Warwick Half Marathon – 8.4.18

Race report by Dave Phillips.

I remember running the 1st Warwick ½ ( also from the racecourse) way back in the mid ‘80s. I met a chap called Hughie Docherty wearing red and white. What are those colours I asked? He spent the next 6 miles telling me about Massey and the rest is history as I joined in 1987. So many thanks Hughie. Had he been faster or slower and not with me I could have joined Sphinx or Kenilworth-ughhh. Happy days.

Today’s half was a superb event from start to finish and never before can I recall all roads closed and even Warwick was almost “cut off” from all traffic for about 4 hours.

However it was not flat but a continuous undulating course that went from the racecourse, out towards the Saxon Mill then up to Leek Wootton where we turned left and headed out towards Beausale (in the opposite direction but on the same road as the Kenilworth half). Plus I use this quiet lane to get to my offices in Kenilworth every day so for me it was on home ground.

After Beausale we headed towards Hatton and the main B’ham/Warwick road which was also closed in each direction!

Then up more hills to Hampton on the Hill by which time the 12 mile marker came into sight. So just a quick sprint down the main Henley road (closed) to the finish in the road outside the racecourse. Think for fun they should have had the finish just past the 2 furlong mark and made us jump the last 3 fence hurdles on the race track! Think I’d still be out there.

So a great day, superbly organised, medal and T shirt + goodies for all finishers. And especially well done as the original race was on 4th March but was postponed because of the snow. Pity Cov couldn’t do the same with their half.

2 fulls in next 2 weeks (Boston Lincs and London). So as usual my taper moves upwards!

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 2hrs 50 mins.