Stratford Marathon – 28.4.19

Stratford Shakespeare Marathon – My 500th marathon.

Race report by David Phillips.

Well what can I say? I did my 1st marathon in Coventry in 1982 and 1st  Stratford full in 1983 and have only missed 2 since when they clashed with London. Yes they did clash on Sunday but Stratford won as it was local, many friends came to support us plus the great party afterwards at Cox’s Yard. Also Anna my daughter ran with me for her 5th marathon so it was a real family affair.

We did start off an hour early at 0800 hrs and crept round with tops on ‘till the leaders passed us in Welford then we exposed our numbers and for a while we were 4th and 5th. Not for long however.

It’s a great course with superb officials, drinks a plenty but as usual twice down the boring flat Greenway (2 miles longer on the 2nd lap) was a bit of a mental pain but we managed it. Fortunately because of our early start there were runners with us so it was great fun and we were not alone-well not quite anyway.

Eventually we hit the 24 mile mark where an old school friend took some snaps, jogged with us, gave me £15 for the charity so job done there. Then he had to leave us as he is a vet and was on duty in his practice in Stratford. Great fun.

Then as we arrived in the park with a few hundred yards to go it was all hell let loose with friends, families, children and grandchildren and loads of Massey supporters running with us and cheering us in. So huge thanks to all who were there.

Then the super party afterwards made it such a special day that I’ll never forget it so thanks everyone. Also huge thanks to Ian O’Donnell for everything he did for the party-great stuff. My round I guess.

So what next? More fulls???? (but I am in Snowdon in October. Hmm). Well will probably do a few more as long as there are no cut off time limits! Halves-like to get to 400 so only a mere44 to go. Plus of course the shorter stuff that’s on all the while. So just keep running are the rules.

So a great 37 years of marathon running where I’ve met great people all over the world so I recommend it to everyone.

Finally many thanks to Mary Connolly and Ian O’Donnell who ran with me as Team Phillips for the Brain and Spine Foundation Charity. £13,000 was raised bringing my total to £130,000 since I started raising charity money in marathons in 1988.

Thanks again everyone.

Massey time:

Dave and Anna Phillips 6hrs 08 mins.