marathon – 7.10.18

    Race Report by Brian Boyle This marathon is quite possibly on a level with London. The. Expo number pick up was a breeze, if you got there early, the race itself was near perfect. Starting at Grant Park on the shore of Lake Michigan, in the dark and wet conditions didn’t feel like a great […]

  • Chester Metric Marathon – 7.10.18

    Race Report by Brenda Lee I signed up for the Chester Metric Marathon as the “unique” distance of 26.2km appealed to me. Little did I know at the time that it would be my last long run in preparation for the Dublin Marathon! I booked an Airbnb as the hotels were expensive or full. This […]

  • Chester Marathon – 7.10.18

    Race report by David Phillips. Having done all the Chester Marathons I still think it has to be one of the best there is-and not just because about 9 miles of it are in Wales. Plus there is a 26k Metric Marathon and kids races so what more could anyone want? The start is on […]

  • Wimpole 10 – 7.10.18

    Wimpole 10 – aka “The Hoohaah: the Golden Girls’ quest for a 10 mile race” By Helen Rowe Cal and I have been on a quest to find a 10 mile run for ‘The Spreadsheet’.  We signed up for Double or Quit in Heanor, Derbyshire, on 25th August 2018.  However, 2.5 miles into that run, […]

  • Loch Ness Marathon 23.9.18

    Race Report by David James Its been a while since I submitted a race report, but as the sole runner representing Massey’s in Scotland for The Loch Ness Marathon , I felt maybe I ought to write one. This was my second (and last!) Marathon. After narrowly missing out on a sub 4 in London […]

  • Welsh Weekend Double – 29/30.9.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I guess that if you pop down to Pembrokeshire for a long week end of gardening, housework, going to and joining in with Tenby Male Choir at their concert at St. Mary’s Church, then a couple of runs won’t mess up things too much. Then it turned out to be […]

  • Labour of Love I – 30.9.18

    Having had a whole summer of DNS on races due to a niggling Achilles I was desperate to get back to running properly. The first of three Labour of Love events at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday) gave me the perfect chance to race.  As a six hour event if I completed one 1.88mile […]

  • Berlin Marathon – 16.9.18

    Race Report by Cathy Keay I entered the Berlin ballot in October 2017, not thinking that I’d be lucky enough to get a place, but in late November I received the “CONGRATULATIONS: You made it!” email – OMG.  This would be marathon No 6, and the second in 2018. Fast forward 10 months – Marie […]

  • Scottish 10K, Musselburgh – 23.9.18

    Race Report by Martin Smith This road race is an out and back course which starts and finishes at Musselburgh Racecourse on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The route leaves the racecourse, passes Musselburgh Golf Course reputed to be the first ever golf club, and heads along the Firth of Forth coastline passing an old cold mine, […]

  • Swim Serpentine – 22.9.18

    Race Report by Jenna Pogue It wasn’t running but it did involve lots of MFRC members so I’ve written a report of Swim Serpentine for anyone who enjoys swimming, wants something to read over coffee or wants to hear how we lost Sylvia Guthrie at Marble Arch Underground! 9 Mermaids and 2 Mermen joined 6000 others at Hyde Park to swim one […]

  • Draycote Water 10 and 20 Mile – 23.9.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. There was a good turnout by the red and whites plus a few unknowns! On closer examination we realised they were from Watford Joggers who also wear similar vests to ours but it added to the passion when you go hell for leather to catch and beat the red and […]

  • Worcester City Half Marathon – 16.9.18

    Race Report by Dave Phillips  Well the organisers of this cracker certainly know how to put on an event-plus there was a wheelchair race, a 10k and kids’ race. They all started just outside the race course where there was parking for everyone and for all races there were huge numbers, each starting at different […]

  • Tiree Ultramarathon – 9.11.18

    Race Report by Lisa Jay It was always going to be an adventure, due to it’s remote location everyone who runs the 35 mile circumference of Tiree spends at least 2 nights on there due to logistics (it’s a 5 hour ferry or one hour flight from the mainland). We arrived delayed due to ice […]

  • Kenilworth Half Marathon – 2.9.2018

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what can you say? This was the best ½ in the UK, superbly organised by Kenilworth Runners and Dave Pettifer (ex Massey runner for those who don’t know-but we won’t hold that against him). Your round then Dave. OK? The course, road closures, marshals, drink stations, start and finish […]

  • Race Reports from Wales

    Race Reports by Dave Phillips Colby Gardens 5k 09:00 hrs – 25.8.18 Well the usual large amount of holiday runners made this a very packed affair with several running with 1 or 2 dogs on long leads. Crazy as the trails in here are very narrow with runners on both sides in both directions for […]

  • East Farm Weekend – 25-27.8.18

    Some people may question why I am still married to Daniel especially after he buys me anniversary presents like an ironing board! Which I am refusing to open and use despite Beth asking, ‘Are you ever going to iron again?’ However he does know how to get in my good books… Marathons! East Farm should […]

  • Wales at its Best

    Race reports by David Phillips. Well 2 weeks down at our Penally home in Pembrokeshire meant a lot of races in my Pembrokeshire Harriers vest. Sorry Massey but “when in Wales etc”. Tenby 10k – 29.7.18 A great event that had sold out started in the town centre and then headed out to Penally and […]

  • Stratford Summer Six – 21.7.18

    Run Report By Helen Rowe Saturday 21st July 2018 was the date of the Stratford Summer Six, and Brenda, Cal, Sally and I were all signed up for it. I wasn’t going to run it again after last year, when I was chased down by the sweeper car (some of you may recall the photos of […]

  • Seven @ Severn – 7.7.18

    Run Report By Helen Rowe Saturday 7th July 2018 – 05:00am the alarm goes off. Cal is picking me up just before 06:00 hours, for the first of the 7 @ Severn races, at Draycote Water. It was a glorious morning. I dressed in my readily prepared running gear, and had my porridge. Cal arrived at […]

  • Stratford Summer 6 – 21.7.18

    Race report by David Phillips  This event gets more popular every year and as we walked to the start I commented that there must be 300 starters. How wrong can you be? Just seen the results and there were 306. What sort of accountant am I? A really lovely country lane course but a lot […]

  • Three French Hens …… sorry Three French parkruns!

    Three French Hens …… sorry Three French parkruns! (parkrun tourism) Race Reports by Cathy McKeown Our aim this holiday was to get me back into running after being on the bench since last November and what better way than to partake in a little parkrun tourism. As there aren’t that many parkruns in France (because […]

  • The Long Course Weekend – 13/14/15 July

    Race report by David Phillips. Colby Gardens National Trust 5k – Sat 14.7.18 I decided rather than swim or cycle (see below) I’d do a warm down jog round these beautiful gardens with all the local usual participants and many others who were down for the other events. So I plodded off at a sluggish […]

  • Northbrook 10k – 8.7.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips   Hot or what? This was hotter than the Pyramids Marathon in Cairo that I did in 1993 and that went for 13 miles out into the Saqwar Desert and all the water had been nicked by the kids.  So well done Northbrook for putting on what I reckon must be […]

  • Cider Frolic – 7.7.18

    I had serious hopes that this run report would be a glowing exposition into the delights of a White Star Running Event. In particular, their Frolic events which offer something for everyone.  Frolic events are timed multiple lap events for teams of two, three or four and for those daft enough or after marathons as […]

  • Leamington Spa Half Marathon – 1.7.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips  Well what a cracker this was for the 2,000 entrants. Pity about the delayed start which meant we were longer in the intense heat as it was not too bad at 0900 hrs-relatively speaking that is-but 45 minutes delay meant we started when it was hotter. So my 350th half is […]

  • JCP Swansea Half Marathon – 24.6.18

    Race Report by Jenna Pogue This weekend Jo and I found ourselves in Wales for the JCP Swansea Half Marathon. The race was voted the UK’s best half marathon at The Running Awards in both 2017 and 2018 but we actually only ended up down there because Jo’s husband suggested going to see The Killers in Swansea […]

  • Tamworth Gate Gallop – 24.6.18

    Race Report by Helen Rowe Cal Oddy was the first of the Golden Girls to sign up, and she threw down the challenge to me and Brenda.  I can’t resist a challenge, so I signed up immediately.  However, Brenda declined as she had other commitments that weekend, so it was 2 Golden Girls doing the […]

  • Shifnal Steeplechase Half Marathon – 24.6.18

    14th Shifnal Steeplechase Half Marathon, Shropshire, 24/06/18,1030 hrs. Race Report by Dave Phillips.   Having done 12 of these how could I not do this one? Last week I cried off from the Hampton 9 with possibly the most painful injury I’ve ever had. I slipped down a slope in the garden, my right leg was […]

  • Giant’s Head Marathon – 23.6.18

    What a superb day for early summer  and camping but not perhaps for running a hard hilly trail marathon  As i survey the scene from my chair across the temporary campsite and beyond the picturesque Village of Sydling into the heart of the  beautiful Dorset countryside with a large heavy medal around my neck even […]

  • Loseley Breakfast Run (11.4k) – 17.6.18

    Race Report by John Hosie So after struggling to run 40 minutes at the 2 Castles I was supposed to be pacing a 4 minutes per K group at this race in Guildford, a race that frankly made the 2 Castles look pancake flat and was longer than 10k. What could possibly go wrong? Well […]

  • Trail Marathon Wales (TMW) – 16.6.18

    This is my 8th and final attempt to write my report for Trail Marathon Wales (TMW) my earlier efforts not meeting the approval of my proofreader!  So as she snores away the effects of the hills we tackled I will write this version quickly! My reports are far easier to write and far more entertaining […]

  • Man v’s Horse – 9.6.18

    Race Report by Darren Chambers First time solo and a stubborn wife! Having done this race as a relay team in 2016 I promised myself to run this as a solo. The name of the race is exactly what this is all about. Can a man (or woman) beat a horse around a 22 ish […]

  • 36th Rhein- Ruhr Marathon – 3.6.18

    36th Rhein- Ruhr Marathon, Duisburg, Germany  Well as usual this was a spectacular event for my 15th running of it. The day started at 0800 hrs at huge international multi sports arena that is also host to Duisburg’s top flight football club and world championship water sports events plus most other sports you can think of. The […]

  • Edinburgh Half Marathon – 27.5.18

    Race Report by Lesley Keighley Back In 2004 I ran the Edinburgh Marathon. It started in Holyrood park weaved its way through Edinburgh out along the firth of forth and back again taking in the seven hills that this beautiful old City is built on to finish back at Holyrood. It was a joy, the […]

  • Dorchester Marathon & Half – 27.5.18

    My marathon running exploits are renowned.  Unfortunately not for speed, grace and running style as I would wish for but for things that go wrong! My last few reports have bordered on boring as I have had everything, turned up and run 26.2 miles. However, today’s marathon was a return to form on an epic […]

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool – Race Reports

    Race Report by Helen Rowe Friday 18th May I travelled up to Liverpool by train on Friday afternoon.  I arrived at Liverpool Lime Street at 17:44, and made my way to my hotel.  En route, I passed a number of pubs/bars with big beefy men on the door.  I wondered what I had let myself […]

  • Liverpool Marathon – 20.4.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what a week end. Around 22k runners descended on Scouse land for the w/e with the 5k on Sat, the half and full on Sun plus the 1 mile race for kids. Without doubt the marathon has to be one of the best in the UK. The course starts […]

  • Silverstone 10k – 9.5.18

    Race Report by Martin Smith East Midlands Grand Prix 2018 – Silverstone 10k – Wednesday 9th May The Silverstone 10k is the first race in the EMGP 2018 series and is run over two laps of the Grand Prix circuit. Start is on the Grand Prix start grid and finish is in the Pits ! […]

  • Market Drayton 10km – 13.5.18

    Race Report By Beth Connolly My Dad entered me into the MD 10k in July last year before I was even old enough to consider running the distance! He said I would really like the goody bag filled with lots of treats. It was meant to be my first 10k as I would only be […]

  • Stratford Shakespeare Marathon – 13.5.18

    38th Shakespeare Marathon, Stratford- Upon-Avon Race report by Dave Phillips.  My 1st Stratford was in 1982 (missed the 1st in 1981 as was playing rugger on the same day and didn’t know what a marathon was). Only missed 2 since when they clashed with London so this was my 35th Stratford and 493rd so getting […]

  • Kingsbury Classic 10k – 8.5.18

    Race Report by Dave Phillips  This annual event gets more popular every year and tonight’s was no exception. About 10 red and whites were there to enjoy the jog around the lakes and pools of Kingsbury Water Park but so many entered on the night that some had black crosses put on their numbers as […]

  • Uttoxeter Festival of Running – 6.5.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what shall we do on the hottest day of the year so far (25 degrees)? Let’s go to Uttoxeter and do the kids run (too old), or the 10k (too short) or the half marathon. So a real no brainer so off to the HQ at the racecourse I […]

  • Dudley Kingswinford 10k – 2.5.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This ever popular event known affectionately as the DKUK10K take place from Dudley rugby club and around 800 runners took part last night with a 1915 hrs start. A huge event for an evening race and I have been doing this for c25 years now.  Trouble was when I got my […]

  • Droitwich Half Marathon – 29.4.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips I haven’t done this before but what a great event it is and congratulations to Droitwich Athletic Club. It starts at the Leisure Centre and those who have done the league XCs at Droitwich will know where that is as it’s next to the start and finish of the XC. […]

  • London Marathon (Dave) – 22.4.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well here we go again on what was my 28th London. As usual the coach picked us up at the Coventry Hill Hotel on the A45 at 09:00 hrs on Saturday and although there were only 17 on it, 8 were Massey runners and families. Top again eh? The Excel Centre […]

  • London Marathon (Sonia) – 22.4.18

    Race Report by Sonia Karamat Three years ago I did my first Parkrun never thinking I would run another 127, let alone apply for the London marathon. I didn’t get in but was so lucky to get a club place in the ballot – thank you so much Massey’s🤗 Training started on New Year’ Day […]

  • Blackpool Half & Full Marathon – 22.4.18

    Race Report by Jonathan Kingston The Other Marathon (up north) Katie and I went to a hot and sunny Blackpool on Saturday (like London) to find it wet, grey and windy by 9.30 Sunday morning – thank goodness. So off we went, initially in different directions to ensure that the full marathon runners didn’t cut […]

  • parkrun Tourism (Newtown) – 14.4.18

    Race Report by Helen Rowe Sally’s son Martin had very kindly offered us his apartment in Newtown, Powys, for an overnight stay so we could run Newtown parkrun, which is fairly new, and has a small field.  So the date was fixed for Fri 13th/Sat 14th April 2018.  We were travelling by train to Newtown, but […]

  • Run in the Forest 5 mile – 15.4.18

    Race Report by Cal Oddy At the beginning of the year I set myself a challenge to run more distance races than last year and improve my times for the races and distances I had taken part in last year.  So this weekend I had to choose between The Regency 10k and The Run in the […]

