Sphinx 5 miler – 12.6.19

Race report by David Phillips.

Well this event lived up to its popular reputation with all places sold out a few days ago, unlike the good old days (quite recently) when you just entered on the night. So a really packed house with everyone trying to shelter under the small roof that overhung the central pavilion in the Park. Pity the council couldn’t have the café open as they would have made a fortune I reckon with coffee sales etc. But that was not to be-and never has been I don’t think.

Also the changing room in the pavilion that we used to use is now a store room so no joy there.

The crowds waiting for the start at 19:45 (just maybe a bit late?–many think 19:00 hrs would be better) seemed to be mostly in Red and White followed by Northbrook and Kenilworth. Then of course the many runners not associated with clubs but making up the very large number of runners.

The 2 lap course is fairly flat but the weather was dreadful with non-stop rain all the time making it a pretty awful “jog round the Park”.

Lap 2 was interesting as I was towards the rear but with a line of Massey ladies in front and behind me so just like a nice family occasion-until one passed me on the Kenilworth road on lap 2.

Finally the end was in sight so a good sprint (ha ha) finish gave me a good enough time (best for a while) to win the 75 group prize voucher (thank you Cov Runner and Anne-Marie).

Plus the cake tent made the evening worthwhile so well done again Sphinx.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 57.39.