Worcester Marathon and Half Marathon – 21.5.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Half a Full. 

Think the title tells it all. I don’t do half pints, only full pints. And where there’s a half and full race together it’s a no brainer which one to do.

So I was hoping to buy some of the Massey mob a drink (fulls of course) after Id’ done my 480th full today. Some hope and even a half for them was doubtful.

So we all (half and full runners) met at the start area at Six Ways the home of Worcester rugby club. This brought back fond memories as I guess I played rugby for Kenilworth 1st XV against Worcester countless times in the good old days. Mind you this was when Worcester were just a town side not the huge professional outfit they are now.

The run started OK but very soon I couldn’t get any deep breaths and I think the asthma/hay fever/pollen stuff had got me again after a long break free of it. Although there were hundreds of runners most were passing me-even the fast walkers. If I tried to go faster the lungs just couldn’t take it so race walking it had to be.

The course was a cracker in lovely countryside on quiet roads so no problems there and having done it several times before I was really looking forward to it.

So on I plodded breathless with most of the field in front of me by now and eventually the marathon sweeper joined me and he was perfectly happy to push me round but I said I would pull out at the half.

There was a cut-off point at 11 miles in 2hrs 15mins (I was 3 mins late) but the marshal insisted that I could continue with the full-no problems she said. Trouble was there were problems with my breathing so I followed the half runners to the finish and my friend the announcer from Tempo Events saw me and said “you’re 3rd in the marathon Dave-true or false”? I explained to him that despite my marathon bib and number I was lucky to finish the half! We laughed.

Then the superb huge medal, T Shirt and bananas made it sort of worthwhile-after a fashion anyway.

Just about breathing now so here’s hoping for it being OK at Liverpool marathon next Sunday.

At least I can count today as a half-my 338th in fact so isn’t that 169 pints I’m owed? Or do I owe them? No doubt you’ll let me know next Sat night in the bars at Liverpool.

To add insult to injury I forgot to tie my race timing tag to my shoe so I could be a DNS +DNF!! Another Double.

Massey time for half marathon:  Dave Phillips 2hrs 52 mins.