Results for 31st March 2019

Results for the Dorney Lake 20 mile – 31.3.19

This race was advertised as a marathon prep of 16, 20 or 24 miles, set at the spectacular, flat and smooth-surfaced Dorney Lake near Windsor, the course took runners around the perimeter of the water with fuel and water stations placed every 2 miles.  Well done to Darren who was pacing a 5:00 hr marathon aiming to complete 20 miles in 03:48.  Read Claire’s race report here.

20 miles03:16:16Cathy Keay
20 miles03:46:30Darren Chambers
20 miles03:59:59Claire Newman
16 milesTBCLisa Jay
12 miles02:48:50Nicky Chambers

Results for the Resolution Run Liverpool 15k – 31.3.19

This was one of 34 events held all across the country offering 5k, 10k and 15k runs.  The run was held at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool.  Carol has taken part in a race in all 3 distances.

 TBCCarol Williams

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