The Wild One, Multi Lap Marathon, Worcester – 17.7.16

Race Report by Dave Phillips

I described this last year as probably one of the most brutal things I’ve done. It took me 6.19 last year when I was running on 2 legs, no stitches and without an almost dislocated shoulder.

So at 0800 hrs at Worcester today with all the ailments God has thrown at me recently, I arrived at Bishop Perowne College for the 0930 start.

It’s a great event for c 300 runners put on by Black Pear Joggers in memory of Stuart Wild who died 5 years ago shortly after I presented him with his 100 Marathon Club Medal after he did his 100th marathon at Snowdon.

Rest in peace matey but after today a few of us could well be meeting you again very soon! It was oh so brutal again.

The event is a 20 lap marathon and team relay events around the same 20 lap course for solo runners (me) or relay teams of 2 or 5. Loads of people turned up for the carnival event with drinks, music, families, onlookers and of course runners of all qualities.

Mind you after last year’s killer, only 17 registered for the solo marathon. At least I should finish in the top 20-wow indeed. Think I was 15th as 2 dropped out.

The course is all multi terrain, woods, tracks, fields, banks but has 2 hills per lap. That’s 40 hills in all so think about that.

Plus on grass in the college grounds there is a 400 metre track but the grass had been cut and was just like a sponge or sand so running on it was like sinking. So 20 laps of this is 5 miles so another killer.

I kept a card in my bum bag with 1 to 20 written on it and after each lap I crossed one number out. Imagine after 10 laps in 3 hours and my card still had 10 laps to go and by now it was scorching hot at 28 degrees.

Eventually I got to lap 15 so 5 to go and there were not too many people out there but even on lap 20 there were 3 of us-2 in front of me.

So the party was over when I struggled in on one good leg (the left one) but a few officials were there to time us in, give us our medals and goodie bag and a load of strawberries which we’ve just had for pudding.

Thanks Black Pear and of course Stuart.

I know B/Pear pretty well and they want me to have my 500th marathon there is 2018 so watch this space but seriously Massey need to be there in 2017 as a multi relay squad + solo runners. I promised them we would be there!

Bed now as completely shattered and knackered. Physio Tues.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 6 hrs 26 mins.