Timberhonger 10k – 1.7.17

Timberhonger 10k, Bromsgrove, Sat 1st July, 1700 hrs.

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This event proved once again that it rates at the very top of road races. Why you ask? Well it takes place from the Sanders Park in Bromsgrove on Carnival week end where there is a fun fare, stalls galore, beer and cider bars, food stalls, kids events, music and a great holiday friendly atmosphere for the huge crowds here. There were over 600 runners in the race so that must say a lot. Plus the country lanes were closed to traffic and it was very well marshalled.

The trouble is apart from all these good points it is probably one of the toughest 10ks around because of the hilly course-somehow it all seemed uphill and of course it was very hot and sunny to add to the difficulty.

Why Timberhonger a few runners asked? Well it’s because much of the course is on Timberhonger Lane so let’s leave it at that! None of the 7 Massey runners asked that question to my knowledge-well maybe 1!!

The start was OK for 500 yards then Timberhonger Hill took over and up and up we went getting slower by the yard. Eventually the top was reached only to go down and up again for the rest of the course-more ups than downs so it felt, then from 8k to 9.5k it was all up hill and a real killer. Just what my “non breathing” lungs wanted. In fact for the last 3k I could hear 2 guys talking behind me all the time and I just assumed they were 2 runners jogging at my pace-until they overtook me that was. Hmm they were the 2 St. John Ambulance sweepers on bikes keeping the tail enders in check! Thanks guys.

Anyway eventually the T/Honger downhill bit came along and the 9k sign so just a jog in the Park now to the finish where hundreds of runners and Carnival people were at the finish area. Then to top it all I was handed a spot prize ticket for a free pint bottle of Banks’s Amber Bitter Ale along with a huge medal plus of course the usual Massey “beer filled” welcome.

What more could anyone ask on a sunny Saturday evening? Not much was the general opinion.

At least these hills will stand me in good stead for next week’s Wales marathon in Tenby that follows the Pembrokeshire coastal roads-again all up (or so it seems).

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 80 mins 56 secs.