Watford Half Marathon 07.02.16

Another early start to ensure a parking slot in Watford together with the 2000 runners. Fortunately having done all these since 1986? I know where to go so no problems.

It was a cold start in Cassiobury Park where the huge marquee was the focal point for changing, bags, number collection etc. 2000+ seemed to be in it so the occasion was “well friendly and feely” to say the least.

The course is a lovely rural one in Herts and on traffic free lanes with great scenery but oh those hills. The course changed a bit 3 years ago and I counted 14 hills before the end-some steep and the others very steep. Not good when the breathing is still not 75%-but who cares. Keeps me off the streets anyway.

The marshals were great and here’s the good news. Watford Harriers put the race on and Watford Joggers had loads if runners and their vests are identical to our R&Ws. So all the time people screamed at me” cum on Watford Jogger”. Nice encouragement even if incorrect.

Then after a very tough course we arrived back at the Park for the final ½ mile that was all up hill and a steep one at that.

On the line the 2.30 marker runner passed me so I crossed the line with him-a mate from many years ago. Nice one there.

But on the line the commentator shouted “here’s Dave from Massey Ferguson, he comes every year and he’s NOT from Watford joggers”. I shook his hand, had a chat and said that I was now a Massey Jogger.

Then the medal and customary T Shirt to add to the collection. Wow just what we really need.

So that’s the 1st of 3 halves in Feb so OK so far.

Massey time:  Dave Phillips 2hrs 30 mins.

Race Report  by Dave Phillips