Results for 31st August & 1st September 2019

Results for the Bedford Twilight 10k – 31.8.19

This race started and finished at Priory Country Park, Bedford at 6:30pm.  Read Paul’s race report here.

16200:47:18Paul Curtis
164801:18:19Diana Wilson

Results for the Kenilworth Half Marathon – 1.9.19

This year the race started and finished in Kenilworth Town Centre opposite Station Rd outside the HSBC Bank and also passed through the grounds of Kenilworth Castle. The finish was at the clocktower roundabout in Abbey End. This year it was a new (faster) two-lap course.

2601:18:29Dean Clarke
5901:26:18Mark Blaszczyszyn
6001:26:26Tom Watts
8601:28:15Gary Lawson
10801:29:40Mark Ursell
12901:31:17David Lee
20301:37:13Kevin Hinson
23101:38:21Alan McDougall
23201:38:19Jeremy Smith
26401:39:09Peter Paprcka
37901:44:26Sam Lowe
38501:43:53Graham Tait
41501:46:07Phillip Hayes
43801:46:39Philip McCarron
46301:47:43Pete Hall
48501:48:28Delroy Taylor
51301:49:04Emma White
53401:50:18Brian Boyle
57501:51:44Scott Kirton
57601:51:45Paul Matlock
57901:51:55Jessica Rexworthy
60701:53:05Robert Bowell
60401:54:11Vicky Groom
65101:55:11Paul Curtis
67001:55:52Amanda Govern
70201:57:23Julia Minty
73101:58:17David Robbins
77101:59:10Emma Robinson
79202:01:44Lizzie Watts
84002:02:13Marion Jeanette
83502:02:19Rachel Brock
85202:03:11Fiona Ball
88902:05:20Rachel Hogg
89602:05:51James Padvis
95302:08:16Claire McGinnity
96302:08:22Nikki Carter
93002:09:04Katie Aston
97402:09:07Les Carter
95502:08:21Joanna Kisiala
98702:10:11Cathy Keay
103102:12:26Sarah Shaw
104202:13:05John Bennett
107102:15:59Angela McKay
107202:16:20Johanna Hayes
107402:16:22Alison Lowe
107602:16:58Sheila Johnson
114002:21:17Simon Lowe
116802:23:15Claire Newman
118202:24:43Joe Reynolds
118402:25:14David McKay
120202:26:13Steve Damms
120402:26:20Jane O’Donoghue
120502:26:30Jane Damms
124002:30:53Lorraine Harris
126102:34:48Ann Hawkswood
126302:37:56Michael Hammond
126602:38:21Dave Adams
126902:39:12Cal Oddy
127202:40:19Jane Bates
128002:42:37Brenda Lee
128902:45:23Marie O’Connor
129402:46:41Kerry Watkins
129802:50:48David Phillips
131503:02:08Kelvin Elliott
131903:25:17Helen Rowe

Results for the Bedford Half Marathon – 1.9.19

With less than 10m (31ft) between the highest and the lowest point on this course, this route is advertised as of the flattest half marathon’s which started and finished inside Bedford’s historical Priory Park. Runners headed out into Bedfordshire’s countryside towards Danish Camp before turning back with a loop around Priory Marina at the finish.

121302:03:57David Goodwin
174902:18:04Anne-Marie Goodwin
181102:20:24Jason Douglas
181302:20:25Phyll Douglas

Results for the Cosford Spitfire 10k – 1.9.19

This race offered 1200 runners the opportunity to take part in the unusual setting and magnificent surroundings of the RAF Museum Cosford.   The route began outside Hangar One, taking runners around the Museum site, past several iconic aircraft, before entering the RAF Cosford airfield!  During this gently undulating course, runners got to run up and down the runway!

29400:55:35Mark Williams
75401:10:47Carol Williams


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