Midland Masters Cross Country Champs, Aldersley Stadium, Wolverhampton – 22.1.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

The Midland Masters used to be called Midland Vets, but maybe some of the old male  farts objected to being “age discriminated against” so Masters was born. Trouble is there are loads of women so Midland Mistresses for them? Certainly made me run faster today trying to catch my Mistress-but failed miserably!

So about 60ish of both genders combined stood on the start line to do 8k or 6k (age 65 and over did 6K). No prizes for guessing that I did the shorter race.

Coventry Godiva, Wolves, Tipton, Dudley, Stratford and loads of bigger clubs were there but no one from Kenilworth, Leam, Northbrook, Sphinx but there was one Red and White-me.

It was a good 3 lap course and not as muddy as the XCs of recent weeks and plenty of room especially when I was on my own for laps 1 and 3! Best that way as you can take in the countryside and woods that we ran through.

On this occasion I was not the Sweeper-maybe those behind me were late starters or did too many laps but an enjoyable time was had by all.

Then back at the huge sports complex the prize giving took place with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in many age categories even an >75 group. Plus team prizes (3 or 4 in a team depending on age) were on offer.

I’ve won several team prizes with Masseys in the past so why not all check out Midland Masters Athletic Club and join up then we can show the Midlands who we are.

No problem with age as you become a Master (or Mistress!!) at the tender age of 35. Not sure how a Vet can be less than half my age but that’s progress I guess.

Also where was Captain Ross Cooper who claims that Wolves is God’s Own Country? Didn’t see him or God today.

Lliswerry 8 at Newport Wales next Sun.

Massey result:

Dave Phillips 6k 45.17.