Results for 7th & 9th July 2017

Results for the Apocalypse 100 – 7&8.7.17

The Apocalypse 100 begins at The National Trust centre in Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton.  The course features over 4,300 m of ascent and descent.  This 100 mile race was not for the faint hearted. The course was designed to keep runners running on new ground with no laps. The Apocalypse 100 has 10 checkpoints. Runners tackle the first 5 (Conquest and Famine) before revisiting the main HQ at Mile 50 where there was access to drop bags before runners headed out to take on War and Death, before heading to the finish.

PositionChip TimeName
832:55:00Dave Fawkner

Results for the Draycote Water 7@7 – 7.7.17

This year there was a 7:00am and a 7:00pm running of this race.  2 members got up early for the 7am version while 16 took part in the 7k evening race around Draycote Water.


PositionChip TimeName
00:32:22Simon Trenchard
00:40:53Casey Leaver


PositionChip TimeName
00:35:36James Padvis
00:36:34Carmel Capelett
00:37:13Kim Davies
00:37:54Hugh Miller
00:41:23Rachel Hogg
00:41:44Kelvin Elliott
00:41:45Carol Martin
00:42:12Cathy Keay
00:43:09Emma Robinson
00:43:37Lisa Jay
00:45:30Sharon Etherson
00:45:36Denise Elkington
00:46:46Ed Goodwin
00:47:16Linda Simmonds
00:51:24Jane Bates
00:59:13Helen Rowe

Results for the Northbrook 10k – 9.7.17

A great turnout of 42 Massey Runners completed the Northbook 10k (7th race in the WRRL) in warm conditions.  This local race is run over one lap on mainly rural roads around the Allesley to Corley area, described as an undulating and scenic course.  The first half of the course is generally rising with the highest point at 6km and the last 3 km downhill.

PositionGun TimeName
2437:51:00Dean Clarke
3738:44:00Chris Moore
8141:50:00Richard Taylor
10242:50:00Alan McDougall
11943:39:00Peter Paprcka
13044:06:00Elizabeth Dobson
14644:47:00Kevin Hinson
16345:30:00Andrew Rollins
20647:24:00Martin Judge
21647:45:00Robert Kerr
23148:28:00Brian Boyle
29451:30:00Marketa Bolton
31152:16:00Philip Sellars
32552:58:00Stuart Sahan
34053:36:00Philip McCarron
35254:22:00Richard Pearce
38455:50:00John Bilsland
38856:07:00James Padvis
40456:59:00Kerry Grantham
40857:11:00Clare Weston
41257:15:00John Bennett
42157:34:00Sophie Abbott
46960:49:00Kim Davies
49462:35:00Hugh Miller
49762:40:00Phyll Douglas
49862:42:00Jason Douglas
50263:07:00Sonia Blackaby
51363:48:00Sonia Karamat
51663:57:00Debbie Davies
55568:39:00Lesley Keighley
55668:53:00Sheila Johnson
56069:15:00Denise Elkington
56569:47:00Michael Hammond
57270:31:00Helen Goodwin
57972:16:00Ed Goodwin
59874:06:00Cal Oddy
60374:53:00Emma Cutting
60475:27:00Jane Damms
60575:23:00Gina Melia
61383:02:00Helen Rowe
61887:15:00Maggie Morgan
62493:12:00Sara Slevin


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