  • Boston Lincs Marathon – 15.4.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This event together with the half and fun run gets bigger each year. I’ve done all 3 marathons since it started in 2016 but the 09:0 hrs start means getting up at 05:00 hrs as the car park at the college HQ gets full from 07:30. Today was no exception […]

  • Rome Marathon – 8.4.18

    Race Report by Cathy Keay Sticking with my tradition of “only doing Capital City Marathons”, I’d booked this race about 12 months in advance.  The horrible winter weather, cancelled training races, and a couple of colds & coughs had meant that the training hadn’t gone quite to plan, so I’d decided this was going to […]

  • Spring Wolf Run – 7.4.18

    Race Report by Helen Rowe On Saturday 7th April 2018 12 mainly Massey Runners met up and made our way to Welsh Road, Leamington, for the Spring Wolf Run.  There was a mix of excitement and nervousness amongst the participants.  Some had hardly slept all night, and others had had nightmares about being left in the […]

  • Warwick Half Marathon – 8.4.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I remember running the 1st Warwick ½ ( also from the racecourse) way back in the mid ‘80s. I met a chap called Hughie Docherty wearing red and white. What are those colours I asked? He spent the next 6 miles telling me about Massey and the rest is history […]

  • Go Tri Cannock – 8.4.18

    Race Report by Jenna Pogue.   Lots of Massey members already swim and cycle – it’s widely thought that these activities support running very well – so I signed up for Go Tri. Go Tri organise multi-sport events with an emphasis on fun and gaining experience. You can try swimming and running, cycling and running or, […]

  • Enigma Easter Eggstravaganza (Good Friday) 30-03-18

    After running my fourth marathon this year, with no great disasters or an amazing race performance with a smashing PB I wasn’t going to both submitting a race report.  Then checking back I realised I also skimped on a report for a similar race last year – Report Fatigue!  Although I am not sure if […]

  • Wolves and Womborne Trail ½ marathon – 31.3.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This inaugural event started at the Aldersley Stadium in Wolverhampton and it’s a “self-navigated” trail run. So what does that mean? Well no mile markers, drink stations, marshals, direction arrows in fact no nothing. It is an event for solo runners or for teams of 3 so the camaraderie was […]

  • London Landmarks Half Marathon – 25.3.18

    Race Report by Helen Rowe The inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon was held on 25th March 2018.  Seven runners from MFRC had signed up: Mo Smith, Kim Davies, Alison Foley, Sam Lowe, Andrew Rollins, Hayley Tracey and myself.  Unfortunately Alison Foley was unable to run, due to injury, but she travelled down with Kim to […]

  • Mortimer Forest 9 mile – 25.3.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Mortimer Forest 9 mile Trail/Fell run, Ludlow This should be called a Trial which is exactly what it is. Absolute hell from start to finish and that’s why I’ve done them all bar one since they started some 30 years ago. Must be mad I guess but to be in […]

  • Knighton 20 miler – 11.3.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This was formerly the Stafford 20 which I used to do in around 2hrs 30 way back then. But it’s now been moved to Knighton near Lilleshall where we do the XC league races. It’s a really lovely village with the sports and social club as the HQ. Around 400 […]

  • Larmer Tree Marathon. 11-03-18

    This marathon has been on my wall planner and in my online diary for months!  In fact when I signed up for the WSR season ticket I sensibly – yes I am using that word about myself! – even informed Mary of the event. At the time it was months away – so my relaxed […]

  • Dorney Lake Marathon / 6 hour Challenge. 04-03-18

    Before you read any further I must apologise to my usual readership in advance as for this marathon I had no major problems or critical missing kit items, although I still can’t find my comprehensive kit list.  So it probably isn’t really worth reading on – the usual entertainment is missing. Like two weeks ago […]

  • East Midlands 10K – 25.2.18

    Race report by Brenda Lee. So it was an 8 am start for me, Helen Rowe, Sally Slevin and Cal Oddy as we set off on a very sunny, but freezing, February morning to take part in the East Midlands 10k. Straight forward journey and we were clearly directed to the car park, £5 fee. […]

  • Illmington 10k – 18.2.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips.   This was the 5th and final race of the series but what a killer this course is. Today’s run was on the anti-clockwise course with the 1st 4.5k nearly all uphill and most of the 204 runners were glad when the top was reached by the radio masts. I well remember […]

  • Railway Ultra – 17.2.18

    Race Report by Brian Boyle. First report, so please forgive any waffling. Having researched the car parking situation for COD events Railway Ultra, it was with confidence I set off bright and early for the M6/M54 jump into picturesque UNESCO world heritage territory. This being my longest ever run, 28 miles, I made sure I […]

  • Dirty Running (6hr Challenge) 18.2.18

    Unfortunately, my reputation around Marathons is not for great times but for total ineptitude around planning and organisation. The fact that I am sat in my sweaty kit at the Xcel Leisure Centre in Walton on the Thames less than an hour after finishing writing this report clearly indicates that even for me, with my […]

  • Birmingham League Race 4 – Cheltenham – 13.2.18

    Race Report by Ross Cooper So that is it for another Birmingham League season, well done to everyone who ran on Saturday as well as all those who contributed throughout the season. It was a cold, wet and windswept day in the Cotswold hills of Ullenwood, and we hoped that another solid performance should see […]

  • Womens Midlands XC League – 4th race – 10.2.18

    Womens Midlands XC league – 4th race. Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton. Race Report:- Nicky Chambers, Ladies Captain There was a total turnout of 23 ladies who ran this final race of the season in what was a very muddy course on a bitterly cold day at Wolverhampton. Please see attached link for results. http://www.racetecresults.com/Results.aspx?CId=16418&RId=430 There have […]

  • Watford Half Marathon – 4.2.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips. As usual this was full with no on the day entries. Must have been c2,000+ there and loads of red and whites (mainly Watford Joggers) but it is organised by Watford Harriers. We did have 5 MF R&Ws there with Anne-Marie, Delroy Taylor, Jason and Phyllis Douglas and me (for […]

  • Big Bear Challenge – 1.2.18

    Race Report by Lou Wilce Spoiler: I ran my second marathon yesterday. On a Thursday. Rewind: by some miracle of diaries aligning and a refusal to let Christmas stodge podge takeover, and despite a full agenda of work, parties and piss ups, Lisa and I kept the Ultramarathon training going over the festive season and, […]

  • Lliswerry 8 miles – 28.1.18

    Race report by Dave Phillips.  Lliswerry 8 miler, Newport, South Wales. Who in his or her right mind would drive 100 miles to do an 8 miler then 100 back? Well anyone who loves Wales so it’s a no brainer really. Also I’ve been doing it for the last 20+ years (60 mins way back!).Good […]

  • Essar Four Villages Half Marathon – 21.1.18

    Race Report by Michael Hammond One of the best (and most frequently used) pieces of advice given about achieving goals in running, is to keep things the same. Don’t: buy new trainers just before a run, or dramatically change your diet on race day. So, it was with some trepidation that I put plans together […]

  • Mens XC, Cofton Park – 13.1.18

    Race Report Ross Cooper Thanks to all the men who turned out for Massey Ferguson at Cofton Park on Saturday. It was a chilly day in South Birmingham, but the course had dried out to be not too muddy although still presented plenty of challenges. For consecutive races the ladies were running at the same […]

  • Ladies XC, Cofton Park, Birmingham – 13.1.18

    Race Report by Nicky Chambers The 3rd race of the season was on a tough undulating course and was a joint event with the men running also. We had a fantastic turnout of 22 ladies who ran and who all put their heart and soul into every one of the 4 miles. They all put […]

  • Another Weekend Double – 13/14.1.18

    Race report by David Phillips. Sat 13th Jan ’18. B’ham. League XC 6 miler at  Cofton Park, Longbridge, B’ham. This is never an easy course with the long steep winding hill to the top of the park where a few years ago 2 lads were shooting at me with air rifles. How they missed a “slow […]

  • Double Race Weekend – 6.1.18 & 7.1.18

    Race reports by Dave Phillips. 1. Saturday 6/1/18 – Warwicks and Worcs Annual Cross Country Champs, Warley Woods, Smethwick, B’ham. Well where else would you never go on any Saturday-or any other day for that matter? Why Smethwick of course. But to be fair Warley Woods is a super wooded area, away from main roads […]

  • MFRC Pace Race – 31.12.17 (& MF Results)

    Race Report by Michael Hammond A great way to end the year; this was special as it was a Massey’s’ club event, at the home of Park Run where I began running a year ago. It was lovely to see such a great turn out, and to chat with friends before the start. Most people […]

  • Sunrise to Sunset – 1km to… 27-12-17

    I am sure that reading my marathon race reports during 2017 has been a useful guide to any potential marathon runners out there. As if there was a mistake to be made, I have made it. If I could forget something I have forgotten it! After 21 or 22 marathons this year (I seem to […]

  • The 10th Sunrise to Sunset Challenge – 27.12.17

    Race report – Stuart Sahan So the 27th of December marked a 40th birthday celebration of none other than Kelli Sahan. I remember discussing possible birthday celebrations with her quite a few of months ago now and she had already decided she wanted to do an event on her birthday. In my none running days […]

  • Warwick Christmas Day Run – 25.12.17

    Warwick Christmas Day Run 3.8 miles St. Nicholas Park 10:30 am Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what else do you do on 25/12 apart from the usual stuff? Well about 50 turned out for this event now in its 47th year and for the 1st time in many years there was only I red […]

  • Lanzarote Half Marathon – 9.12.17

    Race Report by Martin Judge The Lanzarote Marathon sporting event comprises of four races; a marathon, a half-marathon, a 10K and a 5K race. This year the races were ran on a sunny Saturday, 9 December and on the Friday evening before the races, a series of runs covering distances from 100m to 1000m were […]

  • Santa Dash, Draycote – 17.12.18

    Race Report by Michael Hammond I signed up for this festive run a couple of months in advance. Helen from Massey’s’ kindly arranged some teams (3 I think) which brought the entry fee down a little, The weather coming up to the race brought an 11 inch falling of snow,  making  Coventry parkrun too icy […]

  • Thames Hare and Hounds 5 mile – 16.12.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. 65th Thames Hare and Hounds Annual Alumni 5 m Cross Country Race, Wimbledon Common, 16.12.17 This annual event takes place near Kingston on Thames on the edge of the common but is largely in woodlands not heathland. It is for ex school pupils to form teams or run individually and open […]

  • Men’s Birmingham League Race 2: Clopton Park, Stratford – 2.12.17

    Fantastic effort to everyone who took to the Welcombe Hills on Saturday in the 2nd Birmingham League Race at Clopton Park. The temperature had lifted a bit after a pretty cold week, and an eerie mist hung over the course which shrouded some of the higher parts. It was great to be racing alongside the ladies […]

  • Ladies XC Race 2 – 2.12.17

    The XC season has definitely got off with a bang. We had another strong field of ladies running, with a total of 25 who took part in the 2nd race at Stratford on a tough ‘hilly’ course. The team were placed 5th out of 24 clubs on the day with the Masters being placed 8th. […]

  • Nottingham Christmas Running Festival – 3.12.17

    My recent picks of marathons have been based on ease of travel to keep the cost down and a generous cut off time.  So  Time2runevents Running Festival day at Holme Pierrepoint in Nottingham fitted the bill.  Travel time was just over the hour and a 7 hour cut off – it also promised to be […]

  • Sphinx Coombe Abbey 8 – 26.11.17.

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well done Coventry’s 2nd best club for putting on a great event for the 346 finishers. To run around the historic grounds of such a super place and get your T shirt before you start is the reason why this is always a sell-out. Just a pity the coffee shop […]

  • The Cornish Marathon – 19.11.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. The Cornish Marathon, Bodmin Moor The don’t call this “The Beast” for fun as the real reason is that it’s probably the UK’s toughest marathon-that’s why I go back every year and have done since the late ‘80s. It starts in Pensilva and this year it was fully booked up […]

  • Autumn Shakespeare 10k – 11.11.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond I have never been to Long Marston air field before. It is an impressive site , with the remnants of previously better days evident in the old advertising hoardings, wooden seating , and ancient planes (sadly neglected) on display. As I parked up ,I saw Kelvin Elliot ,and walked with […]

  • Birmingham League Race 1 Report: Telford – 11.11.17

    Thank you and a big well done to the 27 Massey men who represented the club in the first fixture of the Birmingham League on Saturday. The majority of the team took a coach out from the Massey club just before midday, and I think everyone enjoyed the day out and a great chance to […]

  • Rockingham 10 mile – 5.11.17

    Rockingham 10 mile or how not to run a race! – Race Report by Vir Silio My husband booked this race as a preparation for a half marathon consisted of 4 laps, so a 3 laps 10 miler made sense. I checked the map before the race and least to say I was worried because […]

  • Marlow Chiltern Hills Half Marathon – 5.11.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I can’t recall how many times I’ve said “they don’t come any tougher than this one”. So I’ll say it again because it is killer. Both races started in Higginson Park and went through the town on the closed High Street then the trouble started as it was uphill for […]

  • Dublin Marathon – 29.10.17

    Race Report by Cathy Keay This marathon is advertised as the “friendly marathon” and they weren’t wrong – it’s a fantastic race experience from start to finish.  I got some cheap Ryanair flights (that weren’t cancelled) and flew out on the Saturday morning.  The pack pick up was at the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) which […]

  • Snowdonia Marathon – 28.10.17

    35th Snowdonia marathon, Saturday 28/10/17, Llanberis. Race report by Dave Phillips. This was my 30th Snowdonia and they gave me race number 30. Only 2 others have done more so my name and their names appeared on the Elite List! Wow indeed! 8 of us asked if we could start early (breathing in my case) and no […]

  • Beachy Head Marathon 28.10.17

    I was really hoping beyond hope that I wouldn’t have to write this report. With my track record of forgetting things another race could lead to yet another disaster.  This time I had all my kit.  I was so organised that I had two pair of trail shoes stinking out my car like a slowly […]

  • Green Drive 5 – 22.10.17

    Race Report by Katie Kingston Storm Brian tried his hardest to defeat us, but the intrepid runners battled back and managed to complete this really pretty 5-mile route. Starting in the tree lined Green Drive on the outskirts of Lytham, the route takes you over Saltcoates Bridge turning left to towards Warton, then turning left […]

  • Abingdon Marathon – 22.10.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips.  Think this was my 29th Abingdon but it seems to get harder. The breathing, Brian’s wind, cold weather made it a toughie despite it being the flattest in the UK. The trouble is there is a 5 hr time limit and so loads of normal runners don’t enter it. So why […]

  • Birmingham Half Marathon – 15.10.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond The training programme on my Massey’s’ app. for the Great Birmingham half started with 30 minutes steady on August 7th  . I soon began to realise the benefit of going out on training runs with a group rather than on my own, so I started to incorporate Mondays and Wednesdays […]

