Regency Leamington Spa 10k – 7.4.19

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This has to be one of the best and most enjoyable 10ks around. The first half is all on trails, paths and tracks up and over Newbold Common with no cars, houses, shops, pubs or roads in sight and what beautiful scenery it is too. Much of it is around the “as was” golf course, now closed down by the council on financial grounds (cost cutting). Real shame as it has been there since time began.

There was a huge field of around 1900 runners so it was packed, chatty and cheerful all the way round as you were never on your own.

Then at the half way mark we were on the closed roads for a bit then round Victoria Park and along the river so what more could you want on a Sunday?

Then the final mad dash through Jephson Gardens to the finish in the park by the river where medals, T shirts and goodie bags greeted the finishers.

Plus there was a stall and tent serving huge pieces of chocolate gateau, cake and other goodies which filled my kit bag by the time I’d gone back a few times.

Then to round it off there was a kid’s race with a large field so well done the organisers.

Next week I will be on my own for a long time in the Boston Lincs marathon but I know the way having done all of them so far. But it will be lonely for my 499th.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 1.15.38.