The “crash, bang, wallop” Ilmington 10k – 19.1.20

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Well what a morning for the 4th Ilmington run in the series of 5 and this time it was clockwise. The roads there were icy, very misty and it was freezing. In fact from Stratford it was dangerous driving with poor visibility-and that was on the flat. 5 Massey runners there so well done you brave fools.

The clockwise route means the 1st 3k are around the village and mostly on uphill slopes but very icy and dodgy so that running was dangerous. Then the surface got better but the neo vertical hill up to 5k at Warwickshire’s highest point started and what a killer that was. Very misty to the top but not too icy and then out came the sun.

Trouble was the next 3k were all down the very steep road that had no sun on it and it was lethal. So dangerous in fact that walking, sliding, hanging on to the hedges, trying to run off the road on the 2 foot muddy verges and sliding was the only way down.

There were a few of us bunched together attempting this with the occasional “jog ”then I hit some ice on a very steep bit. My legs went vertically into the air in front of me and I landed on my left wrist and bent it backwards, on my right elbow, on my bum then the back of my head smashed onto the road bringing me to a halt. Three ladies in our bunch helped and dragged me up, checked me over then I assured them that nothing appeared to be broken so off we went (walking sideways, trying to use the tiny rough and tumble verge, doing anything that moved us forward).

Eventually we all got to the bottom of the hill so just 1k to go on the road but again very icy so the grass verge had to be used. Plus there were the  cars coming towards us which posed a real threat if they skidded or we slipped and fell under them!

Eventually the end was in sight-thank goodness.

As usual sausages, cakes, biscuits and coffee in the HQ but what a day.

So well done again Rob and Sarah of Tempo Events for these events.

Can’t wait for the 5th on 16/2/20.

Right now all those 4 parts of my body ache a lot so cider with supper will help no doubt.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 1.29.