Tractor 10k Race 2019 update

Thank you for the fantastic support of our race we are really grateful to have have sold out our 500 limit. However we know that unfortunately some people will get injured, be away or realise that they have been double booked at a family do they forgot about !
So we are offering a free transfer service until midnight Friday 12th April – no exceptions.

Please don’t ask after this date as we won’t be able to do transfers / number changes on the day. Our race like every other event hosted by all our local clubs rely on volunteers to get the event on – so we just need ten days before the race to compile any amendments, get the race numbers all sorted and also get out for a few runs ourselves.

Transferor – runner giving up place, “Runner A”
Transferee – runner taking place, “Runner B”

1. Agree a transfer with a confirmed entrant
2. Runner B joins the event waiting list: No payment is taken at this point
3. Runner A (with Runner B copied) email  & to confirm transfer is agreed4. Runner A is refunded in full5. Payment link sent to Runner B where they have 24 hours to complete paymentWe will close transfers at midnight Friday 12th April – no exceptions
Please don’t try and run under someone else’s name as it would have an impact on the results and placings for the Warwickshire Road Race League and we wouldn’t have the correct details for you in the event of an emergency.

Please feel free to use the comments section below to offer up your place if you cant run.
Any questions just ask otherwise see you at Stoneleigh on Monday 22nd April !

Kind regards
David Goodwin
07791 705544