Not the Not the Roman IX – 26.1.20

 12k race at Stratford upon Avon. 

According to the records someone said I’ve done more of these than anyone else so good news there.

This year 356 took part with a good Red and White turnout so well done everyone on a very cold, wet and windy day for this hilly event.

I asked many people if they knew why it’s called what it is and all said it’s because it’s on a Roman Road. Hmm not true at all. It was started and sponsored all those years ago by Roman Motors of Stratford and it was 9 miles long. How simple can that be?

Then Roman Motors closed so it became Not the Roman 9 (plus gradually it became a shorter distance) so for 2 reasons it was not the Roman 9. Now it’s a 12k run so thus the new name! Simple or what?

So after a 5+ minute walk to the start the gun went and off and into a fierce cold wind we ran. Then a left turn onto the Banbury where it was all uphill getting steeper after we turned off it to the 6k mark. At least we now had the wind behind us but it was still very cold for the flattish 2nd half.

The roads were quiet from a traffic point of view so no real problems and the marshals from Stratford Runners were great so well done you lot.

Eventually the 11k sign came into view so a final RH turn down towards the finish at the school (another new venue for this race).

For the last 4k I heard a car following me so I guessed it must be the official car at the rear of the runners. Hmmm. Having been Sweeper in the 2 XCs in Jan here I was again but this time I’m a ruddy Road Sweeper! No comments please.

So another good Sunday event so that’s 5 done in Jan so getting there. Watford ½ next week.

Massey Result:

Dave Phillips 1hr 35 mins.