Results for 1st & 2nd April 2017

 Results for the Victoria Park 5 miles – 1.4.17

This course consists of two figure-of-eight laps plus 245.5 metres, giving exactly five miles in total.  The course was mainly level and smooth and traffic free, this was the 50th anniversary for this race.

Position Chip Time Name
100 00:45:13 Lisa Jay

Results for the Manchester Marathon – 2.4.17

This marathon is sold as the UK’s “Flattest, Fastest and Friendliest Marathon” and has been awarded the official title of UK’s Best Marathon for 2 years running.  4 Massey runners took on this challenge the race started on the A56 White City Roundabout and finished on Talbot Road outside Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground.  The first 3 miles of the route looped around Old Trafford and then headed south towards Sale & Altrincham, at 16 miles and after looping Altrincham the runners went through Sale  and out towards Urmaston.  The last few miles went through Stretford and back towards the cricket ground.

Position Chip Time Name
1233 03:20:56 Jose Luis Sanchez
1307 03:21:59 Virginia Silio
2030 03:33:29 Alan McDougall
8365 05:44:30 Marie O’Connor

Results for the Marathon Prep Race, Windsor – 2.4.17

This race had been specifically organised as a marathon preparation race, entrants had the option to run 16, 20 or 24 miles, with pacers to help participants to maintain their pace for the full distance.

Position Chip Time Name
 253 03:32:31 Lisa Young
362 05:00:24 Brenda Lee

Results for the Solihull Half Marathon – 2.4.17

This race started and finished at Blythe Valley Park, Shirley passing through rural and semi-rural areas of Solihull.  The anticlockwise route went out towards Cheswick Green just after mile 6 runners crossed the M42 towards Wood End and then over the M40 and along Cut Throat Lane and back over the M42 and along Kineton Lane back to the Business Park.

Position Chip Time Name
580 02:21:23 Rachael Bignall
631 02:29:27 Amanda Cruxton-Chance
632 02:29:26 Bev Hicks
633 02:29:26 Sonia Lees

Results for the Dave McNamee Memorial 10k – 2.4.17

The course comprised of one loop going through the villages of Kineton and Guiting Power in the Cotswold lovely countryside.

Position Chip Time Name
 92 01:00:56 Sonia Blackaby

Results for the Run Around Paphos 10k, Cyprus – 2.4.17

Dominic found out about this run when he arrived in Cyprus, so decided to enter and take part.

Position Chip Time Name
79 00:55:03 Dominic Lenehan

Results for the Regency 10k – 2.4.17

The Regency 10k course was the same as it has been for the last few years, taking in Newbold Comyn golf course and the lower section of Leamington town centre.  The course followed a loop anti-clockwise round the golf course, with the course heading uphill between kilometres 3 and 4.  After a completing a lap, runners re-joined Newbold Terrace East with the route using the underpass next to the river to get under Adelaide Road.  There was then a clockwise lap of Victoria Park, and using the same underpass runners continued along the riverside path.  Runners crossed the river via a footbridge and turned right to run past the pump rooms and into Jephson gardens.  The route went directly through Jephson gardens, turning right along Willes road to the finish in the field just the other side of the river.


Position Chip Time Name
111 00:41:33 Richard Taylor
142 00:42:43 Jan Hall
146 00:42:51 Elizabeth Dobson
154 00:43:07 Kevin Hinson
161 00:43:18 Paul Mattock
301 00:46:23 Martin Smith
359 00:48:01 James Padvis
374 00:48:03 Tony Lucas
410 00:48:13 Jonathan KIngston
424 00:49:28 Robert Bowell
609 00:50:00 Robert Eyley
624 00:52:52 Alanna Pennell
724 00:54:24 Kim Davies
740 00:54:41 Alison Foley
826 00:56:16 Kathy James
846 00:54:33 Trevor Day
917 00:58:01 Rachel Hogg
1032 00:57:13 Richard Sale
1083 00:58:35 Mo Smith
1118 00:58:31 Samantha Smyth
1166 00:59:30 Craig Keenan
1259 01:00:44 Wendy Foxall
1141 01:00:58 Angela McKay
1294 01:01:31 Katie Kingston
1323 01:02:01 Fiona Ryan
1331 01:02:07 Sonia Karamat
1335 01:02:18 Alison Lowe
1394 01:04:05 Carol Williams
1485 01:06:29 Kelvin Elliott
1516 01:07:07 Tiffannie Slatford
1552 01:08:29 Jane Damms
1566 01:08:55 Ed Goodwin
1571 01:09:17 Cal Oddy
1639 01:11:40 Mary Connolly
1636 01:12:15 David Phillips
1638 01:12:13 Emma Cutting
1659 01:13:51 Jayne Coupe
1661 01:13:55 Angela Day
1707 01:19:42 Michaela Eyley
1713 01:21:31 Helen Rowe
1728 01:29:20 Andrea French


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