  • Leicester Marathon – 15.10.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. How things have changed over the years. There were a few thousand at Victoria Park lining up for today’s double event –a half and a full. Bit of a delay with the start but eventually we were off through Leicester on mainly closed roads heading out of town. The pace […]

  • Bournemouth Half Marathon – 8.10.17

    Race Report by Kelvin Elliott Once again I set myself a challenge in the summer that I wanted to do 4 Half Marathons in 7 weeks with a 10 miler at Draycote Water in between. I had completed Kenilworth and the Great North Run which were totally different and amazing experiences which had tested me […]

  • Chester Marathon – 8.10.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This event along with the Metric Marathon (26.2 kms) has to be right at the top of UK events. The start is at the fabulous race course (5 mins walk from our Crown Plaza hotel) where the accommodation, facilities, changing and everything else is superb. Then the race goes through […]

  • Yorkshire 10 mile – 8.10.17

    Race Report by Nicky Chambers This is great event and part of the Yorkshire marathon which you follow for 5 miles before splitting for 0.5mile and then rejoining. It is extremely well organised from start to finish with a Park n Ride and a great event village. The course is mainly flat with a couple […]

  • Belfast Half-Marathon – 18.9.17

    Race Report by Martin Judge Belfast’s half-marathon starts by the River Lagan in the leafy Ormeau Park just a 15 minute’s walk from the city centre.  The route loops the park and river before heading out towards the city airport and Victoria Park.   Victoria Park is another attractive park and is roughly at the 6 […]

  • Another Welsh Double – 23.9.17 & 24.9.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Colby Gardens 5k – Saturday 23.9.17 Summer is over so only around 50 did this fabulous Park Run in the National Trust grounds near Amroth. This has been Pembrokeshire’s only Park Run venue but also on 23/9 a new venue opened with its inaugural Park Run at Haverfordwest so now […]

  • Midland 6 Stage Relays – 23.9.17

    Please find below race reports from Ross and Nicky:- Read Michael race report here:- Men’s Report – Ross Cooper Well done to the 18 men who ran in Midlands Autumn Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday. Massey entered 3 teams this year, 2 in the senior men’s and 1 in the Masters competition, with Massey […]

  • Scottish Half Marathon – 24.9.17

    Race Report by Claire Newman This is my first race report, so apologies if it a bit rambley! I took part in the Scottish Half Marathon on the 24th September, it was my 2nd half, my first being Kenilworth a few weeks before.  There were 3,000 runners so it was the biggest event I have done as […]

  • Sutton Park Relays – 23.9.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond The email from Ross Cooper came through and I thought; another ‘experience’ to put under my belt. Sutton Park is impressively large and pleasant. I have heard of it, but have never visited before. I asked Alan at training on Monday for a lift and we got there in plenty of […]

  • Great North Run – 10.9.17

    Race report by Kelvin Elliott Once again I had the opportunity to the double this year of the London Marathon and Great North Run. My Great North Run adventure started at 8.30am when I met up the Sam Smyth who was doing her first Great North Run. We met at Monument Metro Station and headed […]

  • Heart of England Forest Marathon – 16.9.17

    Heart of England Forest Marathon (27.5 miles ish) – Race report by David Phillips. Well it’s many years since I did something as hard as this event. The HQ was at Henley in Arden school just 3 miles from our house so no problems for the 0830 start. There was also a 17 mile event and […]

  • Bad Cow Weekend – 9-10.9.17

    Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to read is true.  Normally, the names are changed to protect the innocent but in this case the total incompetence of one person needs to be highlighted to save future runners!  So settle down with a nice cup of tea or a pint of Dorset cider and […]

  • The Wild One Marathon – 10.9.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. In this case Wild is an adjective and a surname. My friend Stuart Wild used to run for Black Pear Joggers and did his 100th marathon at Snowdon in 2012 and it was my privilege to present him with his 100 Marathon Club trophy. Unfortunately he died shortly after and Black […]

  • Stratford Big 10K – 10.9.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond I thought that I was not going to be able to do this run, as I was stage manager for a production at the Criterion Theatre,  and the set strike was on the same day.  I posted on the Massey app to see if anyone wanted my place, and three […]

  • Wolverhampton Marathon – 3.9.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I first ran this inaugural marathon in 1983 with Dave Pettifer (was Massey now Kenilworth) and I haven’t missed one since. There was a short period (4 years?) when it was not on (no sponsor) but for the last 20 years it has been sponsored by Carver of Wolverhampton, the […]

  • Daventry parkrun – 2.9.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond Who would have thought that a ‘Donkey Derby ‘at The Memorial Park would bring about such an exodus of Coventry Massey runners to the foggy depths of Daventry for their Park Run.? Alison Clark posted a message asking if anyone was up for a lift to Daventry and myself and James Padvis […]

  • Badgers 10K – 27.8.17 Not quite a Race Report!

    Race report by Helen Rowe I had heard reports about the Badgers 10k.  It is very hilly they said.  I decided it wasn’t for me.  Then some weeks ago, when Cal, Sally and I were out running, Cal asked if either of us were doing it.  Sally said she wasn’t, as she had a family […]

  • East Farm Running Weekend 26-28.08.17

    Some runners may toss and turn at night and wake early with prerace nerves however I have slept badly with postrun report worries after a comment from my proof reader and harshest critic. ‘Well… I guess it is okay.  I just don’t think it up to your usual standards!  Maybe you have written too many […]

  • Badgers Atherstone 10k – 27.8.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond I have to admit to not looking forward to this race one bit ! Speaking to running colleagues about it their reaction was always a remark about how hilly it is ! I signed up for it quite a while ago and it fitted nicely into my half marathon training. […]

  • August Race Reports

    A Final August Flurry – Race reports by David Phillips. Now that’s what I call a proper August with 8 races-7 in Wales and the Corporate 5. 16.8.17 – Massey’s  Corporate 5k Coventry. Once again we were very happy to have sponsored this so huge thanks from us all at P&B to those who put on […]

  • Birmingham Canal Canter – 19.08.17

    When you look like you are on the quest for the vest (100 marathon club vest that is) if  you find an marathon less than 30 minutes away from you home and only £18 you really have to sacrifice your parkrun and sign up. The Birmingham Canal Canter is organised by the LDWA (The Long […]

  • MFRC Corporate 5k – 16.8.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond I have been a proud member of  Massey Ferguson Runners Club, since I joined in January 2017 to take part in the 10 week RaceFit course . I have been impressed by the friendly and encouraging atmosphere that is present at all training sessions, and runs . It also helps that […]

  • 10 days in Wales

    Race reports by Dave Phillips. As usual at this time of year we pop down to our place in Penally to do the garden, fish, sing with the Tenby Male Choir, train with Pembrokeshire Harriers and of course do the local races. So 5 races it was in 10 days, back now for the week […]

  • Draycote 10k – 13.8.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond I did my first Draycote 10K on May 14 2017.  I wanted to do it again primarily because in my head I had thought it was not that bad in terms of inclines, whilst almost everyone I spoke to about it said they thought it was ‘Hilly’. My finish time […]

  • St Ives Bay 10k – 1.8.17  

    Race Report by Fiona Ryan I thought it would be a good idea to do a 10k whilst on holiday in Cornwall, the plan being to keep my legs moving. To my surprise, Run Britain had a 10k listed 4 miles away from where I was staying. The race was organised by Hayle Running Club. […]

  • The Dorset Invader Weekend 29-30th July 2017

    This weekend would involve Marathon number 15 for me, followed by a half marathon the following day.  Daniel and I have been looking towards doing double weekend marathons for a while, so we thought this would be a good way to see if our legs would hold out for 2 consecutive days.  It was to […]

  • Fort William Marathon – 30. 7. 17

    Race Report by Lesley Keighley Ok so you could be thinking this is a marathon in and around the highland town of Fort William.  But no the start and finish is 7 miles outside Fort William at the Nevis Range Mountain Resort, which overlooks Annoch Mor. So early on the morning Rachel myself and Sandy […]

  • Beatrix Potter Challenge – 23.7.17

    For a while I have seen medals and goody bags from events run by Saxon, Vikings and Normans and been extremely envious of the great bling.  Even though I have had the weekends free the races are normally run from venues in Kent and Sussex way so to do one of their events would mean […]

  • Swissalpine, Davos – 29.7.17

    Swissalpine, Davos, Switzerland Friday 28th to Sunday 30th July – Race Report by Dave Phillips This year the Swissalpine Marathon, Swiss Trail and Swiss Iron Trail events were all combined over the 3 days. There were 18 races from 9k to 214 k to choose from so where were you all? This event started in 1987 and […]

  • Summer Shakespeare 10k – 29.7.17

    Summer Shakespeare 10k at Long Marston Airfield Saturday 29th July 2017 report by Kelvin Elliott This race was the last ever Summer Shakespeare event at Long Marston Airfield before houses will be built there next year, Don’t despair the last ever run at the airfield will be in November. I have done the 10k event […]

  • Stratford Summer Six – 22.7.17

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Well the only thing about Summer yesterday was the name in the event as it was raining at the start and throughout this 14th Summer 6. Mary Arden’s House at Wilmcote was the event HQ and was full of runners (c300?) as they all had to collect their numbers there so […]

  • Stratford Summer 6 – 22.7.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond This was my first six-mile event, and my second evening race; a good opportunity to see how I would get on after completing parkrun Coventry on the same day. I gave myself plenty of time to get there, and was one of the first in the car park.  Masseys’ were […]

  • Race to the Stones (100km) – 15.7.17

    Race Report by Lisa Jay Build up to Race to the Stones had not been great, Achilles injury, house move and new job limited training to one 35km flat canal run and 300 views of the RTTS promo on YouTube! When we arrived at 7am on Saturday the blue skies on YouTube were no where […]

  • Wycombe Half Marathon – 16.7.17

    Race Report by Dave Phillips  Well last week’s Wales marathon was probably the UK’s toughest full and I reckon today’s Wycombe half is right up there in the same category. Absolute killer but at the very top for scenic beauty all the way round and stunning views non-stop. Lovely start outside Wycombe Wanderers FC where […]

  • Not Quite a Race Report – 16.7.17

    Not quite a race ….. by Helen Rowe I have been training with Sally Slevin on Sunday mornings for a few weeks.  If I am not in a race, I go to the gym to do 5k on the bike, followed by weight training, and then I meet Sally at the Excel Centre.  We have […]

  • Massey Handicap – Race 4 5.1.17

    Despite the Godiva Festival starting to occupy vast areas of the Memorial Park and trim paths the race still managed to go ahead on more or less the original route. The league tables have now been updated to reflect the correction to the winner of Race 3 – Well done Kelvin. Martin Smith and Naomi […]

  • Piece of Cake Marathon – 15.7.17

    As I drove away from Church Stretton after having run another marathon I did wonder what I could write about as my marathons are normally a catalogue of disasters that would form a series of articles in Runners World of mistakes to avoid.  However for this race, my check list worked; I had all the […]

  • Long Course Weekend, Tenby – 7.7.17-9.7.17

    Long Course Weekend, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, 7th, 8th, 9th July. Race report by Dave Phillips. So as usual we popped down to Penally on Friday for a long w/e to garden, tidy up the house for summer and of course do the Wales Marathon at Tenby on Sunday. Saturday morning as usual was the 5k Park […]

  • Lion’s Bridge Marathon – 9.7.17

  • Timberhonger 10k – 1.7.17

    Timberhonger 10k, Bromsgrove, Sat 1st July, 1700 hrs. Race report by Dave Phillips. This event proved once again that it rates at the very top of road races. Why you ask? Well it takes place from the Sanders Park in Bromsgrove on Carnival week end where there is a fun fare, stalls galore, beer and cider […]

  • Snickerthon – 1.7-17

    I did it! Not just run a marathon but arrive with a complete set of kit with me.  Trainers, Garmin the lot!  Finally it seems my checklist is working.  So this will be a very boring race report from me as I have no disasters My race paranoia meant that we arrived just as the […]

  • Milton Keynes 10k – 27.6.17

    East Midlands Grand Prix – Milton Keynes 10k – Tuesday 27 June 2017 Race Report by Martin Smith The Milton Keynes 10k is the eighth and final race in the East Midlands Grand Prix Series. It is always a challenge in finding the Open University in Milton Keynes – grid reference – H9 intersection with […]

  • Draycote Water 10k – 22.6.17

    Draycote Water 10k Fun Run and Walk for Cancer Research UK Thursday 22nd June 2017 – Race Report by Kelvin Elliott I found out about this run from Mark Williams whose company were facilitating this run with the added bonus of a burger to everyone who completed the course. As it was a mad rush […]

  • Shifnal Half Marathon – 25.6.17

    13th Shifnal Steeplechase multi terrain half marathon – 25.6.17 Race report by Dave Phillips Well I’ve run every one of these in Shifnal a small beautiful Shropshire town not too far from Telford. Around 150+ of us turned out for it today. Originally most of it was off road following the course that man and […]

  • Trail Marathon Wales – Full & Half – 17.6.17

    Reading my race reports is very much like a guide to marathon running…  Reading back over them you could glean a lot of information on silly errors and mistakes and if you avoid them how much better your marathon running experience could be. Maybe I too could learn from my mistakes and have the perfect […]

  • Arden 9 – 18.6.17

    Race Report by Dave Phillips. Although this a local run I’d never done it before and now I know what a cracker I’ve missed. I decided on Sat not to do the Bourton on the Water Hilly Half on Sat evening because of its severity, my breathing (or lack of it) plus it was Nathan’s […]

  • MFRC Summer Handicap Series – Race 3 The Bear

    Subtracting the initial start times please find each runners time over the 3.29mile course from the Bear. Forename Notes Dean Clarke 19:29 George Semple 20:06 Chris Moore 20:16 Jason Nicholson 20:19 Dave Clarke 20:50 Paul Bradly 21:17 Jan Hall 21:23 Peter Hall 21:34 Alan McDougall 21:52 Dean Semple 22:13 Lizzie Dobson 22:22 Kevin Hinson 22:27 […]

  • Rhein-Ruhr Marathon, Dusiburg, Germany – 11.6.17

    34th Rhein-Ruhr Marathon, Dusiburg, Germany – 11.6.17 Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what a fabulous event this is for the c6,000 entrants in the Hand Bike, Inline Skating, Relay and Normal marathon (me) plus the half marathon (Rob and Michaela Eyley) and kids’ events. This is my 13th consecutive time over there and it […]

  • Banbury 5 – 6.6.17

    Race Report by Martin Smith East Midlands Grand Prix – Banbury 5 – Tuesday 6 June Race 5 of the Series was based at Banbury Academy on the outskirts of the town. The course was similar to that of the Rugby 6 in that the first mile was downhill through a residential area before turning left […]

