Raceways Spring Shakespeare Marathon – 11.3.17

Raceways Spring Shakespeare Marathon, Long Marston Airfield, Stratford-upon Avon – 11.3.17

Race Report by Dave Phillips

I decided that I would start early (with permission of course) as we had to be out late afternoon so I started at 0745 (official start was 1000 hrs). This is an 8 lap course so I had the 1st 3 laps all to myself on the most desolate and boring place on the planet I reckon. Just runway after runway (one c I mile long and dead straight). So no people except by the start area, no runners, no houses, roads, trees, hedges, pubs, shops. Just an old 2nd world war knackered looking RAF bomber. Ah there were a few sheep but they didn’t seem to interesting to chat to.

Then on lap 3 the start gun went and the 10k, half marathon and full marathon started so soon there were runners all over the place and passing me so at least there was company.

So no problems for the next few laps but soon enough the 10k lot had finished so then it was just the half and full runners on the course. Then eventually most of the half runners had finished so for my last couple of laps it was so desolate again as it was mostly the marathon runners only and there were only about 60 of us who had entered and all spread out.

So “the loneliness of the long distance runner” prevailed yet again. I found it  a real plod despite seeing Massey’s Kelvin Elliot doing the half. In fact I saw him many times on my last 2 laps as I ran up one side of the many runways there he was plodding down the other side. So at least there were still people within sight and hearing distance-well just about.

As always with Raceways events the organisation and facilities were excellent so the good (or bad?) news is that they have 2 more events here this year. Plus an Autumn marathon-makes the mind numb just thinking about 8 more laps but we’ll see.

So that just leaves me with 25 to go for the 500 which right now seems a long way off and a tough challenge as these 26.2 events seem to get longer, tougher and slower. But who cares eh?

Massey time:

David Phillips 5 hrs 57mins.