Watford Half Marathon – 5.2.17

Race report by David Phillips.

As usual Cassiobury Park was awash with runners and spectators in the huge tented area near the start and finish lines on a very cold day that never warmed up at all.

So at 10:30 the 2 starts –red and blue- sprinted off until we merged after ½ mile when the pace became more like I can cope with.

The 1st couple of miles were in the outskirts of Watford then into the beautiful Hertfordshire country side mainly on closed roads. Closed roads near Watford-yes a collectors’ item I reckon. The roads took us through lovely wooded areas, across open spaces with great views, on private roads through baronial  mansion estates which makes it as good a run as there is anywhere from a scenic point of view.

However that’s the plus side. The minus side is that there are 12 hills on the course and killers they are to. They changed the old route 3 years ago and it really is a killer. The good news was that Watford Joggers also have identical coloured vests to ours so all the way round I was screamed at “C’mon Jogger-you can do it” As usual a few marshals knew me and called out “C’mon Massey”. The fact that I’ve done this about 30 times now means that fortunately I have a few buddies down here.

The other thing is that the race is put on by Watford Harriers who don’t wear red and white. Confusion .com rules.

I joined 3 ladies who were doing their 1st half as a training run for London and they begged me to get them through come what may. So I did, sponsored them for their charities in London and had a team photo with them at the end. Made the day worthwhile.

The worst bit was at 12 miles after the 12th hill as we got back into the Park and the finish. Then with 800 metres to go it was all uphill to the finish with me shoving 3 nice bums up the hill to make sure they all finished. So maybe that was the best bit on reflection. Pity it wasn’t 26.2.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 2hrs 44 mins.