Results for 11th March 2018

Results for the Milton Keynes 20 mile, Half marathon & 10k – 11.3.18

The Milton Keynes Festival of Running started at Xscape city-centre venue.  The festival consisted of a 5k event, a classic 10k distance race, half marathon distance race and a 20 miler .  The races started on the central dual-carriageways of Milton Keynes then wound through some beautiful scenery, around lakes and through under-passes.

20 mile

Position Chip Time Name
757 03:32:16 Cathy Keay
813 03:38:38 Rachel Brock
817 03:38:59 David Goodwin
820 03:40:15 Phyllis Douglas
821 03:40:16 Jason Douglas
901 04:00:21 Anne-Marie Goodwin


Position Chip Time Name
287 01:44:31 Jess Rexworthy
668 01:59:08 Philip McCarron
1425 03:07:26 Parmy Singh


Position Chip Time Name
1283 01:24:26 Peter Estick

Results for the Knighton 20 – 11.3.18

This 20 mile road race was launched in 2017 replacing the long established Stafford 20, it was a 3 lap course with slight undulations.  Read Dave’s race report here.

Position Chip Time Name
 51 02:27:11 Alan McDougall
 260 04:36:20 David Philips

Results for the Larmer Tree Marathon – 11.3.18

This was a weekend of five races in one of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes, within the Rushmore Estate with Wiltshire downs.  Read Daniel’s race report here.

Position Chip Time Name
159 05:24:14 Joanne Steele
245 06:32:35 Daniel Connolly

Results for the Brett Lydd Half Marathon – 11.3.18

This race is on a pancake-flat course through the lanes surrounding the Marsh town of Lydd in Kent.

Position Chip Time Name
73 01:44:02 Jonthan Kingston
248 02:17:56 Katie Kingston

Results for the Fradley Florette 10k – 11.3.18

The Florette Fradley 10K is a popular run and attracts around 1,000 entrants each year. Covering flat, country roads, at Tradley Village near Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Position Chip Time Name
218 00:49:34 David James
400 00:56:13 Ian Cameron

Results for the Draycote Water 10k – 11.3.18

The March running of this 10k Winter Series.  The usual 1-and a bit laps of the reservoir.

Position Chip Time Name
52 00:47:19 Sam Lowe
178 01:05:33 Alison Lowe


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