Results for 8th & 9th June 2019

Results for the Race to the Tower – 8-9.6.19

This double marathon took runners and walkers through the pleasant rolling hills of the Cotswolds, passing though small towns and past impressive historic landmark features, finishing at Broadway Tower.  Runners could chose to run all the way through or camp overnight.

Non-Stop Double Marathon

50317:42:46Philip Townsend

Double Marathon

PositionTotal TimeDay 1Day 2Name
15215:21:2707:23:5907:57:27Cathy Keay
17215:55:5207:23:5908:31:54Rachel Brock

Results for the Man V’s Horse – 8.6.19

The Man versus Horse Marathon is an annual race over 23 miles (35 km), where runners compete against riders on horseback. The race —, which is a shorter distance than an official marathon road, race — takes place in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells every June. 

72405:24:12Darren Chambers

Results for the Market Harborough Half Marathon – 8.6.19

The route was the same at the 10k, which took in the carnival procession route and village of Great Bowden, and followed a rural section of approximately 7 miles before returning for the Burnmill climb and back to the finish at Symingtons Recreation Ground.  Well done to Delroy who was the 2hr pacer.

12101:59:40Delroy Taylor

Results for the Derby Half Marathon – 9.6.19

The race started in Iron Gate, and took runners through the city centre including historic Market Place.  Then the route went out on London Road and Shardlow Road, on to Elvaston Castle Country Park, through Alvaston Park, past Derby County’s Pride Park stadium and back to the city centre for the big finish.






Simon Smith



Lee Hill



Dave Fawkner

Results for the Aldridge 10k – 9.6.19

The race started at the Stick & Wicket Club in Aldridge, and was a figure of 8 route around Aldridge.

9200:47:58Sue Leonard
13000:51:04Stuart Sahan
38201:09:49Brenda Lee
43301:22:24Kelli Sahan

Results for the Run the Res – 9.6.19

This was a 10 mile multi-terrain running event held in beautiful Layer de la Haye. Showcasing beautiful landscapes with a scenic run through the North Essex countryside around Abberton Reservoir, held in association with Essex Wildlife Trust and Essex and Suffolk Water.

15502:21:33Casey Leaver

Results for the Blaydon Race – 9.6.19

The Blaydon Race is a 5.9 mile athletics race from Newcastle upon Tyne to Blaydon, that is steeped in local tradition. It takes place on 9 June every year and starts off with the singing of The Blaydon Races (a Geordie folk song) and follows the route taken by horse race goers in 1862.

332500:53:55Rachel Betts
371900:58:08Heather Betts

Results for the Two Castles 10k – 9.6.19

The third race in the WRRL brought nearly 4000 runners to run from Warwick castle to Kenilworth castle, in this hugely popular race.  Race day turned very warm but 81 Massey Runners completed the course with lots of new PB’s.  Position is based on gun time.

2200:36:38Dean Clarke
5300:38:19Alex Cotterill
5600:38:36Sean Emson
7200:38:59Mark Blaszczyszyn
22500:43:28Elizabeth Dobson
22600:43:25Kevin Hinson
25300:44:04Mark Ursell
29500:44:54Marie Edmunds
31500:45:15Alan McDougall
32500:44:54Andrew Rollins
36100:45:25David Cass
37500:46:22Sam Lowe
39900:46:35Zoe Moore
47900:47:14Phillip Hayes
50800:48:32Simon Neale
55200:47:44Ian Bourne
56000:47:56Esme Long
57200:48:24James Padvis
60900:48:45Martin Smith
69500:49:54Julia Minty
69700:49:26Emma White
70100:49:53John Bilsland
79900:51:04Lizzie Watts
90200:52:48Simon Trenchard
90500:51:53Cerys Currie
93000:52:16Joanne Stacey
95900:52:04Paul Curtis
98800:52:54Philip Sellars
99200:52:35Carmel Capelett
101500:52:41Richard Pearce
109800:53:31Richard Middleton
119100:53:44Jonathan Kingston
122100:54:39Leighton Jackson
123000:54:38Rachel Hogg
124000:54:43Emma Robinson
129800:51:15Steve Damms
161200:58:25Alison Lowe
162200:58:34Claire McGinnity
168200:59:20Jill Waterfield
168600:58:54Amy Warden
176600:59:36Katie Kingston
181500:59:59Fiona Ball
190101:00:59Johanna Hayes
198101:01:58Katie Aston
198201:01:58Kerry Jenkins
198901:02:16Nicola Hunt
203701:02:40Sharon Etherson
213400:59:43Sarah Jones
222801:04:07Nicola Glaze
234401:05:05Hannah Holtham
239501:02:51Joe Reynolds
249101:04:49Lesley Keighley
263501:07:29Rebecca Draper
265501:03:50Rachel Marrington
270701:05:49Phyll Douglas
270901:05:51Jason Douglas
274701:08:39Dave Adams
279301:09:07Michael Hammond
280701:00:29John Bennett
281201:02:27Natalie Longmuir
287501:10:30Ann Hawkswood
293101:11:07Donna Bennett
297401:11:44Carinna Laugharne
300701:11:37Diana Wilson
300901:12:05Jane Bates
308001:10:50Lorraine Harris
309501:13:03Linda Simmonds
315801:12:37Edwin Goodwin
323701:14:56Gaynor Thomas
323801:09:24Jane Damms
326001:12:46David Castro
353401:20:07Kerry Watkins
353501:20:03Denise Elkington
353801:20:11Kelvin Elliott
366201:16:34Emma Cutting
367901:22:53Helen Rowe
376201:21:58Maggie Morgan
377501:21:19Claire Bradford
382301:27:39Jayne Coupe
385001:23:52Parmy Singh
391301:29:12Sara Slevin
396701:35:36Elaine Robinson

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