Not the Roman 1X – 17.01.16

Stratford-Upon-Avon. 12k Road race (c7.5m).

 As usual this was a sell out and on the day there were 660 finishers so well done Stratford. Around 20+ Massey guys and gals ventured forth on a very cold morning with snow greeting some us as we drove over. Nice one there I thought.

The course is a toughie with the 1st half mostly uphill then thankfully just before Loxley at the ½ way mark it starts to descend then it’s flattish and down except for the occasional upward slope or two.

One guy at the start was describing the course to his mates and he said “done this loads of times and it’s a race of 3 halves. One up, one down and one flat.” Didn’t think too much of his maths but I reckoned if I missed out one of his halves and only did 2 then I might beat him. Hmmm won’t give him a job in the accountancy business.

The marshals were great and friendly, the traffic light and the organisation good so what a better way to spend a Sunday morning after yesterday’s XC at Gloucester?

All of us finished but there were no pub celebrations after and most went off after the prize giving-no Massey prize winners unfortunately. I did bring a 1983 cup/mug that we all got when it WAS the Roman 9 miler and I was going to give it to the fastest Massey runner in the pub afterwards. Will bring it on Wed if someone will tell me who it is. For interest (or not!!) in 1983 there were 223 runners and I was 188th in 66.00 minutes and it was 9 miles. Still have the hand written results. Plus the reason it is called the Roman 1X  (or 9) is because Roman Motors used to Sponsor it, not as many think because it is run on Roman Roads or by a Roman Settlement etc (as the” 3 half chap” above also incorrectly told his mates).

I had hoped to put the results below. They are on the NTR9/Stratford AC site but the clubs are not given (not sure why) so not possible to pick out the names so have a look yourselves.

Race report by Dave Phillips.