Results for Leamington C & AC 39th Track Run – 2.9.15

10 Massey Runners took part in the annual One Hour Track Race hosted by Leamington C&AC on Wednesday 2nd September at the Edmonscote track. This is an event where competitors attempt to beat records for the number of laps run in one hour, a test of concentration as well as endurance.

Peter Paprcka completed the greatest distance on the night with 14,755 metres, while Simon Brown and Sheila Johnson won the Male and Female Vet categories with Sheila setting a new British Age record.

1 hour track

Position Metres Name
1 14,755 Peter Paprcka
2 14, 702 Simon Brown
7 13,644 Steve Damms
8 13,569 Leon Coppola
9 12, 769 Graham Patton
11 11,506 David Goodwin
13 10,899 Sheila Johnson
14 10,342 Leslie Keighley
16 9,215 Ed Goodwin
17 8,962 David Phillips

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