Results for 26th & 27th August 2017

Results for the East Farm Frolic – 26.8.17 & 27.8.17

This event hosted a 10k, half and marathon on the Saturday and on the Sunday a “frolic” run as many laps as you can in 12 hours.  The area the route went through was a bit of woodland, two farmyards, open fields and a hill, (a big hill too), so 3 laps was about half a marathon, 6 laps got you a Dorset marathon.


Position Chip Time Name
216 06:21:57 Daniel Connolly
217 06:21:57 Mary Connolly

12 Hours

Position Distance Name
6 laps 20 miles Lee Hill
6 laps 20 miles Dave Fawkner
8 laps 26 miles Daniel Connolly
8 laps 26 miles Marry Connolly

Results for the Double or Quit 5 mile – 26.8.17

The Double or Quit Race is an annual multi-terrain 5 or 10 mile race around scenic Shipley Park in Derbyshire.  Runners could choose the distance they wanted to run on the day, 5 or 10 miles or Nordic Walk.  The route started on grass for first 400m and then gravel/shale up to the 1 mile mark.  Runners then followed the track alongside the woods over two bridges before going uphill on a broad track with sleepers laid in the surface.  There was then some red shale and gravel for 1 mile followed by a steep uphill section, and then a gentle gravelly downhill (4 miles), some more (flat) tarmac and earth/gravel along a long-disused railway before finishing the lap on the grass field near the start.

Position Chip Time Name
00:39:55 Ian O’Donnell

Results for the Jurassic Coast 10k – 26.8.17

This race took runners across a range of terrains including public footpaths, quiet rural roads and coast paths. The route started on the seafront and joined the footpath heading north along the mouth of River Otter. After 1.5k runners crossed the River Otter and joined a rural path heading east until they reached the coast path at Crab ledge where it turned south. Runners then followed the undulating Coast Path for a further 5k until they headed north recrossing the River Otter. Finally, there was a footpath south retracing the first stage of the run back to Lime Kiln Car Park.

Position Chip Time Name
167 01:03:27 Sean Fox

Results for the Badgers Atherstone 10k – 27.8.17

This race event hosted by Badgers RC centred on the pretty market town of Atherstone in Warwickshire. The event offered a challenging course taking in the beautiful North Warwickshire countryside including exclusive access through the private Merevale Estate.  The race started on Long Street and finished in historic Market Square.  Fantastic 1st place age categories for Sam Lowe and Graham Patton, also 3rd places in their categories for Cathy McKeown and Cal Oddy.

Position Chip Time Name
32 0:43:25 Jan Hall
37 0:43:47 Alan McDougall
112 0:48:59 Sam Lowe
116 0:49:26 Graham Patton
125 0:50:03 Cathy McKeown
183 0:53:18 Steve Weatherall
226 0:55:30 Joanne Stacey
239 0:56:20 Stuart Sahan
264 0:57:40 James Padvis
330 1:02:12 Kim Davies
394 1:06:04 Michael Hammond
423 1:07:53 Linsey Yeomans
439 1:08:40 Alison Lowe
446 1:09:05 Sonia Karamat
478 1:13:34 Helen Goodwin
490 1:15:31 Cal Oddy
522 1:21:49 Brenda Lee
531 1:26:35 Alison Clark
533 1:27:47 Helen Rowe
535 1:30:51 Elaine Robinson

 Results for the Ellesmere 10k – 27.8.17

This race was a mix of road and well surfaced flat trail, very gentle undulations with just one sharp turn and a hump-back canal bridge to negotiate. There was also some stunning scenery with the start and finish at Lakelands Schools.  Well done to Angela for winning first place in her age category.

Position Chip Time Name
443 1:00:10 Angela McKay
572 1:06:37 David McKay

Results for the Engelfield 10k – 27.8.17

This race was a multi-terrain 10k course, in the beautiful setting of Englefield Estate near Theale, Berkshire.  The private Berkshire estate is opened for the event by kind permission of the Benyon family and the route was a looped circuit of the Estate including paths, tracks, woods, lakes, two small hills, the village, and passed one side of the main house  The event also offered a 3.5k course for under-15s and a family “Treasure Hunt” walk round the park whilst the races were on.

Position Gun Time Name
TBC 1:01:50 Cathy Keay

 Results for the Winchcombe 10k – 27.8.17

This race was a multi-terrain route starting at Sudeley Castle as part of the Winchcombe Country Show, the route climbed over 650 feet to the Neolithic long barrow Belas Knap with spectacular views.

Position Chip Time Name
TBC 1:09:21 Casey Leaver




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