Scottish Half Marathon – 24.9.17

Race Report by Claire Newman

This is my first race report, so apologies if it a bit rambley!

I took part in the Scottish Half Marathon on the 24th September, it was my 2nd half, my first being Kenilworth a few weeks before.  There were 3,000 runners so it was the biggest event I have done as have only done smaller local events so far.

The course was advertised as being flat and fast. Which it was! Unfortunately I was running injured so my aim was survival and not getting caught by the sweeper bus.

The start line was at Meadowmill Sports Centre. We used the events park and ride service to get there. The start village was well organised with plenty of loo’s, we were a bit keen and got there 2 hours early which was a bit silly as we got quite cold.

The event started bang on time (very appreciated!) and we set off along closed roads on a gentle incline down towards the coast, this part was next to a railway and we got honked at by several trains and enjoyed waving to all the passengers.

Miles 2-4 were through a very fancy area so I spent some time mentally deciding which massive house I would buy when I grow up.  Around mile 5 you reach the coast and do a 2/3 mile out and back which give you a chance to pass the speedy runners on the way out and cheer on the slower runs on the way back. A highlight was passing my sister and vigorously swearing encouragement at her and high-fiving (it was her fist half).

I was in a fair bit of pain by mile 5 and was regretting my earlier pace so the gorgeous views along the Golf Coast was a welcome distraction, as was all the nice people who came out to hand out Haribo and orange pieces to the runners.

Around mile 8/9 we re-entered an urban area and were treated to some lads blasting Tina Turner “Simply the Best”, a young Bag-Piper and a lovely lady with a garden hose.

Miles 10-12 were really tough pain wise, I’d been running in an odd way to compensate for my dodge ankle and was now struggling with hip pain.  The final stretch takes you into Musselburgh Race course where there lots of supporters and runners to cheer in the finishers.

The medal and goody bag were excellent. The bag was actually a special presentation box containing cold and hot gels, a water bottle, foil blanket, hydro tablets and the t-shirt. The bar didn’t sell prosecco by the glass and had run out of crisps so I made do with a glass of pinot.

The course was well marshalled, plenty of water stops, loo’s and also energy gels handed out at mile 8.  There is also a 10k on the same day which starts and ends at the race course and also seemed really well attended and organised.