Stratford Summer 6 miler – 28.8.21

Race report by David Phillips.

Well great to be on the local circuits again, this time at Mary Arden’s House, Illmington near Stratford where lots of well-known local runners turned up for the 6 mile evening annual road race event with the 1800 hrs start.

It starts off outside the House and after a smallish uphill climb there is a long downhill drag to after the 1 mile mark by which time I was the “official sweeper”.

Thereafter the course follows the lovely scenic flat lanes even if they were lonely. Not usually like this but there were only 81 in it (usually c250+).

I caught up and overtook a Sphinx lady then at the 4 mile mark a very long uphill drag took its toll until the top when it was downhill for a while. Then we turned right and back up the very tough hill that we had come down in mile1. Real killer this was and that Sphinx lady was close on my heels.

Eventually we were back in Illmington and I could hear the Sphinx lady and the sweeper behind me plus I saw Martin Smith at the pub-pint in hand and offering me a swig but I didn’t stop. Your round next Martin.

The end was in sight when a “whoosh” took place and Sphinx lady passed Massy 10 yards from the finish line so I was 81st!

Good tee shirt at the finish (exactly the same as 2 years ago) so the collection grows.

Massey Results.
We all came in the “top 100” so well done all.

16th Barry Allen 42.13.
35th Alan McDougal 45.42.
54th Martin Smith 51.02.
57th Richard Pearce 53.12.
71st Rachel Allen 1.04.22.
72nd Jodie Chorley 1.04.22.
81st David Phillips 1.17.22.