Warwick Christmas Day Run – 25.12.16

Warwick Christmas Day 3.4 mile run, St. Nicholas Park 10:30 hrs.

Race report by David Phillips.

Many of the regular local faces turned out with the entrants for this Festive Run now in its 45th? year.

As usual holiday makers joined us, many with dogs and others pushing prams. In my case it was both as a friend with a huge Great Dane and pram joined my son in law and me for the 4 lapper.

As always the Park was full of other dog walkers so it was a dodgy time avoiding all the wild life strewn out along the way-most not on leads and trying to keep up with us. Not too difficult in my case as I shuffled round in agony!

This race has always had its HQ in a local pub and this year for its inaugural introduction the Roebuck Inn in Smith Street-5 mins from the start and finish- let us use their pub so many thanks to them for their hospitality.

Also huge thanks to Leamington and Kenilworth runners (Tom and Pauline Dable especially) for organising this event once again.

The good thing about it is we are all members of Leamington C&AC for the day just joining them for a training run round the park. So no license, insurance or petty H&S stuff is needed. In fact at registration in the pub you just scribble your name on an A4 sheet and grab a number and pay nothing.

However the pub supplied tea, coffee and sweets all FOC with a Charity Donation Tin so lessons for all there!

So that’s it for me this year (as Illmington is full) but what an end. My long suffering knee miraculously healed (by divine intervention I think) but since last w/e I’ve had terrible Plantar Fasciitis in the left foot and never been in such pain ever. As the foot physio treated it last week I was in agony and he asked me “out of 10 how severe is the pain I’m administering?” as I lay on his table in the surgery. 50 I screamed. PF is dreadful and I hope no one gets it. Something to do with “overuse injury and degenerative wear and tear” I read. Wonder how and why that happened?

Happy times everyone.

Massey results:

48 took part.

Graham Patton 26.07

Dave Phillips 38.53

(66th race of 2016 so OK there I reckon considering everything. But 2017 looks dodgy right now!).