  • Casterbridge Half Marathon – 28.5.17

    Race Report by Cathy Keay The first running of this race looked very appealing, organised by White Star Running (WSR), (who do lots of “bonkers” trail races in Dorset) this was the first time they’d organised a road race and offered the Casterbridge Half or Dorchester Full.  The Bank Holiday weekend also offered camping and […]

  • Tysoe Windmill 10K – 3.6.17

    Race Report by Michael Hammond After completing the Draycote water 10k on 14 May, I was looking for another 10K in June to prepare me for the 2 castles on Sunday 11 June. The tag line on the website for Tysoe said ‘If the hills don’t take your breath away; the views will’. It was an […]

  • 99 Blue Balloons – 3.6.17

    Race Report by James Padvis How Hard Can It Be Events – 99 Blue Balloons 03.06.17, Lightmoor Shropshire.  I’ve watched with interest as other people have done this company’s events; usually to rave reviews. I wanted a half marathon that would cure me if my greatest fear – laps. I struggle maintaining interest at Coventry […]

  • Indy Run 3.28-36.08miles – 1.6.17

    When they let idiots run marathons! This was my secret marathon, which I only booked recently – I blame Facebook and friends for causing me to be so daft!  The great thing about this race was that you could run as many laps as you want in the 6hrs, but you only needed to run […]

  • Liverpool Marathon – 28.5.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Literally thousands descended on Albert Dock for the half and full yesterday morning and fortunately the 32 degrees of Friday and Saturday had cooled off and it had clouded over. The ½ started at 0900 hrs and the full at 1000 hrs and it took the best part of an […]

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Running Weekend. 27-28.5.17

    Rumours of my sub 4 hour marathon are greatly exaggerated! I wasn’t planning on writing a race report for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Running weekend but after seeing social media posts about my time I felt I must set the record straight! The reason I have put down running weekend is that Rock ‘n’ […]

  • Worcester Marathon and Half Marathon – 21.5.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Half a Full.  Think the title tells it all. I don’t do half pints, only full pints. And where there’s a half and full race together it’s a no brainer which one to do. So I was hoping to buy some of the Massey mob a drink (fulls of course) […]

  • Worcester Marathon/Half 21.05.17

    Once upon a time a peer of the realm (Personally I believe that based on the nature of the event he specialised and the opportunities to win medals at Olympic Games, he is this country’s greatest Olympian, although I would put Daley Thompson a very close 2nd!) once said after finishing a race, ‘If you […]

  • Rugby 6 – 17.5.17

    Race Report by Martin Smith East Midlands Grand Prix – Rugby 6 – Wed 17 May The Rugby 6 is the third race in the series. The course has a steep decline shortly after the start before rising to pass over the M45 and the Oxford Canal. It then runs parallel to the M45 towards […]

  • Cotswold Hilly 100 – 14.5.17

    Race Report by Nicky Chambers Like the name suggests this is a race with some extreme elevation gains and losses. It is a 100 mile road relay race, through the Cotswolds, and divided into 10 legs of approximately 10 miles each. Each runner has to be self sufficient as there are no Marshall’s or water […]

  • Hilly Hundred Relay – Mens Team

    Well done to everyone who ran in the Hilly 100 on Sunday, it was great to see so many Massey Runners around the course on what turned out to be a lovely, sunny day. I’ve not seen the overall results yet, but below is a breakdown of the Men’s team times, less a few seconds […]

  • Sherwood Pines 13.1 – 14.5.17

    Race Report by Cathy Keay The first running of this race looked very exciting, the chance to do a trail half in the relatively flat Sherwood Forest, and maybe stumble across Robin Hood and his Merry Men was too good to miss. Unfortunately, the pre-race information was a bit sparse and when an email asked […]

  • Draycote Water 10k – 14.5.17

    by Helen Rowe (writing my first ever race report). It all started as a suggestion for a couple of us to enter the Draycote Water 10k as a training event.  Denise E had missed the Tractor Race due to tonsillitis, and she had been deprived of her medal opportunity.  Jane B, Sharon E, and Hayley […]

  • Hereford Marathon – 14.5.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. The Hereford Festival of Sport took place today with kids’ stuff, 10k, half and full all from the racecourse-so a flat start. But that was short lived as the county lived up to its reputation as being very hilly and tough. The trouble was there were only 57 in the […]

  • Kingsbury Classic 10k – 9.5.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This annual event proved as good as ever if for no other reason that it takes place in the fabulous Kingsbury Water Park Nature Reserve in the Coleshill/Tamworth area. The other good thing was that it was a 2 lapper so you managed to see the stunning scenery, lakes, rivers […]

  • Geneva Marathon – 7.5.17

    Race Report by Lisa Jay When I didn’t get into London, the plan b was a European marathon, Geneva ticked all the boxes as a) cheap flights b) fast course c) 10km event for some friends (future Massey members lol) who have just embarked on their running journey and d) a chance to see a […]

  • Stratford Shakespeare Marathon – 7.5.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well how things change as the years roll by. What used to take 3.30 at Stratford now takes 6.00 ish. Just maybe they’ve lengthened the course? Added more hills? Anyway today was my 34th Stratford and as I know every step of the way then just maybe my earlier comments […]

  • Market Drayton 10km 7.5.17

    Rather than write an original and witty Race Report I have decide to revisit my original report from 2015 when I ran this race to see how is has changed. Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I am the gingerbread man!  No need to catch him, he is on your […]

  • Dudley Kingswinford 10K – 3.5.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Politely and kindly known as the DKUK10K this popular run has been going for 15+ years now and I reckon I’ve done the majority of them. It was so popular that a few years ago they had to close the numbers at 1300 runners but around 800 toed the start […]

  • MFRC Summer Handicap Race 2 3.5.17

    This maybe the summer series of races but the Memorial Park was definitely chilly for the second race.  This overcast weather didn’t put off over 70 runners from running a new one loop course of 4.39miles.  With a new route we had a lot of marshals out on course but three runners decided to take […]

  • Monty 5k Leamington – 30.4.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Not too much you can say about a 5k in Leamington but it was the 2nd event in the WRRL 2017 series so we had to do it. Plus it’s a welcome Sunday break from 7 marathons in 7 weeks which is the current timetable (plus the few evening races […]

  • Brighton Marathon – 9.4.17

    Race Report by John Bennett I was a little apprehensive about the likely outcome for my fourth marathon as my training in the weeks before the Brighton Marathon was disrupted by having Iritis in my right eye; for example, I missed the Ashby 20. I really wasn’t sure how well I was going to do but was […]

  • Simplyhealth Great Edinburgh Run 10 miles – 23.4.17

    Race Report by Martin Smith There is nothing like having a family challenge, so coercing my son, Adrian, and nephew, Stuart who lives near Edinburgh, we agreed to this 10 mile challenge which takes in several of Edinburgh’s famous historic landmarks. This was going to be a nostalgic run for myself as I would see parts […]

  • London Marathon (Jenna) – 23.4.17

    Race Report by Jenna Pogue It feels odd writing a ‘race report’ for London Marathon as it didn’t really feel like a race, it was ‘bigger’ than that! Training went well and with 3 weeks to go I felt calm & confident. With 3 days to go, I turned into a bag of nerves – […]

  • London Marathon (Dave) – 23.4.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Wow what a huge non-stop event this was. Never been involved in anything like it before. By comparison  a few hundred in the Boston marathon on Easter Monday ( and no one else anywhere) and c40,000 yesterday plus probably the entire population of London + outsiders watching, screaming and encouraging […]

  • Southampton Half-Marathon – 23.4.17

    Race Report by Alison Lowe Having run the Southampton 10km last year after winning a place in a Twitter competition I decided to move up to the Half Marathon distance this year. I got a charity place with Southampton Hospital Charity after my Dad spent his last days there back in November.   This year the […]

  • Boston (UK) Marathon – 17.4.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Another early start as I left the house at 0500 hrs today to get to Boston by 0730 for the 0900 hrs start of the full and half. About 700 runners turned out for the half (300) and 400 in the full starting in the lovely town centre of Boston. […]

  • Belvoir Half Marathon – 9.4.17

    Race Report by Dave Goodwin So after last weeks DNS at the Manchester Marathon due to the emotion of Wembley it was onto a day of supporting Anne-Marie and the Massey crew at the 40 mile Coventry Way. Of course plan A was to have faffed about in laybys today eating jelly babies & sausage […]

  • Run in the Forest 5 miles – 9.4.17

    Race Report by Sally Slevin Today I ran a 5mile race at Conkers the lovely Cal Oddy took me.  I thought with it being around tracks in the forest it would be fairly flat, but I was wrong . it was more hillier than the two castles and of course extremely hot. Cal and I […]

  • Colby Gardens 5k – 8.4.16

    Colby Gardens 5k, Nr. Amroth, Pembrokeshire Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what else do you do when you pop down to Pembrokeshire to clear up the house and do the gardening, plant the veg, mow the lawns, do accountancy work and other things 24/7? You drive for 20 mins to the most beautiful National […]

  • MFRC Summer Handicap Race 1 5.4.17

    Although dry, it was definitely chilly for the first summer handicap race, especially when the sun started to disappear from view.  A  huge field of 81 Massey Club members and 6 guests took part in the first summer handicap race. As traditional with our races you can only win the trophy if you are a […]

  • Manchester Marathon – 2.4.17

    Race Report by Virginia Silio After hesitating for long time, I decided that Manchester 2017 will be our first marathon (“our” as I’m the race organizer at home, and I knew that if I signed up for a marathon, my husband Jose would join me). Without no idea how to train for this distance, I […]

  • “Tripos” weekend – April 2017

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Well it all started on Saturday evening at the Quiz Night at the Massey Social Club where c100 turned up for “Spectacular”. Huge thanks to Jenna Pogue and Kelvin  for organising it on behalf of London Marathon Team Phillips running in the Daily Telegraph’s team for the Brain and Spine […]

  • Midland 12 Stage Relays, Sutton Park – 25.3.17

    Midland 12 Stage Relays Race Report by Ross Cooper Well done to the 12 Massey men who represented the club in the Midland 12 Stage Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday afternoon. It was a lovely, sunny day to be out running around the lush surroundings of Sutton Park, and mixing with fellow running clubs […]

  • Sphinx 1st Summer Handicap, Broadwell near Southam – 26.3.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Sphinx 1st Summer Handicap – 26.3.17 – at Broadwell near Southam.  Approx 5+miles. Bit of a blank w/e as far as races were concerned but Sphinx’s Mitch Timms mentioned their event and welcomed me over but on one condition. That I did not wear my Red and White but my […]

  • Coventry Half Marathon – 19.3.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips.    I refer to this as the Nostalgic Half. Why? Read on. I think it started in 1986 and I did that first one  in 1.34 and have done them all since except one about 3 years ago (broken leg maybe??). They have been run over many different courses and […]

  • Raceways Spring Shakespeare Marathon – 11.3.17

    Raceways Spring Shakespeare Marathon, Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-upon Avon – 11.3.17 Race Report by Dave Phillips I decided that I would start early (with permission of course) as we had to be out late afternoon so I started at 0745 (official start was 1000 hrs). This is an 8 lap course so I had the […]

  • Elan Valley Round the Lakes 20 miles – 4.3.17

    Elan Valley Round the Lakes 20 miles, Rhayader Powys, Sat 4th March 2017. The trouble with this event is that to get to the 1st reservoir you have to climb for 5 miles along and up the small mountain road to 1500 ft at Penrhiw-wen and that took me about 1hr 50 mins. It was […]

  • Baldock Beast Half Marathon – 26.2.17

    Race Report by Lisa Jay My reasons for entering this were pretty straightforward, I was in Hertfordshire celebrating family birthdays and ‘needed’ a decent training run as part of my Geneva marathon preparation. Having collected number from local pub day before, I had a gentle stroll from my Mums house to the race start point […]

  • Draycote Water 10k – 26.2.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. An almost full house with around 485 starters on a very cold and windy morning on the banks of this wind swept  reservoir. Plus there were 8 Massey runners there so plenty of good company and well done all. The start was an out and back jaunt along the path […]

  • Rugeley 10 miles – 19.02.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips Well this inaugural 10 miler was probably (no definitely) one of the hardest road events I’ve done. Way back I did a half here in 1.30 but it was on the other side of Rugeley not up and over Cannock Chace and Cannock Forest. So what a great start to […]

  • Midlands Ladies Cross Country League Race 4 – 11.2.17

    The Midlands Ladies Cross Country season ended on a high @ Warwick Uni hosted by Kenilworth Runners on a muddy but reasonably flat 3.5 mile course. (compared to others). Everyone commented how much they enjoyed it and they all saw a huge improvement in their running times from previous races. We had a massive turnout […]

  • Birmingham League Race 4, Coundon Park – 11.2.17

    What a great way to end the Birmingham League season, co-hosting at Coundon Park with a fantastic turnout of 33 runners. A massive well done and thank you to all the volunteers who were down at the park early on Saturday to set up the course and make it all happen, as well as staying […]

  • Watford Half Marathon – 5.2.17

    Race report by David Phillips. As usual Cassiobury Park was awash with runners and spectators in the huge tented area near the start and finish lines on a very cold day that never warmed up at all. So at 10:30 the 2 starts –red and blue- sprinted off until we merged after ½ mile when […]

  • MFRC Winter Handicap Race 4 – 5.02.17

    The weather was kind yet again for the winter handicap series; no snow or rain or heatwave to contend, in fact perfect conditions for running.  Had this been a horse race the going underfoot would have been described as soft to very soft – in parts ankle deep mud – well it is cross country. […]

  • Lliswerry 8, Newport – 29.1.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Described as the flattest race on the planet I have to agree. I do this every year and have done since way back and I’ve yet to find even a slope. The biggest incline is stepping up the kerb to the start area just behind Newport County’s football stadium which […]

  • Midland Masters Cross Country Champs, Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton – 22.1.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. The Midland Masters used to be called Midland Vets, but maybe some of the old male  farts objected to being “age discriminated against” so Masters was born. Trouble is there are loads of women so Midland Mistresses for them? Certainly made me run faster today trying to catch my Mistress-but […]

  • Birmingham League Race 3: Lilleshall Race Report – 14.1.17

    Well done to the 25 Massey men who represented the club on Saturday at Lilleshall. A few anecdotes had been shared about the last time we raced at Telford some years ago, when the coach broke down on the way and a group of the quicker runners flagged down an ambulance to get them there […]

  • Not the Roman 9, Stratford Upon Avon – 15.1.17

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This 12k (c7.2 miles) race was as good as ever with 17 Massey runners in a field of 604 even if it was cold and dampish. The history of this event needs explaining I reckon so here we go. In 1975 I started my accountancy business in Stratford and went […]

