Northbrook 10k – 8.7.18

Race report by Dave Phillips
Hot or what? This was hotter than the Pyramids Marathon in Cairo that I did in 1993 and that went for 13 miles out into the Saqwar Desert and all the water had been nicked by the kids.  So well done Northbrook for putting on what I reckon must be one of the best 10ks anywhere.
Superb facilities. Loads of parking. Closed roads and above all else a stunningly beautiful rural and country course in the best of Warwickshire (bar South Warwicks that is of course!).  Marshals were great, plenty of drinks but I’d forgotten that this course is on a “geological fault”. Meaning that although you do a loop and virtually end where you started, the ups seemed to outweigh the downs by a huge margin.  Age or heat maybe?
So we plodded off at 10:15 and very soon there was a great Massey bunch acting as sweepers. We did this intentionally just in case any Northbrook, Sphinx or Kenilworth runners had the temerity to run as slowly as us lot!  So the Ks came and went and again what beautiful countryside we enjoyed-made the heat acceptable.  Eventually the 9k marker came into view and one final sprint and that was it. Until next week that is when it’s the Wales marathon at Tenby in the Long Course Weekend-check it out.  Then a superb goodie bag with a medal and cup. Also the prize giving in the Scout Hut was good fun.  There were 2 prizes called “Facebook Prizes” for the 2 best Facebook comments and Massey’s Mark Blaszcyszyn won one. It was £12 in cash as a refund for his race entry. As I was one of only 2 Massey bods there I collected it for you Mark but somehow it got spent at the pub where I bought Northbrook a pint or two! Be in touch don’t worry.
So again well done Northbrook for possibly one of the best 10ks anywhere.
Massey time:
Dave Phillips: 83 mins.