Results for 7-12th June 2022

Results for the Gato Sports Summer 10k – 7.6.22

Hosted by Big Bear Events this is a series of 3 10k events held around Ryton Pools country Park, running around the pool and meadows.

600:46:45Alan McDougall
3501:04:07Emma King
4501:09:50Donna Bennett
5601:19:20Rachel Marrington
5701:20:02Kelvin Elliott

Results for the EMGP Harborough 5 – 7.6.22

The EMGP Harborough 5 is a one lap 5 mile country road race set in the heart of South Leicestershire near Foxton Locks. This race is part of the East Midlands Grand Prix Series (Race 3 of 8)

15500:38:33Sue Leonard

Results for the Sphinx AC Summer 5 – 8.6.22

51 Massey Runners headed for the 3rd WRRL race held at the Memorial Park, with over 370 runners running the 2-lap, 5 mile course. 

2200:29:39Adrian McBride
4300:31:42Paul Bradly
4600:31:58Chris Moore
4800:32:10Adam Williams
5000:32:19Martyn Rubery
6600:33:09Andy Moore
7800:33:46Marc Skelton
7900:33:48Mark Ursell
8800:33:57Steve Glaze
9100:34:07Alan McDougall
13100:35:56Amy Connor
13600:36:05Jeremy Smith
14400:36:43Daniel Howe
14500:36:45Paul Curtis
15400:37:10Mark Eastwood
15600:37:17Kevin Hinson
16000:37:24Hannah Carter
17200:37:46Sue Leonard
17600:37:50Zoe Moore
19300:38:39Ian O’Donnell
21100:39:33Christopher Foxall
24400:40:59Richard Middleton
24900:41:14Phillip Hayes
25800:41:53Kim Davies
26300:42:33John Bennett
28100:44:10Nicole Rose
28600:44:35Nicola Hunt
30200:45:24Dave Bickley
30600:45:32Colin James
31100:46:04Emma Eastwood
31200:46:19Joanna Kisiala
31400:46:51Cathy Keay
31800:47:33Richard Pearce
32100:47:42Nicola Glaze
32600:48:06Wendy Foxall
32700:48:18Jill Waterfield
33000:48:50Angela McKay
33200:48:54Alison Lowe
33300:48:57Ruth Mahon
33400:49:04Emma King
33500:49:26Melanie Mould
33800:49:48Terence Lawson
35700:55:17Liz Hurst
35800:55:34David McKay
36300:58:21Brenda Lee
36501:00:01Samantha Pointon
36701:00:55Kelvin Elliott
37001:05:43Maggie Morgan
37201:09:37Helen Rowe
37301:10:14Ed Goodwin
37501:18:06Sara Slevin

Results for the Leicestershire Chase The Sun 10 miles – 9.6.22

3001:30:48Sonia Karamat

Results for the Aldridge 10k – 12.6.22

The race started at the Stick & Wicket Club in Aldridge, and was a figure of 8 route around Aldridge.

6300:46:13Jeremy Smith
24801:03:38Sharon Etherson
32701:16:56Brenda Lee

Results for the Two Castles 10k – 12.6.22

The 4th race in the WRRL brought nearly 3000 runners to run from Warwick castle to Kenilworth castle, in this hugely popular race.  Race day turned very warm, with 66 Massey Runners completing the course with lots of new PB’s.  Position is based on gun time.

3400:37:04Tom Watts
3700:37:14Adrian Mcbride
8100:40:12Alex Cotterill
8500:40:25John Hosie
10900:41:03Adam Williams
13500:41:29Martyn Rubery
18100:42:57Steve Glaze
16600:43:15Alan McDougall
19500:43:31Mark Ursell
36400:47:13Mark Eastwood
36900:47:18Kevin Hinson
45400:47:21Barry Allen
39200:47:42Zoe Moore
42300:48:13Hannah Carter
43200:48:23Sue Leonard
54800:50:05David Cass
59400:50:55Lynnie McDonald
75800:52:02Jo Locke-Wheaton
80400:53:15Richard Middleton
83300:53:23Jonathan Kingston
82200:53:28Nicholas Connolly
84000:53:32John Bennett
124500:53:42Andrew Rollins
84100:54:31Simon Trenchard
95100:55:04Sonia Karamat
91500:55:11Kim Davies
96300:55:17Amanda Govern
95300:55:32Philip McCarron
95500:55:32Phillip Hayes
118500:57:54Daniel Connolly
119100:58:06Ian Livingstone
114000:58:09Nicola Hunt
119200:58:17Nicole Rose
123300:59:07Emma Eastwood
136300:59:19Christopher Haydon
131800:59:43Rachel Brock
138600:59:48Richard Pearce
143801:00:05Lorraine Blower
147701:00:49Nicola Glaze
150601:01:08Rachael Allen
156001:01:32Michelle Eaton
164101:02:44Katie Kingston
163301:02:51Angela McKay
165901:03:11Jill Waterfield
191901:04:21Katie Aston
192001:04:21Kerry Jenkins
175001:04:29Emma King
181701:04:29Fiona Ball
195401:07:23Ruth Mahon
213401:09:24David McKay
224901:10:53Anne-Marie Goodwin
225001:10:53David Goodwin
232501:10:56Jason Douglas
232601:10:56Phyll Douglas
232301:12:07Jodie Charley
232201:12:43Kerrie Grayman
257301:14:29Joe Reynolds
253101:15:03Rachel Marrington
249801:16:37Kelvin Elliott
258801:17:18Samantha Nicholson
276101:20:28Nathan Bignall
268101:21:01Rebecca Draper
268301:21:18Michael Hammond
274901:24:10Maggie Morgan
277801:28:29Helen Rowe
282301:41:19Sara Slevin

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