  • Centurion Grand Prix Series – 8.1.17

    Centurion Grand Prix Series, 5 miler, Chelmsley Wood Race report by Dave Phillips. Well a good start to 2017 with 2 races in 2 days. Mind you yesterday’s Warwickshire XC at Newbold Common Leamington was a toughie because of the non-stop mud, ditches and hills for every yard of the 3 lapper. Good news was […]

  • MFRC Winter Handicap Race 3 – 8.01.17

    Although the sun wasn’t gleaming down from the sky, instead the sky was a murky grey and misty that gave an eerie look to Ten Shilling Wood.  Despite it being early January, the temperature was a pleasant 9 degrees and it stayed dry.  The perfect conditions for a Cross Country Race around a wood. Conditions […]

  • Massey Pace Race Results – 2.1.17

    This morning 149 runners enjoyed the winter sunshine with a 3.55 mile race around Coventry’s Memorial Park. Unlike normal races the winner isn’t the one who crosses the line first but rather the runner that has made the best prediction of their finish time – watches, phones, iPods and even Fitbits having to be left off […]

  • Warwick Christmas Day Run – 25.12.16

    Warwick Christmas Day 3.4 mile run, St. Nicholas Park 10:30 hrs. Race report by David Phillips. Many of the regular local faces turned out with the entrants for this Festive Run now in its 45th? year. As usual holiday makers joined us, many with dogs and others pushing prams. In my case it was both […]

  • Lanzarote Marathon – 10.12.16

    Race Report by Martin Judge Mary and I flew into a hot Lanzarote on Thursday 8 December and we both soon realised it was draining simply walking in the heat: on the Saturday I was going to be running a marathon in it!  Our hotel was the Sands Beach which doubled as the race headquarters […]

  • Weekend Whammy – 17.12.16 & 18.12.16

    Double Weekend Whammy.  Race reports by Dave Phillips. Where else could you do a double W at the Week End? Well at Wimbledon and Wolverhampton of course-no brainer really. Thames Hare and Hounds Alumni 5 mile cross country race on Wimbledon Common. Sat 17.12.16 14:30 hrs. This was the 64th Alunmi race put on by […]

  • MFRC Winter Handicap Race 2 – 18.12.16

    The second installment of the Winter Handicap was run around the two lap course in Ten Shilling Wood today.  40 runners completed the 3.12 miles in slightly muddy conditions than last time. Apart from the mud another new appearance this month was digital timing! In the second test of the system with Massey,  runners were […]

  • 31st Sneyd Striders Pudding Run 10 & 5 – 11.12.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. A good turnout from local clubs (Kenilworth and Northbrook) but the volume of Red and Whites eclipsed their combined totals. So nothing new there then. Sneyd is the sort of place you would probably never come to, or have been to, unless it was for a sporting activity. Why? Well […]

  • Birmingham League XC – Race 2 – Stratford 03.12.2016

    Well done to everyone who ran at Stratford on Saturday, it was great conditions for cross country with the temperature rising a bit from recent days, and pretty dry and firm underfoot. A course that could best be described as “undulating” was certainly challenging, but I thought was a great setting and made for interesting […]

  • Centurion 5, Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham – 4.12.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what a week end. Friday evening Handel’s Messiah at Symphony Hall. Sat morning gardening and then the XC at the Welcome Hills in the afternoon. What a fabulous venue, tough course with stunning views-in fact what more could we ask for? Then my Warwick School Old Boys’ Annual  Dinner […]

  • East Midlands Airport (EMA) 10k – 27.11.16

    Race Report by Jenna Pogue Sunday 27/11/16 and 9 Massey runners traveled to East Midlands Airport for a 10k race. The events team, HUUB, were not allowed to publish the route for security reasons so although we didn’t know entirely where we’d be running, I hoped it would at least be somewhere near the planes! Shuttle buses transferred […]

  • Cornish Marathon, Bodmin Moor – 20.11.16

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Some say the Cornish is the toughest marathon in the UK and also the most beautiful and friendliest. Correct on all counts but who in his or her right mind would go to Bodmin Moor in late November whatever the reason? Well 450 did to run around probably the remotest […]

  • Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes (Nice to Cannes Marathon) – 13.11.16

    Race Report by Cathy McKeown Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes (Nice to Cannes Marathon) 13.11.16 (plus Breakfast Run on 12.11.16) We came across the Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes (Nice to Cannes Marathon) on our search for a ‘warm’ winter run … and it looked perfect … running along most of the coast road from Nice to Cannes with […]

  • Grand Pier Half Marathon, Weston-Super-Mare – 6.11.16

    Race Report by Katie Kingston After a cold and frosty start to the morning, we gathered on the pier for the start. The route started on the pier, turned left to begin the first lap. The first half towards Keystoke was undulating then returned running back to the pier followed by a flat second half […]

  • “In Flanders Fields” Peace Marathon – 11.9.16

    Race Report by Mylene Feeney Several weeks after my first marathon, I finally feel able to produce a race report ! This was the ‘Peace’ or ‘In Flanders Fields’ Marathon, held in Belgium in September. As the name and location suggest, this race is run for remembrance, to honour the fallen soldiers of WW1 and […]

  • Marlow Half-marathon – 6.11.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This event has many “firsts” about it. First it’s probably the toughest ½ in the UK as it goes all over, up and down the Chiltern Hills. It’s definitely the best organised and marshalled event anywhere. The medal and T Shirt come 1st in any collection. Plus it’s the first […]

  • MFRC Winter Handicap Race 1 – 06.11.16

    Today saw the first race in a series of 4 XC club races, that take place in Ten Shilling Wood in Coventry.  All Massey Running Club members are free to take part and this morning 44 runners completed the 3.12mile course. Sean Fox and Cathy Neeson ran away winners this month. To maintain the element […]

  • 34th Snowdonia Marathon – 29.10.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well I’ve done some stupid things in my life but this was almost at the top. With a right knee waiting for its operation, plus I opted last week NOT to run the UK’s flattest marathon at Abingdon because of the knee what did I do last w/e? Go as […]

  • Beachy Head Marathon – 29.10.16

    This is the third time in a row that Mary and I have run this challenging and hilly trail marathon.  To be quiet honest the first time was enough for me as I hated it!  Last year, it was even worse…  So you may ask why I doing the same thing again? The reason is […]

  • Milford Mash Up 10K – 15.10.16

    Race Report by Richard Pearce Please click on the link below to see the blog written by Massey Member Richard, it includes a race report for the Milford Mash Up, plus other Massey runs. http://canrunwillrun.blogspot.co.uk/  

  • Illmington 10k (Race 1) – 23.10.16

    Race Report by Alison Lowe Having been intrigued by the Tempo Winter  race series and ‘that hill’ for a couple of years we decided to enter Illmington race  this year. The number of places was reduced from previous years and you had to enter all 5 races – so that took the decision away as […]

  • Gloucestershire XC League – Bourton-On-The-Water – 15.10.16

    Race Report by Martin Smith Gloucestershire Cross Country League – First Fixture – Bourton-On-The-Water – Saturday 15 October The Gloucestershire Cross Country League has four fixtures and is a good warm-up league for the Birmingham League/Midland Women’s League races. Entry is on the day and clubs are from Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, and Warwickshire (Kenilworth and Leamington […]

  • Bright10 10 – 16.10.16

    Race Report by Jonathan Kingston Although the weather report on the radio at 7am said that most of the country had a sunny morning,  Brighton was experiencing a wet, rainy and windy start. It was still raining on arriving at the front,  but by 8.30am we were brave enough to ditch the coats and bags […]

  • Henley-on-Thames Half-marathon – 9.10.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips (or should I say “half race report”)  This is a stunning event from Henley on Thames rugby club where 500 + did the half and 200+ the 10k. We left the club, ran through the town where semis and terraced houses cost >£1m each I reckon. Over the Thames and […]

  • Royal Parks Half-marathon – 9.10.16

    Race Report by Alison Lowe Having heard of another Massey complete this race last year I decided to enter the ballot and was lucky enough to get a place. It’s not cheap ( £55) but as I may only have the one chance I thought I would give it a go – especially as I’m […]

  • Bournemouth Half Marathon – 2.10.16

    Race Report by Kelvin Elliott I set myself a challenge in August that I wanted to do 4 Half Marathons in 7 weeks and I had completed Kenilworth and the Great North Run which were totally different and amazing experiences which had tested me both physically and mentally.            I traveled […]

  • Chester Marathon – 2.10.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. What a fantastic w/e. We arrived at the Crown Plaza hotel at noon yesterday which is 5 mins walk from Chester’s fabulous racecourse which is the HQ of the 2 events. The other event also run today is the Chester Metro marathon over 26 Kms. So we popped down to […]

  • Pembrokeshire Half Marathon, Dale – 25.09.16

    Race Report by Dave Phillips This event together with the 10k just has to be one of the most spectacular events anywhere, not just because it’s in God’s own country Wales, but because of the views. Not to mention the severity of the half that puts it at the top of the “tough league”. The […]

  • Nottingham Marathon – 25.09.16

    Race Report by Dave Goodwin So on the eve of the Amsterdam marathon its only right to consider a long training run in the region of 20 miles? The popular view would be that to run a marathon properly then a long run 3 / 4 wks out would be the right thing to do. […]

  • Women’s Running 10k Birmingham – 18.9.16

    Race report by Alison Lowe Women’s’ Running magazine have been organising a women’s only 10km race series for a few years now with about 10 different runs around the country- nearly all of them in parks. My first 10km race was in May 2014 in Sutton Park which I really enjoyed so when I saw […]

  • Leamington 1 Hour Track Race – 18.9.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips This event started in 1976 and has been an annual event ever since. I first did it in the late ‘80s ( c8.5 miles) and have done them all since and now Massey’s  continue to flood the field. There is a limit of c25/30 runners that can enter because of […]

  • Great North Run – 11.9.16

    report by Kelvin Elliott When I found out earlier in the year that I had a ballot place for the Great North Run I was really excited by the prospect of running in the greatest half marathon and the London Marathon in the same year. After a tough run the week before at Kenilworth Half […]

  • The Big Apple 10k, Snitterfield – 11.9.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. As I said in my race report last week this sounded so good that it had to be in preference to Stratford’s 10k a couple of miles down the road. Trouble is as it’s a charity event and low key it cannot be advertised as other races do. Plus 100% […]

  • Carfest South – 27.8.16

    Race Report by John Bennett Over the August Bank Holiday Weekend, we had a family outing to Hampshire for Carfest South. The festival is organised for BBC’s Children In Need and as part of the weekend, there was a 5km sponsored fun run (The Festival Dash!) starting at 10:10 on Saturday 27 August 2016. This […]

  • Wolverhampton Marathon – 4.9.16.

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This event started in 1983 and I did it then and have done every one since although there was a gap of about 4 years when it was not run. So why go back to run twice round Wolves year after year? Well Ross Cooper will say as it’s God’s […]

  • Another Welsh Bonanza – 27.8.16 & 28.8.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. As always for the last week of August we go back to Penally in Pembs. Not just to do the lawns but there are 3 races in 2 days so it’s a “must have”. Mind you my knee is so bad that it was heavily strapped and I started ½ […]

  • Bad Cow Marathon – 20.08.16

    For our wedding anniversary, I decided to treat Mary to a weekend away at an idyllic retreat in Dorset with fantastic coastal views – However we weren’t at Holton Lee for a weekend of peaceful meditation and yoga but to run a trail marathon!  15 years ago to the day (Apparently according to Mary it […]

  • 2 weeks in Penally, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

    Race reports by Dave Phillips. It’s always a busy period with lawns, gardening, family, household duties and of course running the usual events down here. Despite the knee (X-rayed yesterday at Stratford hospital-no results yet) these races just had to be done even if I did wear my Pembrokeshire Harriers colours. When in Wales!!!!!!!!. 7.8.16 […]

  • 31st Swiss Alpine Events, Davos – 30.07.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This event started in 1985 and my 1st was in 1989 when there was just a 67k race (8.5 hrs plus usually and at 8300 ft. at the highest point in the Sertig Pass). Then they increased it to 78k (12+ hours then). Then thankfully they have introduced events at […]

  • Thunder Run, Catton Park – 23.7.16 & 24.7.16

    Race Report by Jenna Pogue 1 week after finishing the Conti Thunder Run 2016, I still feel exhausted! The race is a 24 hour, off-road relay at Catton Park, Derbyshire and 3000 runners took part either solo, in pairs or in teams of 5 to 8, camping on-site and completing 10k laps around the clock. I […]

  • Stratford Summer 6 – 23.7.16

    Stratford Summer 6, Mary Arden’s House, Wilmcote, Near Stratford. Race report by Dave Phillips. What a super venue at Shakespeare’s mum’s house ( just a 10 minute or so drive from our house-no connection) for this annual event. The weather was hot, the car parks full, the historic HQ was just buzzing with life and […]

  • The Wild One, Multi Lap Marathon, Worcester – 17.7.16

    Race Report by Dave Phillips I described this last year as probably one of the most brutal things I’ve done. It took me 6.19 last year when I was running on 2 legs, no stitches and without an almost dislocated shoulder. So at 0800 hrs at Worcester today with all the ailments God has thrown […]

  • Wales Marathon, Tenby – 10.7.16

    6th Wales Marathon, Tenby – 10/7/16.  Another Welsh Double. Race report by Dave Phillips. The Long Course week end in Tenby is a real cracker. For 6 years now I’ve tried to get the Red and Whites there but with no success. I have now done all the Wales marathons and what a joy it […]

  • 2nd Isoman Triathlon, Arrow Park, Redditch – 2.7.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This event is held in the huge Arrow Park between Studley and Redditch just 10 mins drive from home, and what a stunning location it is. Huge lakes, rivers, woods, open areas and paths and cycle ways everywhere. The swim (7.0, 3.5 and 1.75 miles) started at 0700 hrs. The […]

  • Milton Keynes 10k – 28.6.16

    Race Report by Martin Smith  The Milton Keynes 10k is organised by Marshall Milton Keynes Athletic Club and is the last in the East Midlands Grand Prix Series – 8 races at various venues with the first at Silverstone in early May. The MK 10k is based at the Open University site. It is always […]

  • 12th Shifnal Multi Terrain Steeplechase half marathon – 26.06.16.

