Warwick Christmas Day Run – 25.12.17

Warwick Christmas Day Run 3.8 miles St. Nicholas Park 10:30 am

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Well what else do you do on 25/12 apart from the usual stuff? Well about 50 turned out for this event now in its 47th year and for the 1st time in many years there was only I red and white there-me.

Over the years this event, now organised by Leamington AC and Kenilworth Runners, has always had its HQ for number collection and registering in a local pub near to the park and the hospitality has always been great. Free coffee, sweets, cakes, biscuits etc. before and after the race (just a donation to charity to cover the costs) and of course the bar open afterwards.

So we all met at the Roebuck in Smith Street just 5 mins jog from the start in the park.

There is no race entry fee as technically everyone is on his/her own “just having a 25/12 pre-dinner jog”. That gets out of having to have a license, insurance and all that stuff but there was a Mr. Starter and a Mrs. Time Keeper so well done all.

The run is a 4 lap course round the park following the Avon for much of the way and all on paths. It was quite a busy morning with walkers and their dogs and being a 4 lapper we were never far from the end!

Then back to the Roebuck for results, prize giving, more food and drinks and good friendship from many from local clubs-even Massey and Northbrook (1 from each!).Must do better in 2018.

Hopefully this event will continue to its 50th-think I must have done nearly 30 of these now so roll on 2018.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 43.55 (unofficial sweeper and my 62nd race of the year and 1 to go, so OK there I guess).