Results for 10th April 2022

Results for the Wright Hassall Regency 10k – 10.4.22

Founded in 2004, this event is organised by volunteers from Leamington Round Table, and supported by Spa Striders and other local groups.  The race started at Newbold Terrace East and headed in an anti-clockwise direction around Newbold Comyn, before heading back into Royal Leamington Spa town centre, taking in Victoria Park and Jephson Gardens, the finish area was at Mill Gardens. 

9100:42:38Simon Smith
9800:43:01Steve Glaze
12400:44:16Barry Allen
17300:45:57Kevin Hinson
20500:46:54Sue Leonard
23800:47:53Mark Eastwood
35700:50:45Amanda Govern
53800:54:07Phillip Hayes
54500:54:09Sonia Karamat
64500:56:14Colin James
71800:57:22Lorraine Blower
75400:57:50Emma Eastwood
85700:59:58Michelle Eaton
88301:01:41Angela McKay
89001:01:40Nicola Glaze
90101:01:10Sharon Etherson
98001:03:01Rachael Allen
107501:07:13Carol Williams
113301:09:19David McKay
115701:09:34Emma King
120601:13:00Michelle Powney
123501:15:02Samantha Nicholson
123601:14:56Michael Hammond
124801:16:28Brenda Lee
130001:24:28Helen Rowe
130101:25:34David Phillips
130901:30:54Michaela Eyley

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