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This was my 11th Shifnal and it must rate as one of the most pleasant events there is. Shifnal is a small Shropshire town between Telford and Whitchurch and ages ago horses were raced over the countryside from church to church thus the name Steeplechase. 12 years ago, Gareth Morgan […]

  • Man v Horse 2016 – Relay team – 11.6.16

    Man v’s Horse 2016 – Relay team (S to the N to the D) Race Report by Nicky Ellis The race itself is as the name suggests! You race against horses. It starts from outside a pub called ‘The Neuadd Arms hotel ‘ in a small town called Llanwrtyd Wells which is in Welsh Wales […]

  • Man v Horse 2016 – Individual – 11.6.16

    Man v Horse, 22 miles in the Cambrian Mountains, Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys – Sat 11.6.16. Race report by Dave Phillips. This is the hardest event I’ve ever done I reckon. Right now on Sunday morning I feel absolutely shattered. Could also be something to do with the 3 marathons in the last 3 weeks maybe?? […]

  • Rhein Ruhr Marathon, Duisburg, Germany – 5.6.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I said after last week’s Liverpool marathon that it rated as in the top 5 in the world. Well Duisburg is in the top 2 and that’s why I’ve done it for the last 13 years. Situated on the confluence of 2 of Germany’s mightiest rivers the Rhein and Ruhr, […]

  • Edinburgh Half-Marathon – 29.5.16

    Race report by Cathy Keay I had been considering this race for a long time, and I thought just book it and do it.  Both the full and half marathons have a reputation of being fast and flat, just what I wanted !  The half started early at 8am, with full starting at 9:50am. I […]

  • Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon – 29.05.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. This just has to among the top and best 5 marathons anywhere in the world. Trust me it is a fantastic event-despite the 10 minute delay at the start for a police incident. Mind you there was a similar happening on Saturday when Hannover  and Paradise streets were closed because […]

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Festival of Running – 28/29.5.16

    I think that this must be the first race report I have ever written sprawled across a hotel bed on a mobile phone. Following today’s jaunt around the City of Liverpool, I can barely hold the phone and tap on the touch scream but I am eager to share what is quickly becoming a bit […]

  • Harcourt Hill parkrun – 21.5.16

    Race Report by John Bennett I was a Park Run tourist on Saturday 21 May 2016, with my first visit to the Park Run at Harcourt Hill (http://www.parkrun.org.uk/harcourthill) which is on a University Campus south of Oxford. It is quite a good set up in that you can park in the University’s Sports Centre car […]

  • Worcester Full & Half Marathon – 22.5.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. The HQ for this is the superb Worcester rugby club HQ at Sixways just off the M5. Huge car parks so no problems encountered. The Massey mob met up for the usual team photo at the start so it should go viral any time now. A huge gathering of runners […]

  • Grafman Triathlon (Middle Distance Tri) – 22.5.16

    For a quite well-educated man, I have decided that I really can be very stupid!  I think Mary has known this for some years.  Maybe that is how she lured me into marriage?  But taking part in the Grafman Triathlon really does show off my natural flair for the downright lunacy. Which is why I […]

  • Kingsbury Classic 10k – 10.5.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Well the 200 + or so including the 4 brave Massey runners could not have anticipated such foul conditions on what is usually a warm sunny evening late spring event. In fact on the stretches along the river it’s a tradition to keep your mouths shut, don’t talk and breath […]

  • Hereford Half Marathon – 08.05.16

    Race Report by Dave Phillips Well for the 2nd time in a week I went to the races. Last week at Uttoxeter race course and today at Hereford race course. Not a horse in sight mind you just loads of runners. Today there were 700 in the half and about as many in the 10k […]

  • Silverstone Grand Prix 10k – 04.05.16

    Race Report by David Goodwin As I left the sauna of the office and entered the relative oasis of air con in my car I glanced up to see the temperature hit 19 degrees. Aha, this is 5.15pm this can’t be right? It’s only like 3 days since we had the heating on full blast! […]

  • Dudley Kingswinford 10k – 04.05.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. Affection ally known as the DKUK10K this for me was the 3rd hilly/undulating race in 4 days so job done ‘till the weekend. It’s a hugely popular event with >1,000 runners starting at the HQ at Dudley rugby club (where I also had a few tough encounters as a hooker […]

  • Uttoxeter Running Festival, Uttoxeter Racecourse – 01.05.16

    Race Report by David Phillips There was a half, 10k and fun run from the racecourse today so I joined the 270 in the half-what else would you expect? This is regarded as one of the toughest halves on the circuit and as an old hand at it I agree. It’s not just the 1st […]

  • MAYDAY 10km, Kenilworth – 02.05.16

    Some races get added into your race calendar automatically and start to become a habit.  Slowly the Kenilworth Killer is becoming one of these races for me.  I’ve written the race reports each time I entered, but this year I decided to let someone else help write the report.  So I volunteered Beth as she […]

  • London Marathon (Kelvin) – 24.04.16

    A beginner’s view of the London Marathon Race Report by Kelvin Elliott After many weeks of training and putting my body through the mill of running in Snow, Sleet and Torrential Rain, Gales and Sunshine and having a mixture of good and bad training runs my marathon weekend had arrived. After travelling down on Friday […]

  • London Marathon (Dave P) – 24.04.16

    Race report by Dave Phillips. What a huge event this was in all respects. Over 37,000 runners and quite simply hundreds of thousands lining the route from start to finish banked 4 or 5 deep on each side of the roads. Simply manic and if you did think of walking the crowds wouldn’t let you […]

  • ABP Southampton 10km – 24.04.16

    Race Report by Alison Lowe I won a place in this race by entering a Twitter competition (just retweeting a tweet) run by UK runchat.  As Southampton is my home town I thought it would be fun to run there – and the prize also included a free event hoodie and race vest. As I had […]

  • English National Road Relays – Sutton Park, 16.04.15

    Well done to the 12 men who represented Massey Ferguson in the English National Road Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday. Massey qualified for this competition for the first time in many years after finishing 18th in the Midlands race 2 weeks previously. The club has had a proud tradition of getting a team into this […]

  • Regency 10k, Leamington Spa – 17.04.16

    Race Report by Alison Lowe The morning dawned very bright, sunny – and frosty! – despite being the middle of April!  I had not run the Regency before – nor have I run the Leamington parkrun so was not really familiar with the course. I had done the cross country in November so knew what […]

  • Boston (Lincs) Marathon – 17.04.16.

    Race report by Dave Phillips. I felt lousy when I left home today at 0500 hrs today, worse when I arrived at Boston at 0730 hrs and like death warmed up on the start line at 0900 hrs with 160 full marathon and 150 half marathon runners. The last “Boston” was >20+ years ago so […]

  • Peopleton Scenic Six – 10.04.16

    Peopleton Scenic Six – 10.4.16. Race report by Dave Phillips. What a fantastic, stunning, superb, friendly but very hard 6 miler this was. Where ever is Peopleton I hear you ask? Well it’s on the old Stratford to Worcester road, through Inkeberrow  and turn left at the Coventry Arms then 2 miles down is a […]

  • Warwick Half Marathon – 03.04.16

    Race Report by Alison Lowe I hadn’t originally intended running this race as I had heard quite a few people last year saying they hadn’t enjoyed it. However, having decided not to do Ashby, I still wanted to do a long race so decided to enter Warwick and find out what it was like for […]

  • Midland 12 Stage Road Race Relays – 02.04.16

      Well done to the 21 guys who competed for Massey Ferguson in the Midland 12 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park on Saturday. This fantastic event is a real highlight of the club road running calendar, with 64 teams from across the region competing to qualify for the National relays on the 16th April, against […]

  • 3 Peaks Trial 02.04.16

    3 Peaks Trial, Brecon Beacons, Abergavenny, Sat 2/4/16. ORGANISED BY: The Cardiff Outdoor Group and the Longtown Mountain Rescue Team.   Look at the spelling. It’s called a Trial (very appropriately) even if it is all on Trails. There are 4 distances in miles, 20 (Gold),17 (Platinum),15 (Silver) and 10 miles (Bronze) and it’s really […]

  • Teifi 10 – 27.3.16

    Teifi Easter Sunday 10 mile road race. Race report by Dave Phillips. Well what else would you do in Pembrokeshire for Easter day? Easy, pop up to Lampeter  in Cardiganshire about 50 miles from our place, head to Lampeter rugby club where Sarn Helen running club host their annual Easter race. Well that’s what 78 […]

  • Banbury 15 – 20.3.16

    Banbury 15, 20/03/16. Race report by Dave Phillips. Well they described this as a hard and hilly event but how wrong they were. It was very hard and extremely hilly and a real toughie. Hilly at Banbury? I hear you say. If you go down the M40 Banbury is on your right and very flat. […]

  • Heyford 10k – 20.3.16

    Heyford 10k Race Report by Vir Silio I was looking for a 10k different from the ones we did last year and I found this new event announced as ¨Get an insight into what went on ‘Behind the Wire’ at Oxfordshire’s most formidable Cold War Airbase¨. It was kind of easy to convince Jose to […]

  • Vitality North London Half Marathon – 20.03.16

    Race Report – by Cathy McKeown Geoff Sanders & Cathy McKeown took part in this Half Marathon taking in the iconic Wembley Stadium as the backdrop to the finish and the Allianz Park Stadium at the halfway mark. The day started off with huge queues at the baggage check-in desks – well some were quicker […]

  • Aldi Ashby 20 – 20.3.16

    With Mary unable to race Ashby this year but wanting to be part of the whole event, we both had an early start to get to Ashby to pitch the Gazebo on Bath Field and set up her Sports Massage couch before other Massey Runners arrived. The prime location and being the only club with […]

  • Silverstone Half Marathon – 13.3.16

    Silverstone Half Marathon – 13.3.16 report by Kelvin Elliott This Half Marathon was a bonus for me as I had a free entry for this race as I was running for the Brain and Spine Foundation in the London Marathon. I was given a place along with Nathan Bignall and Rachel Brock. As I journeyed […]

  • Raceways Races, Long Marston Airfield, Stratford – 12.03.16

    Marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k events.  The official start for the marathon was 1000 hrs with the others starting at intervals just after. As I am a very considerate person  and I didn’t want to keep the officials hanging around too much, I opted for a 0800 hrs start with another chap from Reading […]

  • Rhayader Round the Lakes 20. Elan Valley, Powys. 05.03.2016

    Well what does one do with a clash of dates? Just sort it as I did. This race starts at 1300 hrs from Rhayader but the same evening we had sponsored a concert in St Mary’s Warwick with the Collegiate Choir and Meridian Sinfonia starting at 1930 hrs. This included Handel’s Coronation Anthems so you […]

  • Groundhog Day Marathon – 5.3.16

    When Mary saw last year’s medal with a cute Groundhog embossed on the front that she ‘must have!’  she must have realised how lucky she was to have a fantastic husband that buys marathons for her birthday presents.  Being a track based marathon, rushing between points to support her was going to be rather unnecessary […]

  • XC Nationals – Donnington Park 27.02.16

    Well done to the 8 men who represented Massey Ferguson at the English Cross Country National Championships at Donnington Park on Saturday. This is the traditional end of the cross country season, bringing together clubs from across England to compete in a field of runners that was nearly 1800 for the senior men’s race. The […]

  • Stratford 1st Park Run Saturday – 20.02.16

    450 turned out for Stratford’s 1st ever park run and what a great venue for the 3 lapper. Round the park, alongside the Avon, passing Shakespeare’s Theatre on the opposite bank then back to the start for the 3 lapper. Free coffee, cakes and goodies for everyone at the end so well done Stratford. Then a […]

  • Sleaford half marathon – 21.02.16

    Who would drive a couple of hours to perhaps the flattest, somewhat boring and most windswept part of the UK in Feb for a run? You’ve guessed it-me. Why? Why not I could reply-well actually because I was born there. So that sorts that. The race that has the fantastic RAF Cranwell as its base […]

  • Raceways Mad Dash 10k – 13.02.16

    report by Kelvin Elliott Once again it was time to start my racing year at Moreton Morrell College for the Mad Dash. I opted to do 10k this time as I arrived at the college it was very cold and the clouds were very grey. On the way to pick my number up I bumped […]

  • Watford Half Marathon 07.02.16

    Another early start to ensure a parking slot in Watford together with the 2000 runners. Fortunately having done all these since 1986? I know where to go so no problems. It was a cold start in Cassiobury Park where the huge marquee was the focal point for changing, bags, number collection etc. 2000+ seemed to […]

  • Lliswerry 8 miler, Newport Wales – 31.01.16

    What would a normal person do on his or her birthday on Sunday 31st Jan ’16? Get up later, go out for lunch or dinner, open the cards and pressies, have more than a few drinks or go to Llyswerry? Well a bit of a no brainer really so I drove the 2 hour journey […]

  • Illmington 10k Series Race 4 – 24.01.16

    This time  the 319 runners did the clockwise route that most think is the harder way round. Certainly took me longer and some say as the start and “round the village route” is different, that it is also longer than 10k and also longer than the anti-clockwise route. Not sure on that. Anyway 15 Massey […]

  • 3rd Midland Women’s League XC Fixture, Gloucester – 16.01.16

    Our enthusiastic coach arrived just after 1pm ready to get on the start line, the ladies exited the coach first as their race started at 1:30pm Changing and toilet facilities were basic but good, marshals were a plenty and the atmosphere was buzzing, time for a quick warm up and head to the start line. […]

  • Birmingham League XC, Mens Race 3, Gloucester – 16.01.16

    Finally some wintry weather arrived to make January feel seasonal in time for the 3rd race of the Birmingham League. Most of the Massey ladies and men took the coach down to Gloucester as we shared a race venue for a 3rd time this season, and the driver was kind enough to help acclimatise us to the […]

  • Not the Roman 1X – 17.01.16

    Stratford-Upon-Avon. 12k Road race (c7.5m).  As usual this was a sell out and on the day there were 660 finishers so well done Stratford. Around 20+ Massey guys and gals ventured forth on a very cold morning with snow greeting some us as we drove over. Nice one there I thought. The course is a toughie […]

  • Warwickshire XC Champs – B’ham Sat 09.01.16

    So the magnificent Massey 9 made it safely to Smethwick yesterday (a collector’s item by many accounts) for the joint event with Worcestershire. There had been races since 1100 hrs with U13s and upwards taking part all the time until the men started their 10000m run at 1430 hrs. The race before ours was the ladies’ event […]

  • Centurion Grand Prix Series. 5 miler – 03.01.16

    This was the 3rd in the series of 6 races and as usual it was a full field with the usual local clubs taking part. Masseys noticeably absent as is usual on these events-not too sure why. Hangovers? Well believe it or not Chelmsley Wood – for all its dodgy reputation (the Wood End of South […]

  • Illmington “very hilly” 10k – 27.12.15

    Where else would 350+“ normal” people” go 2 days after Christmas? Anywhere-probably the pub – but not where this lot went this morning in the floods, rain, mist, wind plus hills just for a fun run! So as usual this event was fully subscribed with parking all over the village. In fact the organisers said […]

  • Christmas Day 3.2 mile race, Warwick – 25.12.15

    Well the usual faces turned up for the 40th??? (no one was quite sure) 25/12 event. It always starts from a pub but over the years 4 have been knocked down/closed/built on but the current 5th looks certain for years to come. For the last 3 years the New Bowling Green Tavern backing onto St […]

  • Wolverhampton 5 mile Turkey Trot – 20.12.15

    The usual 300+ turned up for the annual trip round God’s Own Town (that is according to Ross Cooper. Not a very good choice God however). But to be fair it did go through the suburbs and was a good event. It took place where 3 of us from Masseys did the Midlands 7m XC […]

