Uttoxeter Half Marathon 03.05.15

As I left home at 0730 in torrential rain a simple question crossed my mind and you don’t have to be a Mensa type to have got the right answer. Should I have stayed in bed? Answer “yes”.

Anyway needs must and as it was my 320 th half how could I turn back? Easily was the answer. However by the time I arrived with 300 others at Uttoxeter Race Course the rain had stopped and I think I saw the sun briefly. I ran this event 23 years ago but could not remember anything of the course. Good job otherwise I would have turned back.

The 1st 4.5 miles are mostly uphill but in lovely traffic free lanes. Then OK ish until 7 where you climb a killer hill to the highest point in Staffs I reckon to the 8 mile mark. Not too many bods around me by this stage-and they were not all behind me either!

More scenic lanes to the 10 mile spot then sheer hell as it’s all uphill to 12 where believe it or not there is Uttoxeter race course 1 mile away and all downhill. Think I passed about 10 people as I flew down. I knew I was near the end when the 2 furlong marker welcomed me home but I didn’t jump the fences on this occasion.

Great friendly event with all the race course facilities at our disposal so well worth the trip.

So that’s 770 fulls and halves so as I said previously the buffet is on me at the clubhouse on 13th May (after I’ve taken the main group for training-so watch out you lot).

Tomorrow Kenilworth Abbey Fields hilly 10k, Wed Dudley Kings 10k (or better known as DK 10K OK?) and next Sun Hereford ½ marathon (this is in addition to the one in Sept at the Race Festival).

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 2hrs 28 mins.

Race report by Dave Phillips