Wolverhampton Marathon – 3.9.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

I first ran this inaugural marathon in 1983 with Dave Pettifer (was Massey now Kenilworth) and I haven’t missed one since. There was a short period (4 years?) when it was not on (no sponsor) but for the last 20 years it has been sponsored by Carver of Wolverhampton, the building suppliers so many thanks to them. Probably done all 30 of them.

Mind you at 05:45 this morning the last thing I wanted or needed was a 2 lap marathon in Wolves-or anywhere for that matter.

The breathing is getting better since I saw the lung man recently but lack of breath and oxygen = a knackered body. Anyone want mine?

So the bell went at 09:15 for the 10k, half, full and there were also cycle, kids and Nordic Walking races all starting at West Park.

The full is a 2 lap course and much of it is off road on trails, cycle and walk tracks and many miles along the canal paths in the area. The rest is in country parkland areas and suburban areas and nothing really in Wolves City at all. So a really good flattish course.

Trouble was by 5 miles I was the sweeper of all events and kept this up until I overtook someone at 13 miles. For the next 12 I saw no one but then I passed a guy on his last legs.

Best part of the run was at 12 when the  St John team offered us both sausage rolls that we gladly accepted.

The finish area in West Park was virtually empty when we both ambled in but as we said “who cares, another done.”

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 6hrs 14 mins (number 483 so getting there but knackered right now).

Black Pear Joggers multi lap marathon (off road) in Worcester next week and forest trail marathon at Henley in Arden the week after. Right now the way I feel when the 500 are done “that’s bloody well it”. Well maybe?