Results for 12th, 15th & 16th June 2019

Results for the Sphinx AC 5 miles – 12.6.19

65 Massey Runners headed for the 4th WRRL race held at the Memorial Park, with over 450 runners running the 2-lap, 5 mile course. 

1700:28:57Dean Clarke
3200:30:17Alex Cotterill
3800:30:51Sean Emson
4400:31:21Mark Blaszczyszyn
4900:31:25Lore Paterson
6900:32:24Jack Blakemore
8000:33:02Peter Hall
8700:33:13Jason Nicholson
9500:33:30Mark Ursell
10000:33:42Kevin Hinson
10200:33:47David Lee
12700:34:52Sam Lowe
13000:34:57Andrew Rollins
13100:34:58Elizabeth Dobson
14600:35:39Peter Paprcka
15200:36:03Marie Edmunds
15600:36:08Phillip Hayes
16400:36:32Zoe Moore
17300:36:50Dil Sidhu
17400:36:52Graham Tait
18200:37:05Philip McCarron
19000:37:19Alan McDougall
19200:37:25Paul Curtis
20200:37:55Martin Smith
21000:38:07Martin Grant
21300:38:21Simon Neale
22500:38:52Richard Shortall
23100:39:16Lizzie Watts
23700:39:31Simon Trenchard
24600:39:57Julia Minty
25400:40:13Alanna O’Hare
26000:40:40James Padvis
26900:41:13Richard Pearce
27100:41:17Joanne Stacey
27300:41:20Jason Douglas
28500:41:43Emma Robinson
30100:42:53Rachel Hogg
31300:43:39Joanna Kisiala
32300:44:21Wendy Foxall
32800:44:57Ruth Mahon
32900:45:01Les Carter
33300:45:18Julie McCormick
33800:45:40Alison Lowe
34500:46:29Jill Waterfield
35500:48:47Rachel Marrington
35600:48:50Nicola Hunt
36600:50:07Nicola Glaze
37200:50:57Casey Leaver
37600:51:53Emma King
37700:51:55Ian Cameron
37800:52:02Phyll Douglas
38000:52:15Dave Adams
38200:52:39Brenda Lee
38300:52:42Ann Hawkswood
39000:54:45Susan Kirby
39100:55:02Ed Goodwin
39300:56:02Jo Pinches
39400:56:05Lorraine Harris
39500:56:31Kerrie Grayman
39600:57:25Samantha Pointon
39700:57:36Lianne Mckelvie
39800:57:47David Phillips
40101:02:25Helen Rowe
40201:03:26Kelvin Elliott
40301:03:28Maggie Morgan

Results for the Salomon Trail Marathon Wales & Half-marathon – 15.6.19

The Salomon Trail Marathon Wales had a full (26 mile/42km) and half (13mile/21 km) marathon race routes in the stunning trails and tracks of the world-renowned Coed y Brenin forest in the Snowdonia National Park. 


30905:37:31Joanne Stacey


17702:20:38Simon Trenchard
42603:08:33Casey Leaver

Results for the Summer Bumble Bimble 10 miles – 16.6.19

This was a 5 or 10 mile run through the beautiful, lush, green Worcestershire countryside, starting and ending at the Park Gate Inn, Bromsgrove

4801:54:56Leon Coppola

Results for the Arden 9 – 16.6.19

The course was ran in an anti-clockwise direction starting and finishing at Hampton-In-Arden Sports Club, Shadowbrook Lane, Hampton-In-Arden and was the 5th race in the WRRL.  Read Dave’s race report here.

1200:52:40Dean Clarke
5600:58:57Mark Blaszczyszyn
8701:02:00Dave Lee
10101:03:08Pete Hall
11701:04:45Kevin Hinson
18901:10:22Christopher Foxall
19101:10:31Philip Mccarron
21901:12:43James Padvis
22001:12:47Emma White
22401:13:12Sam Lowe
24801:16:03Paul Curtis
29701:21:14Paige Zhang-Green
30701:22:42Rachel Hogg
31301:23:51Alanna O’Hare
33401:27:46Wendy Foxall
33601:28:11Alison Lowe
34601:30:11Sonia Karamat
36001:36:38Nicola Glaze
36501:38:15Lesley Keighley
36901:43:20Lorraine Harris
37601:57:32David Phillips
37702:01:03Helen Rowe

Results for the Asda Foundation Nottingham 10k – 16.6.19

This was a new route for this race, which now took place almost exclusively at Nottingham’s University campuses – taking in Nottingham’s iconic Highfields Park Boating Lake.

11700:46:18Philip Hayes
43400:55:30David Goodwin
73101:03:37Johanna Hayes
81801:06:03Anne-Marie Goodwin

Results for the Speedway 10k – 16.6.19

Held at Chepstow, this was a very flat two lap course, and was advertised as “Old school racing in the modern world – go hard or go home!”

3200:34:15Scott Hazell

Results for the Port Sunlight 10k & 5k – 16.6.19

The 2019 Port Sunlight Festival of Running took place in the lovely surroundings of this historic village.  The entire course was set within the village road network.


111101:17:35Marie O’Connor


52200:36:28Marie O’Connor

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