Rock and Roll Liverpool Marathon – 29.05.16

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This just has to among the top and best 5 marathons anywhere in the world. Trust me it is a fantastic event-despite the 10 minute delay at the start for a police incident. Mind you there was a similar happening on Saturday when Hannover  and Paradise streets were closed because of a “suspect package”. Probably turned out to a Scouser lying lifeless on pavement after 2 days non-stop booze.

First many thanks to AM and DG for organising the dinner at Pizza Express on Sat eve for the 30+ Massey mob. Great fun.

30+ do I hear you say? Well there was a 5k on Sat and the half and full on Sun, so with the runners, wags and supporters Massey ruled the north west-again.

>16,500 runners entered all events so huge congratulations to the organisers.

As usual the ½ and full routes had live music and rock bands all the way round, 11+ drink and gel and Lucozade stations, closed roads and a stunning course. Yes Liverpool (wasn’t it the Culture City a few years ago?) is a stunning city. The 1st half was pretty hilly and undulating and meandered through the town, past Everton and Liverpool football grounds, round beautiful parks and back into the heart of Beatle Land and the club area before the second half.

Most of this 2nd  half was through wonderful parks, through wooded areas then finally for the last 3 miles along the side of the Mersey to the finish.

It was a very hot day and many suffered from the heat but at each water station I took 2+ bottles-one to drink and the other to pour over my head. It worked a treat.

What was great was that for much of the course I ran with Dave Falkner and Lee and we must have overtaken each other at least 15 times as our paces slowed or sped up. Thanks you 2 for driving me on to the end.

One lovely touch was at 14 miles a family was handing out frozen wrapped fruit iced lollipop sticks. They had a dual function-to wipe your face down and cool off then remove the wrapping and eat/suck the contents. Thanks whoever that family was.

Finally the end was in site along the Mersey front where huge Massey support along with hundreds of supporters screamed us all in.

Then free beer, 2 huge medals, goodies a plenty, live music, T shirt and anything else you needed or wanted.

In fact it was so good that we have booked our hotel and entered the marathon for 2017 on 28th May. We will again be at the Ibis hotel just 150 yards from the start in Albert Dock. Check it out everyone. It made the 4 hour nightmare M6 journey on Sat morning worthwhile after all.

So the Mersey last Sun and this Sun is the Rhien Ruhr marathon in Duisburg-as flat as they come and again following major rivers. Could get used to this.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 5.27 (2260th out of 2524 marathon runners).