  • Sneyd Strider Christmas Pudding Run 13th December

    As I sat comfortably in my dry warm car, letting the biro dry on the back of my race number, I looked out over the carpark through the heavy drizzle back towards Olivias snack bar.  The delicious smell of sizzling bacon still tickling my olfactory senses, I wondered why I was thinking about running on […]

  • Wimbledon Common 5 mile XC 12.12.15

    Thames Hare & Hounds 64th Alumni Race, Wimbledon Common Sat 12/12/15 1430 hs. This annual event on Wimbledon Common lived up to its reputation as a really tough 5 mile cross country event. So the train from Warwick Parkway at 1015 to Marylebone, underground to Putney Bridge (start of the Boat Race), then bus 85 to the TH&H […]

  • 2nd Midland Women’s League XC Fixture, Cofton Park – 05.12.15

    18 Ladies tackled the second race of the XC season.  It was a very blustery day, but at least it was dry and there was no ditch to jump into like Newbold Comyn, although there were hills, but this also meant downhills !!! We all got ready in the hedge, sheltering in between two other […]

  • Birmingham League XC Race 2, Cofton Park – 05.12.15

    Travelling to Cofton Park on Saturday lunch time I commented to experienced kite-surfer Tony Hoy that it would be a better day for that type of activity than cross-country running. When he responded that it was in fact far too gusty for kite-surfing I knew we would be in for a challenging afternoon! I always […]

  • Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon – 15.11.15

    A first timer’s half marathon! (Race report)‏ by Jenna Pogue I’m often quoted as saying I’d never run more than 5k so when I went online to book a 10k and ended up booking the Las Vegas half marathon, it was a surprise! With 11 Massey mates and an array of guide books, we made great preparations […]

  • Coombe Abbey 8 mile XC – 27.11.15

    Well done to Coventry’s 2nd best club for hosting this great event. Superb from start to finish but next year Sphinx please sort out that wind. As usual the race (race??) was a sell out but what a killer it was. The 1st half took us through beautiful woods, down by the lake (where I went fishing […]

  • Midland Counties XC Championships – 21.11.15

    Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton was the superb venue for this year’s 5 and 7 mile event. The 7 miler started at 1400 hrs with the ladies’ 5 mile race starting at 1300 hrs. We had one lady Rebecca Raper in the 5 miler and 3 men to fly the Red and White flag-Ross, Simon and me. It’s a strange thing but this is the top […]

  • Elan Valley 10 – 22.11.15

    Running in Rhayader Inspired by the Massey league table when I joined earlier this year, I decided to try and complete all the distances in my first year, that meant completing several running firsts . . . I’d done a 5k, 5m and a half before, so that ‘only’ left doing my first Marathon, 10k […]

  • Cornish marathon – 15.10.15

    If you ask any normal person where is the last place to go to in mid-November, he or she would say (without fear of controversy) Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. So where was I with 350 others yesterday at 1000 hrs? On the start line at Pensilva for the start of the Beast of Bodmin, also called […]

  • 1st Midland Women’s League XC Fixture – 07.11.2015

    Twelve Massey ladies turned out for the first race of the Midland Women’s Cross Country League at Newbold Comyn on Saturday.  After a few admin issues with race numbers we were all set to go and trotted off to the start line on the football pitches.  There was a huge turnout from other local clubs […]

  • 1st Birmingham League XC Fixture – 07.11.2015

      As the heavy rain fell towards the end of last week, and particularly all of Saturday morning, we knew we were in for damp and muddy conditions for the first Birmingham League Cross Country fixture of the season. Would we have it any other way? Probably, given the opportunity, but it’s the same for […]

  • Venice Marathon – 25.10.15

    Venice is a stunningly attractive city and well deserving of its World Heritage status. If you want to see this Italian treasure in all its glory then running the Venice Marathon is a unique way to do so and one which gives you the privilege of running over fourteen of the city’s bridges and gives […]

  • Bristol and Bath Marathon 25.10.15

    Lesley Keighley and I signed up for this new event very early this year, and figured it would be a good weekend away and a good training run for me for the upcoming Las Vegas Marathon. Having got to 18 rather than 20 miles in training and not done much in the last 4 weeks […]

  • Marlow Half marathon – 01.11.15

    This was different this year as there was also a 7 mile event in conjunction with it and a slightly different new course in parts for the half. But what a killer this event was for my 327th half. Most rate it in the top 3 toughest UK halves and I agree. The trouble is […]

  • Dusk til Dawn – Ultra/Marathon/ ½ – 31.10.15

    Signing up for a Marathon so close after Beachy Head was never the plan, but as you all know standing round after a parkrun chatting is a dangerous thing! I should have realised that when it is Dave Fawkner doing the talking it would be very dangerous! I have been on a race before that […]

  • 33rd Snowdonia marathon – Sat 24.10.15

    What an event for the 2,700 who had registered including the Quartet from Massey. But what weather-nothing abnormal up here mind you in my 28 years of running this. There was rain, more rain, winds in all directions-usually into your face so the going was tough. In fact the start area looked like a plastic […]

  • Abingdon Marathon – 18.10.15

    1200 had signed up for this way back in April and it was full within a few days. However only c750 were on the start line on the track at Tisley Track today. So as it was officially a 5 hr time limit event, most of the 1200 (and the 750) would have been sub […]

  • Amsterdam Marathon 18.10.2015

    It was a great course for a marathon, really flat and generally good under foot (no proper cobbles!) and quite pretty! The start is in the Olympic stadium from the 1928 games and was awesome but getting to the start in the morning was manic as the great system of trams aren’t working near the […]

  • Great Birmingham Half Marathon 18.10.2015

    As I arrived with Eunice at Tile Hill Station meeting up with Darren, Chris, Leon, Richard and his support crew Amanda and daughter we headed off to New Street. I was feeling the very nervous about doing this race as this was going to be my biggest half marathon so far with amount of runners […]

  • Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 11.10.15

    The website described this as: AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE – In 2008 we created a spectacular Half Marathon in central London – the first and only one of its kind. The stunning 13.1 mile route takes in the capital’s world-famous landmarks on closed roads, and four of London’s eight Royal Parks – Hyde Park, The Green Park, St […]

  • Henley on Thames half marathon – 11.10.15

    What a superb event run in true millionaire’s county. Starting at the Henley rugby club with superb facilities, bars, cafes, food etc and all open from early morning, around 2,500 runners lined up for the 10k and half-each on different routes. The half took us through the town, over the Thames and onto lanes that followed the […]

  • Chester Marathon 04.10.15

    This event has to be in the top 3 in the UK. Organisation, venue, course, marshals, closed roads, views, scenery, countryside were all of a 10/10 score. Then the final mile finish back in the town along the river esplanade with cafes, pubs, boats, huge crowds made the whole event just stunning. It all started on […]

  • Cheltenham Half Marathon – 27.9.15

    An early rise for this one traveling down for a 9am start wasn’t the best beginning to a Sunday race day and it was a bit fresh in the race village before hand also. However looking at the weather forecast for later in the morning it was always going to be vest and shorts unlike some that […]

  • Pembrokeshire half marathon, Dale, 27.09.15 + other events

    Well what a fantastic week end. We went down to Penally on Thursday and it was Arts Festival week in Tenby. On Thursday at St Mary’s church it was the Tenby Male Choir concert and as usual I joined them as a guest for the final numbers this time featuring Men of Harlech. You can […]

  • Severn Bridges 10k – 20.09.15

    There seemed to be some disagreement about whether this was Seven bridges or Severn bridges. So in the spirit of scientific enquiry I decided to count them as I ran round, unfortunately lost count and does going over and back on the same bridge count as 1 or 2 anyway? For those of you still […]

  • Hereford Festival of Sport, 19/20.09.15 Cycling, running and walking etc.

    Well all of you in Massey and Pembrokeshire Harriers who had “threatened” to turn up, you missed a fabulous w/e. Sports, festivities, bars, food stalls, cider wagons, cakes, music, charity stalls, dancing etc. You name it and it was there at King George V playing Fields on the bank of the river Wye opposite the […]

  • 20th Ashbourne Half Marathon 13.09.15

    Remember the old Gerry Lee Lewis song “you leave me breathless-ah”. Well Gerry and Ashbourne have a lot in common. About 170 of us lined up on the recreation field in Ashbourne which is in the Peak District National Park. I’ve done this c12 times now so I should have known better but the 1st mile is all uphill. […]

  • Bacchus Marathon 13.9.15

    Dave and I travelled to the vineyards of Surrey to take part in this ‘Medoc’ inspired marathon. It consisted of 15 wine stops – at each you can have a shot of wine, nibbles and friendly chat. The wines were from the area and included Bacchus, Juniper Hill, Surrey Gold, Chalk Ridge Rose and some […]

  • Kenilworth Half Marathon 06.09.2015

    As I arrived at the sports centre I was very nervous thinking had I done enough training to get me through the 13.2 mile course which I knew was going to test my endurance as I had previously done this race before. It was good to see so many familiar Massey faces as I arrived […]

  • Wolverhampton Marathon – 06.09.15

    They called this the 3H marathon. Why? I hear you ask. H is for Hot and H is for Hilly. That’s only 2Hs isn’t it? Yes but it’s a 2 lapper and with 7 hills in the last 5 miles of each lap that makes 14 hills in addition to those in the first part […]

  • Kenilworth Half marathon 06.09.15

    43 Massey runners took part in this very popular Half Marathon, and we were blessed with some early September sunshine and a bearable 16-18 degrees temperature. This was my first Kenilworth half marathon so I was a looking forward to running along some new routes and seeing if I could perhaps beat my previous half […]

  • Another Welsh Trilogy

    Or was it a Pentathlon or Quintet? Sat 22/8/15. National Trust Colby Woodland Gardens 5k, Amroth, Pembs. As usual in Wales for the start of our hols in Pembrokeshire it peed with rain at the start of this super Park Run over 3 laps of the grounds, woods and gardens of this wonderful place. Trouble […]

  • Leamington 1hr Track race 02.09.15

    Well there isn’t too much you can say about the terrain, hills, surface, distance or in fact anything as the whole event was a series of as many 400 mtr laps of the track you could do in an hour. So 10 red and whites lined up for the gun start with very strict instructions. […]

  • C2C Ultra 28.08.15

    The coast to coast 140 mile ultra was the biggest highlight of 2014, so when Anne-Marie and Dave volunteered to crew for a repeat performance this year, my entry form was immediately emailed before they could change their mind! This also meant Lee could finally join the party and see me take part in such […]

  • Draycote Water 10k 09.08.15

    Today’s race was Part 2 of my 10k endurance weekend. As I arrived at Draycote Water I was looking forward to doing this course I was hoping that I hadn’t used up all my energy on the previous day doing the Schools Out 10k. There was a big difference in the weather from the day […]

  • School’s Out 10k – Moreton Morrell 08.08.15

    As I arrived at Moreton Morrell College I was in in full anticipation of what this race was going to be like as I was about to embark on 2 10k runs over the weekend. I was familiar with this course as I have done this race before over previous years. It was good to […]

  • Stourbridge Stumble 08.08.15

    Around 200 turned up for this popular 10k (approx) but very tough multi terrain event and it lived up to its name in that you could stumble on every inch of the run. I registered on the night and the Stoubridge RC official who gave me my number said “I remember you. I ran loads of […]

  • A Welsh Trilogy!

    Well fresh from the Swiss Alps and the Alpine marathon last week, what better place to go to finish our hols than in our Pembrokeshire pad in Penally for a few days. And what a few days it was with gardening, agricultural shows, running a plenty and The Choir.   Saturday 1/8/15 Colby Woodland Gardens 5k.  This is a […]

  • 30th Swiss Alpine Marathon 25.07.15

    S42k, Davos, Switzerland Welcome to what they call Europe’s toughest marathon. And I agree. This was a special year in Davos to celebrate the 30thrunning of the events. It started in 1986 when there was just a mere 67k and I did several of these starting in 1989, and last week end was my 23rd Alpine event. […]

  • Lunar-Tic Marathon – 25-26th July.

    If I wrote this report last night, it would have been my last race report ever!  As this race finished me before I finished the race.  At 2am I swore off running forever! From the start this was billed as a different trail marathon with the requirements to have a head torch, spare batteries, fully […]

  • DORSET INVADER – 18.07.15

    Let’s start by saying this is by far my favourite race of all time, what’s not to like: hills, men in togas, alcohol, food, aeroplanes, singing and plenty of laughs. The buzz before the race was fab, a lot of the runners had camped the night before and were awoken with the Beatles blaring out […]

  • The Wild One: Multi lap trail marathon, Worcester. Sun 19.7.15

    So named after my friend for many years Stuart Wild who died 4 years ago a short while after doing his 100th marathon at Snowdon and where I presented him with his 100 Marathon Club 100 medal. Stuart ran for Black Pear joggers and before them he was with Worcester AC. So this run is […]

  • Rugby Half Marathon 12.07.15

    Following the “steady paced” run with Leon round the Northbrook 10k course last Wednesday night in training I felt justified in leaving the big WRRL fixture of the day behind to try something new. Of course I am not troubling the score sheet on the WRRL points table, but in our position of hosting the […]

  • Timberhonger 10k, Bromsgrove, Sat 11/7/15 1800 hrs.

    This annual event takes place from the park where the Bromsgrove festival, fete, fair etc is held and where hundreds of people gather for the fun, frolic, music, beer and cider and kids races. But beware, it is as tough a 10k as here is anywhere because all roads around here just go up and […]

  • Long Course Weekend and Wales marathon, Tenby – 05.07.15

    Wow what a cracking w/e was had by the 2,000+ contestants and c20, 000 spectators, families and friends who descend on Tenby for this spectacular. In fact I reckon that next year’s annual match with Pembrokeshire Harriers should be at Tenby. Why do I hear you ask? Because on the Friday evening there’s a 1.2 […]

  • Coombe festival of running 28.06.15

    Six Massey members took part in this event. It was a multi lap event based on your choice of distance. 10k was 3 laps. Half Marathon 6 laps. Full Marathon  12 laps. It was described as a trail run within the grounds of Coombe Abbey. A perfect setting for a summer event. Sheila and myself thought […]

  • Edinburgh Marathon 31.5.15 & Claim to fame!

