Results for 19th, 23rd & 24th March 2019

Results for the Bigfoot Challenge – 19.3.19

This was a 3.3-mile off-road loop held at Pitsford reservoir and country park, the loop was lumpy and had a few areas with up and downs on grassy surfaces. Runners could run as many loops as they wanted within the 6-hour time limit

26.2 miles06:08:24Anne-Marie Goodwin

Results for the Charnwood Marathon – 23.3.19

This was a 27 or 15 mile event for walkers and runners in North Leicestershire, mainly on footpaths and tracks in a very scenic area which started from Rawlins College, Quorn.

8606:08:10Joanne Stacey

Results for the Ashby 20 – 24.3.19

The ALDI Ashby 20 is a 2 lap, 20 mile road race on an undulating course hosted by Ivanhoe Runners.  The route took runners out of Ashby and into Packington village.  The loop was anticlockwise and went pat Champneys Springs health spa, past Measham and Swepstone villages and on to Heather.  Runners then went through Normanton-le-heath and back towards Packington.  The loop was then repeated with the final part of the route going through the start area and onto the finish at the Bath Grounds.

1002:01:08Simon Neale
11102:26:05Marie Edmunds
11602:26:41Alan Mcdougall
53302:55:58Chris Foxall
89903:24:40Joe Reynolds
92803:27:49Wendy Foxall
98903:34:39James Padvis
99303:35:01Alison Lowe
106203:43:52Phyll Douglas
106303:43:52Jason Douglas
118404:08:15Jane Damms

Results for the Coventry Go Run 5k – 24.3.19

This was a two lap, closed road city centre 5km

11600:31:00Diana Wilson

Results for the Coventry Half Marathon – 24.3.19

The half marathon started in the city centre before gently ascending into beautiful open countryside towards Corley. The fast return leg offered stunning views of the city before finishing in the shadow of Coventry Cathedral. Read Claire’s race report here, read Dave’s race report here.  There was a FANTASTIC 109 Massey Runners – (sorry if anyone has been missed off this list !)

2301:18:19Dean Clarke
4001:21:18Alex Cotterill
10501:26:12Sean Emson
16501:28:58Tom Watts
16901:29:03Mark Ursell
17601:29:40Mark Blaszczyszyn
19301:30:30David Lee
28201:32:43Colin Hodgskinson
28801:33:05Leon Coppola
31301:34:13Jeremy Smith
38101:36:08Nick Harwood
41801:36:53Kevin Hinson
51801:37:59William Averill
56401:39:43Eden Ratcliffe
52901:39:58David Castro
55401:40:05Peter Paprcka
63001:41:17Zoe Moore
66101:42:37Graham Tait
67401:42:50Ian O’Donnell
68801:43:04David Cass
76301:43:21Martin Grant
73701:43:43Phillip Hayes
70001:43:53Steven Mumford
84301:46:03Richard Shortall
94601:47:59Cathy McKeown
98801:48:46Philip McCarron
104601:49:21Alanna O’Hare
110601:50:38Emma White
111301:50:46Emma Robinson
118701:52:58Sam Lowe
124401:52:59Julia Minty
128601:53:12Gabriele Accialini
124501:53:48Hugh Miller
132601:54:33David Robbins
131501:54:34Cristina Semple
136201:55:19Nathan Bignall
145201:56:52Rachel Brock
147501:57:18Rachel Hogg
156401:57:49Paul Curtis
169201:59:44Marion Jennette
162701:59:56Richard Pearce
162802:00:03Lizzie Watts
168902:00:38Nikki Carter
176502:00:53Michelle Eaton
176302:01:56Richard Middleton
181202:03:24Stuart Sahan
188602:04:40Les Carter
183202:04:51Cathy Keay
198802:06:16Sarah Jones
198902:06:41Kim Davies
202102:06:47Fatima Ali
201102:06:53Claire McGinnity
201702:07:46Jo Locke-Wheaton
205002:07:57Steve Weatherall
207302:09:12Joanna Kisiala
209802:09:49Steven White
213802:11:21Giuliano Ellena
233402:14:21Fiona Ball
237802:15:08Johanna Hayes
236702:16:01Ruth Mahon
235402:16:58Carol Martin
243902:17:14Linsey Yeomans
241902:17:17Rachael Bignall
244302:17:20Sharon Etherson
243202:17:58Debbie Davis
244002:18:33Natalie Deven
247202:19:00Sarah Shaw
243702:19:09Mo Smith
244402:19:32Lesley Keighley
251602:21:01David Johnson
251702:21:02Sheila Johnson
258402:22:00Jill Waterfield
257602:22:40Clare Weston
259102:23:08David Goodwin
260302:23:37Rachel Marrington
262902:23:53Sylvia Guthrie
265802:24:54Joanne Walton
268302:25:01Craig Keenan
266602:25:24Jo Turrall
269002:26:24Mylénè Feeney
271502:27:24Claire Newman
274402:28:42Lorraine Harris
276602:29:23Emma King
276502:29:44Dave Adams
277602:30:28Hannah Holtham
278902:31:38Anne-Marie Goodwin
284302:33:28Nicola Hunt
286702:33:43Philip Townsend
286802:34:21Cal Oddy
289002:35:18Carinna Laugharne
288102:36:33Frances Averill
288202:36:34Chris Averill
292002:37:40Heather Betts
293502:37:42Michael Hammond
295302:40:22Linda Simmonds
296702:41:47Brenda Lee
297402:42:08Donna Bennett
297502:42:08Jane Bates
297902:42:36Jo Pinches
299502:43:59Denise Elkington
300502:48:46David Phillips
306402:49:15Cathy Boden
308202:51:08Samantha Pointon
310602:54:28Lee Hill
313802:59:55Kelvin Elliott
316303:05:37Maggie Morgan
318203:17:09Michaela Eyley
 TBCLizzie Dobson
 TBCPhil Sellers

Results for the London Landmarks Half Marathon – 24.3.19

Back for it’s second year the London Landmarks Half Marathon 2019 is a closed road, central London run and is the only half marathon to go through both the City of London and City of Westminster.  Well done to Delroy who was the 2:00 pacer.  Read Helen’s race report here.

29201:32:54Andrew Rollins
303901:59:26Delroy Taylor
1137203:09:50Helen Rowe

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