Spring Shakespeare Runs – 14.3.15

 5k, 10k, half-marathon and Marathon
On a cold, dull and windy Saturday morning a huddle of Massey’s runners met to run a variety of laps around the Long Marston Airfield.

I’d never run this race before, I knew it would be flat, but also knew that a good time would be down to “Mother Nature” and the elements !!

All the run distances started together (approx. 800 runners), you could easily spot who was doing which distance by the coloured number they were wearing, each lap was 5k, I was glad I’d opted for the 10k, as the thought of doing 8 laps for the marathon was crazy !

The airfield is quite disused in places, and you needed to watch your footing now and again, and the strange ‘star pattern’ the runways formed made it easy to spot other club runners and give them a shout. The marshals (who must have been freezing) and the sheep gave encouragement which was great !

The wind was really strong in some parts, but the final straight had the wind behind us which made for a speedy finish.   Turning the corner for my second lap it was great to think “only one more to go”, and also knowing that there wouldn’t be any hills or even a slight incline.

After finishing we went to support the other Massey runners and celebrate PB’s, this is a good race to support at, as you get a chance to see the runners at a number of spectator points, and watch the half and full-marathoners doing their extra laps, it also gave you the chance to think “I’m glad its them and not me” !!

The organisation was smooth (lots of parking and toilets), a nice medal, fruit, cereal bars and sweets made it a good race to do. If you could guarantee the weather I am sure this would be a PB course for everyone, I will certainly go back for the Autumn races.

Cathy Keay

Gun Time Chip Time
Jenna POGUE F SEN 5k 00:32:42 00:32:12
Jose Luis SANCHEZ M SEN 10k 00:42:46 00:42:43
Virginia SILIO F SEN 10k 00:42:51 00:42:49
Matthew KEAY M JUN 10k 00:51:43 00:51:15
Cathy KEAY F V45 10k 00:54:29 00:54:01
Tiffannie SLATFORD F SEN 10k 01:01:23 01:00:54
Marie O’CONNOR F V35 10k 01:04:22 01:03:53
RACHEL BROCK F V35 Half-marathon 02:01:38 02:01:08
David GOODWIN M SEN Half-marathon 02:24:09 02:23:39
DAVID PHILLIPS M V70 Marathon 05:25:16 05:25:16