Results for the Draycote 10 mile – 25.10.15

16 Massey Members took part in this 2 “and a bit” lap of Draycote Water, a great opportunity to get a 10 mile race score on the RRL.  A lovely autumn day saw some great running , with a few members running this as their longest race distance (so far !!).

Draycote 10m start

Name Net Time
Ross  Cooper 01:03:43
David Clarke 01:04:10
Jack Blakemore 01:12:48
Ian Bourne 01:16:20
Leighton Jackson 01:16:21
Jonathan Kingston 01:24:17
Rebecca Preston 01:26:29
Jacqueline Schofield 01:30:17
David McKay 01:35:25
Angela McKay 01:35:25
Katie Kingston 01:40:54
Jenna Pogue 01:51:17
Frances Averill 01:51:27
Chris Averill 01:51:27
Marie O’Connor 01:59:48
Cathy Boden 02:02:09


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