      My run began at the Robert Burns Monument on Regent Road. Behind the monument I could see Arthur’s Seat in the distance. Mercifully the torrential rain we had been warned about had not materialised but it was still very windy and I worried a little at the thought of it battering the coast line […]

  • Malvern half marathon – 21.06.15

    This very pleasant event takes place from the 3 Counties Showground at Malvern and heads off into the country towards Upton on Seven as opposed to up and over the hills so it’s relatively flat. I met up with Massey colleagues and regular Malvern runners Jonathan and Katie Kingston + dog (non running, and then Ruth Mahon […]

  • Liverpool Marathon 14.06.15

    Wow what a huge event this was. Absolutely fantastic with around 12,000 taking place in the half and full and the 6k on Saturday. Sheer bedlam on Sunday as thousands lined up in their 16 Corrals/Pens to be released at minute intervals in the half starting at 0900 hrs. Then in 8 Corrals for the […]

  • Rhein-Ruhr Half – DUISBURG, GERMANY – 07.06.15

    Race Report by Michaela Eyley Thanks toDave Phillips and our friend Astrid, Rob and I both entered this race for the first time. It was our first half “abroad” and it has not been any more exotic for us than Germany, but it was really worth travelling back to the Vaterland for this. We arrived […]

  • 32nd Rhein-Ruhr Marathon, Duisburg, Germany – 07.06.15

    So for the 12th successive year we came to this great event and this time accompanied by Rob and Michaela Eyley who both did the half-read their report separately. It’s a hugely popular event with Hand bike marathon (where you lie down on your back on the horizontal bike), Inline marathon (on roller blades), wheel chair […]

  • Comrades Ultra Marathon South Africa – 31.05.15

    With less than 10 mins to spare and 11 hours 50 minutes after the starting gun I crossed the Comrades finish line before the final cutoff securing my Vic Clapham medal. I am so proud to have finished the race known in South Africa as the Ultimate Human Endurance race and the oldest and largest […]

  • Outlaw Half – Nottingham, 31.05.15

      Just in case anyone doesn’t know, yes the Outlaw Half is a Half Marathon but at the end of a 1.2mile swim and a 56mile bike ride!  A middle distance or 70.3 (Add the distances together!) triathlon. The build-up for this race started last year, when Stuart and I talked about doing this well-known […]

  • Moonlight Half Marathon Venice – 23.05.15

    Venice has been one of the places on my wish list to visit for a long time. We booked for 4 days over the bank holiday weekend and looked forward to our weekend away. On hearing that Leon and Judgy were doing the October Marathon, I had a look to see if any running events […]

  • Go Tri – Race 1

    This Thursday saw the first Go Tri event of this seasons OW swimming at Cliff Lake Water Park near Kingsbury. Last year for each race I talked a new Massey runner into giving Go Tri a try! This race was no exception with Anna and Virginia taking the plunge with Cathy having her second go. […]

  • Whitsun Welsh Weekend Double

    Sat 23/6. Colby Woodland Gardens 5k near Amroth, Pembrokeshire. This is an amazing Park Run held in the beautiful National Trust grounds and woodlands of Colby Manor that is just off the coast at Amroth. All off road this 3 lapper has 2 hills per lap but the scenery is stunning as we ran through […]

  • The Apocalypse 100

    The Apocalypse was never going to be easy, but the thought of pacing the first half for Amy (Northbrook) and Hamilton (Sphinx) made it more of a relaxing journey. Or at least that’s how my head was programmed before the race began! I was also meeting Krasse, my Bulgarian ultra running friend who was to […]

  • 30th Black Mountains Challenge, 30 mile 16.05.15

    It was with trepidation that I left home at 0500 hrs for the 2 hr drive to Llanthony Priory in the heart of the Blackies near Abergavenny. This event is without doubt the toughest imaginable (worse than the Jungfrau, Eiger, Swiss Alpine and appropriately even the full 100 Hilly Hundred –all of which for some stupid […]

  • Rugby 6 mile road race. 13.05.15

    I was looking forward to doing this race once again I was full of anticipation of how this run was going to go and challenge myself once again on this course. The weather was kind with lovely evening sunshine and a light wind.  The race didn’t start to 7.45pm so I arrived early and got […]

  • 15th Kingsbury Classic 10k 12.05.15

    Described as a picturesque multi-terrain race of approximately 10kms, run on woodland paths, trails and paths around the lakes & pools of the water park. And it was exactly this and on a fabulously warm and sunny evening. Around 120 runners took part with the usual Massey contingent (5 of us) and as usual the […]

  • Market Bosworth Half 10.05.15

    I had originally decided to do the Hereford ½ but then I saw in R/World the Bosworth ½. As I’d never run there before I decided to change my plans. Then as I approached the Water Trust Lakes at the HQ I realised that I had done the Hinckley Half here 2 years ago (with loads of Massey runners) but the […]

  • Market Drayton 10km 10th May 2015

    Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I am the gingerbread man!  No need to catch him, he is on your medal and in the goody bag! After seeing Anne-Marie and Dave’s stash of goodies from last years race – Mary was keen to race this year – got to love […]

  • Dudley Kingswinford 10k 06.05.15

    As usual around 1,000 assembled at the Rugby Club for this annual event that claims to be the biggest evening road race in the Midlands. That’s why all the roads are closed for this event that goes along lovely country lanes from the rugby club and no where near Dudley itself. Phew what a relief. Met a mate […]

  • Kenilworth Runners MAYDAY 10k 04 .05.15

    It feels a bit of déjà vu writing a race report on The May Day 10km as I did the same race last year, I had planned on changing the date and submitting the same report, but my amazing proof reader and censor Mary wouldn’t let me, saying, ‘That would be bloody cheating you can’t […]

  • Bilton Grange – Superflytri 03.05.15

    I needed an early season triathlon for a decent price to practise my transitions so I signed up for this local race.  For once I had support crew in tow – Mary – as the previous day I found out that due to the number in the field they would be using manual timing – […]

  • Milton Keynes Half Marathon 04.05.15

    Back in 2009 at my 1st half I had a charity place with the National Autistic Society at the Great North Run & I remember getting to South Shields in a right state. I think the longest training run I had done was 10k and the trainers I wore were chosen by me on the […]

  • Kenilworth May Day 10k (Killer)

    May the forth be with you as we endured the Kenilworth Killer at Abbey Fields. This race is a 3 lap course around Abbey Fields which is very hilly and undulating course which saps the energy out of you by even looking at the course. As I arrived and registered for the race which I […]

  • Abbey Fields 10k 04.05.15

    This popular May Day Bank Holiday event attracted loads of people for the several events that Kenilworth Runners staged including races for kids. So well done Ken. Keeps the kids and adults off the streets anyway. The 10k is a 3 lapper and with 3 tough hills per lap the maths is simple. In my […]

  • Madrid Half Marathon 26.04.15

    The reject letter from VLM, the temptation of cheap flights, and the thought of some Spanish sunshine meant that 12 of us signed up late last year for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Half Marathon. Half of the party travelled out on the Friday morning, we chose to travel on the Saturday and headed straight […]

  • London Marathon – video blog by Anne-Marie

    “Having suffered with plantar fasciitis over the last 4 months, my journey towards the Virgin Money London Marathon was one full of worry, pain and longer periods of rest than I would have liked! After many physio sessions and various stretches to complete on a daily basis, I made it to the start line in […]

  • Uttoxeter Half Marathon 03.05.15

    As I left home at 0730 in torrential rain a simple question crossed my mind and you don’t have to be a Mensa type to have got the right answer. Should I have stayed in bed? Answer “yes”. Anyway needs must and as it was my 320 th half how could I turn back? Easily was […]

  • Malvern Hills ultra 03.05.15

    The Malvern Hills Ultra is an excellent out and back race covering 26 miles in each direction. My role on this was to guide a group of runners to their goal of around 11 hours, although this didn’t exactly go to plan! The race had a new start this year and the maps given had […]

  • Blackpool Half Marathon 26.04.15

    Now where could you go to do a race and get “frostbite and sunburn all in one race”? Of course Blackpool! This was my second time there. 2003 I took part when it was staged in June on a day when the mercury hit 85 degrees! So late April I thought be a nice spring day […]

  • London Marathon 26.04.15

    Well 450 not out for fulls is the official score on what was a superb day even if a tad cool. I’ve done about 25 Londons and by far this was the noisiest, best attended and with the largest crowds I’ve ever seen anywhere. They were up to 5 deep on every yard of the route screaming […]

  • Llanelli Great Welsh Marathon and Half-Marathon 19.04.15

    After running a Coventry Way Challenge last Sunday I knew that I shouldn’t race at least for a couple of weeks and rather have some rest and light training. But as I had some time off work I decided to visit my friend who moved from London to Swansea. And as it is quite a […]

  • The Coventry Way 12.04.15

    Tony and I set off at 5:45 it seemed lighter than it did last year and warmer. The walk from Meriden to the Greenaway went well and we stripped off our outer layers ready to jog the next part. On the Greenaway we overtook several walkers arrived at the first checkpoint in Kenilworth completing the […]

  • Paris Marathon 11.04.15

    Paris Breakfast Run Runners from all over the world come together in matching t-shirts holding flags from their corresponding countries. Dave managed to find my friends Jodie and Jamie in amongst the thousands of runners (under the instruction to look out for a small blonde girl). So we all ran together, although running is an […]

  • Worcester Marathon 12.04.15

    A superb venue at the Worcester Warriors Rugby ground at Sixways just off the M5 but from there things got worse. I did christen a new pair of running shoes so at least their baptism got them to know the distance. They survived so well done you two. 300 runners took part-1000 in the half […]

  • Massey Easter 5 – 05.04.15

    Two days after the race and as yet no one has written a race report! Why not? Because anyone in Massey Ferguson RC that was in the area was involved in the Massey Easter 5 race. And what a fantastic race it was… the organising team even remember to book perfect racing weather; sun shining […]

  • Good Friday Marathon Stratford 03.04.15

    Daniel bought me two marathon entries for my Christmas Present (just before midnight on Christmas Eve, talk about last minute), as I made a little fuss that he got into London and I didn’t; this was his consolation present to me. This was no big city marathon, but one he found on the 100 Marathon […]

  • Resolution Run 5k/10k/15k 29.03.15

    My worry about the London Marathon, apart from hydration… or nutrition… what to wear… the weather… the distance…  Actually on my list of worries about is pacing!  I start off with great intentions but the moment the claxon starts and runners start I am like a Stallion in a stampede – all my plans and […]

  • Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains 20 mile Three Peaks Trial Challenge 28.03.15

    Abergavenny – Saturday 28th March 2015 No it’s not a spelling mistake-this event is a called a Trial and that’s exactly what it was yesterday. Without doubt the most brutal, difficult and energy sapping event I’ve ever done. Nearly pulled out twice! Only nearly mind you. It is of course also a Trail run because of the […]

  • BHF Warwick Half-Marathon 22.3.15

    This local half has been running for the past couple of years, and each year the reviews have been getting better, so I thought I’d give it a go ! The website described the route as:- an undulating town and country route, giving runners a view of the stunning surrounding countryside. The general census of […]

  • Aldi Ashby 20 – 22.03.15

    As lots of marathon training plans call for a long 20mile run a few weeks before the big day, Ashby falls perfectly for Spring Marathons, so for some it is a race but for others it is a supported Training run, with time to try out race day nutrition and pacing. So a good haul […]

  • Fradley 10k 15.3.15

    On a dull and pretty cold morning I joined one other Massey runner, Peter Paprcka, for my first race of 2015 – the 10k at Fradley near Lichfield. We were ably supported in this by the presence of Dominic Lenehan, who’s shouts of encouragement were very much appreciated. He did also point out that Peter […]

  • Stratford Raceways Marathon, Long Marston Airfield, 14.03.15

    I had a ‘phone call on Thursday from the organisers saying that I’d put my estimated time at 5.25 but there was a 5 hr time limit. Did I want to change to the half she asked? Wow what a stupid question. So I asked her if I could start early and she said “yes […]

  • Spring Shakespeare Runs – 14.3.15

     5k, 10k, half-marathon and Marathon On a cold, dull and windy Saturday morning a huddle of Massey’s runners met to run a variety of laps around the Long Marston Airfield. I’d never run this race before, I knew it would be flat, but also knew that a good time would be down to “Mother Nature” […]

  • Draycote Water 10 mile 08.03.15

    Having done a 3 lap training run round Draycote Water 2 weeks ago in preparation for Coventry Half Marathon I decided to enter this race late last week.  The course was a 2 lap loop plus a little bit extra to make up for the fact that each loop was only 4.7 miles. After picking […]

  • Rhayader Round The Lakes 20 miler 07.03.15

    When you come to the beautiful Elan Valley in mid Powys you know by the hills and terrain that a daunting prospect awaits you. That’s maybe why I’ve done 26 out of the 31 events. “Much of the run passes through exposed and remote areas with severe hills, so bring suitable clothing in case of […]

  • The Green Man Ultra 07.03.15

    The Green Man ultra is a 45 mile lap around Bristol. This was to be a new challenge as I was part of the team trying to ensure a smoothly ran race. My role was simply to run the course in 11 hours, a Time Lord, whilst guiding and encouraging anyone who wanted to join […]

  • Sleaford Half Marathon 22.02.15

    If anyone tells you that Lincs is flat everywhere, then just escort him or her round this 13 miler especially the non-stop uphill drag from 6-9 miles with a head on wind so strong and cold that forward motion was a “collector’s item”. In fact you could lean at 45 degrees into the viscous wind […]

  • Ilmington 10k series 2015

    Illmington 10k. Race 5 and final event in the Tempo Series on 15/02/15. A Damn Near Thing. Possibly the fullest event of the series but not too surprising as those who had done all 5 got their Hoodies after the event-in addition to the usual sausages for all finishers. A Welsh variety today so OK […]

  • Watford Half Marathon 31.01.15

    Approx 1800 runners assembled in the huge marquee on Cassiobury Park near the centre of Watford on a very cold morning to collect their numbers, deposit bags, meet colleagues etc. Then I met Dave Goodwin and Anne-Marie and a mob from Sphinx wrapped in dustbin liners to keep warm. Or to keep the rubbish in? […]

  • Peddars Way Ultra 31/.01.15

    The Peddars Way is a cracking 48 mile trail that takes you from Suffolk pretty much due North until you have crossed Norfolk and reached the coastline. We had a chilly start, but knowing how much I overheat I opted for shorts, base layer, tshirt, jacket, hat and gloves. I felt a little out of […]

  • Ilmington 10k, 25.01.15

    Well what a turnout by the R&Ws-more than from any other club and as full a field as I’ve ever seen at this event. 11 Massey brave souls assembled on the start line for the “clockwise” version in race 4 of the 5 set series. For me it was the 1st time this way round […]

  • Wilmot Wander Ultra – 32 miles

    Tackling my first ultra I didn’t know what to expect. Yes, I’ve done marathons, but the ultra is a completely different being!! To start with it’s a lot more relaxed, the people within the scout hut were happy, chatty and calm, there was none of the usual nervous runners checking their Garmins and rearranging the […]

  • NTRiX (Not The Roman iX) – 18.01.15

    Last year due to a blister the size of my foot I stood at the start line to wave off Mary and the rest Massey Runners; as they ran I ate Bacon Butties. After I cheered them all home and saw them standing in technical T-Shirts I had to listens to tales of how hilly […]