Monday Training

RaceFit – 6.15pm
Massey Ferguson Social Club, Broad Lane, Coventry CV5 7NL 

Exercise session specifically aimed at the “core” muscles required for running, plus some circuit training. This is then followed by an easy run. The core fitness session is held in the Sports Hall at the Sports Complex. Very popular with new and long term runners alike!

This session is conducted by UKA coaches and leaders who are enhanced DBS checked.

Cost: £1 for club members, £3 for non-members.
The next Racefit course for new runners will begin in January 2022. More details on the RaceFit tab.

Wednesday Training

6.15pm start time

Every week is different, a mixture of running, sprint work, hill training, pair work etc – we like to keep things fresh & interesting. We cater for all abilities so don’t be shy and give us a try – we have several groups who run at different paces.

Upcoming Training & Racefit sessions

Runners of all abilities are welcome with several different groups catering for all standards.  Each week the groups meet in different locations, please check this page each week for the latest information.

Speed & Strength: Varied training program suitable for runners of all levels, including hills, fartleks and 400 metre repetitions. Something different each week!   Between 5 and 6 miles depending on the sessions content.

12-14 min mile Group: Between 4 and 5 miles run at a slower pace (approx 35-40 min 5k)

11-12 min mile Group: Between 4 and 5 miles run at a slower pace (approx 34-37 min 5k)

10-11 min mile Group: Between 5 and 6 miles run at a slower pace (approx 31-34 min 5k)

8.5-10 min mile Group:  Between 6 and 6.5 miles run at a comfortable pace (approx 26-31 min 5k)

7-8.5 min mile Group: Between 6 and 8 miles run at a faster pace (approx 21-26 min 5k)

<7 Faster Group: Between 6 and 8 miles run at a fast pace (approx 18-21 min 5k)

Others groups are periodically formed throughout the year dependent on athlete targets.

No one is obliged to run with the same group each week and you can choose what you feel up to on a weekly basis.

Sunday Training

Several long runs take place each Sunday from varying locations ranging from 20 mile road runs during the marathon training season to 7 mile off road runs. Please talk to one of our members for more information, or view our facebook page.