School’s Out 10k – Moreton Morrell 08.08.15

As I arrived at Moreton Morrell College I was in in full anticipation of what this race was going to be like as I was about to embark on 2 10k runs over the weekend. I was familiar with this course as I have done this race before over previous years. It was good to meet up other fellow Massey Runners prior to the race at registration with fellow 10k runners Angela and Dave, Virginia and Jose, Leon and Tania as well as seeing Steve, Andy and Dave who were doing the 20k. I did my pre-race warm up and I knew this was going to be a very warm run as the Sun was shining down and there was little breeze and not a cloud in the sky.

Once we got the pre-race photo done and race briefing done we wished each other good luck then waited for the hooter to start us off. We set off heading out of the college and we had to avoid all the pot holes, speed humps and animal droppings as we head towards the 1 Km mark. I felt I was flying as I reached the first KM mark so I had to tell myself to slow down as I would be in trouble later on in the race. I managed to get myself running at comfortable pace. As we left the college grounds it was going to be country lanes for the whole race.

I started to set myself little goals as I reached each Kilometre, I started to see who I could catch up as I was running along. Unfortunately there was not much shade during the first part of the race as Sun was baking down and I could feel the sweat pouring off me. Soon as I realised I was approaching the half way point and the water station.  As I passed the water station I could see runners spread out in front of me in the distance as I approached a hilly incline. I glanced at my watch and I was making good progress.  

I passed a marshal who shouted “Go Massey” which gave me a lift as I started to approach the next part of the course. I could see other runners starting to walk on the steep incline between 6km and 7km so I thought to myself keep on running to see if I could catch them up. I started to pick off some of the runners. I kept making good progress dodging the tractors with hay. Soon I got to 8km so I was thinking only 2km to go and I can do this. As I passed the 8km I could see the 20k runners starting their second lap. I turned back into the college grounds then it was back up the big hill at 9km. My legs were starting to feel a little bit tired. I then was passing a lot of runners coming back down the hill and passed Andy and Steve and at the top I passed Dave Goodwin. (I was pleased that I was only doing 1 lap and have admiration for the Massey guys who were having to do the course again as it was really warm)

Once I got to the top of the hill I felt I had lost a bit of time as my legs were feeling drained in the heat. I then managed to lengthen my stride as I turned the corner I could hear Leon and Anne-Marie cheering us on and lifted me to push hard to the finish.  I collected my medal and some goodies and caught up with my fellow Massey runners. Once I had finished I glanced at my watch and noticed that I had possibly done a quick time. Previously on this course I had always struggled to beat 65minutes I noticed that I had knocked nearly over 5minutes off. It was later confirmed I got a PB. A special mention must be made for Virginia finishing 1st lady for 10k and a PB, Jose PB, Also well done to Leon, Tania, Dave and Angela, The 20k team Andy, Steve and Dave. The support team for Massey’s was brilliant Anne-Marie, Joseph and Eunice (my manager) 

In the main this is a tough 10k with lovely scenery which tests your speed and endurance and stamina. I look forward to see if I can beat my time on this course again. This is very well organised event and very supportive marshals and a nice medal and goodies to get afterwards

 Report by Kelvin Elliot