Timberhonger 10k, Bromsgrove, Sat 11/7/15 1800 hrs.

This annual event takes place from the park where the Bromsgrove festival, fete, fair etc is held and where hundreds of people gather for the fun, frolic, music, beer and cider and kids races.
But beware, it is as tough a 10k as here is anywhere because all roads around here just go up and down then back up again. Such was the out and back 10k course made even worse by the 2 loops at the turnaround point that had really tough climbs on each lap.
When I arrived at the park I had a great welcome by Simon Brown + wife and their 4 month old baby lad (looks like a runner already and good looking just like his mum-sorry Simon), Simon’s mum who was also running and other running friends.
The literature says that due to the nature of the course (steepness?) push chairs, dogs and bicycles are not allowed. Should have added “and humans”.
I’d guess that c350+ of us lined up at the start and off we went on closed roads up a stinker of a hill. Why is it called Timberhonger one chap asked just as we passed a sign that said Timberhonger Lane. Hmm says it all as I pointed out the sign to him. Then we passed Timberhonger Grange at the top of the hill. This chap was hating anything to do with “Timber anything” by now so steep it was.
Yet a lovely course in great countryside awaited us all and eventually we arrived back in the park for the final ½ mile dash to the finish line that was thronged by hundreds of people enjoying the festival.
Nice medal and a free drink voucher that I gave to Simon as I had to rush off. Your round next mate!
Yet despite the hills Simon ran his legs off for a great time. Sure you did both loops at the top Simon? Sure you did.
Massey times:
Simon Brown 40.12
Simon’s mum 62.10
Dave Phillips 67.00 (precision running?)

Report by Dave Phillips.