Wolverhampton Marathon – 4.9.16.

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This event started in 1983 and I did it then and have done every one since although there was a gap of about 4 years when it was not run.

So why go back to run twice round Wolves year after year?

Well Ross Cooper will say as it’s God’s own country so it’s obvious. I keep telling Ross that Wales is God’s own country but Wolves is nearer to home.

But to be fair to Ross today’s partly changed course did take us all round the suburbs, along canal paths, through lovely paths in wild life areas and parks so two lots of this was really pleasant plus no main roads and many side roads closed. And with the start and finish in West Park I may even go back next year-plus you Ross!

With my leg heavily strapped maybe I should have stayed at home but at 06:00 hrs I was up and off to make sure I parked near the start and finish area as the roads close at 08:00 hrs. I parked 200 yds from the finish line so 1-0 to me there.

There were hundreds at the start for the 10k, half and full plus kids events and a 20k cycle race.

Lap one was OK ish with my race walking technique but as we came to the split off at 13 miles (just by my car), of the 30 or so runners I was with, 29 turned right for the ½ finish and I turned left for lap 2 well and truly on my own.

So lap 2 was a realy  lonely one and I only saw 5 runners for the whole of the lap. One was my friend Phil from Tewkesbury who was doing his 200th marathon. He left me and then at 18 miles he was sitting on a wall completely spent out. Anyway he did start again and passed my at 23 to complete his 200th so well done.

Lap 2 was a real race walk/jog/hop/skip effort but eventually the end was in sight and I’d beaten the 6 hour time limit-just. So I’m now in the final 29 for the 500-seems a tough challenge right now.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips: 5hrs 55 mins.

Next Sunday there is the Big Apple  Snitterfield 10k twice round Apple Farm and its orchards. Max 100 runners, it’s a new run and all proceeds go to MacMillan Cancer Support. It’s been put on by a local lady Katy McGowan and it’s her 1st effort so please support her at: mightymacevents@yahoo.com for entry. Snitterfield is between Warwick and Stratford and 10 mins drive from our house at Claverdon so meet here if you want.