MFRC Winter Handicap Race 4 – 5.02.17

The weather was kind yet again for the winter handicap series; no snow or rain or heatwave to contend, in fact perfect conditions for running.  Had this been a horse race the going underfoot would have been described as soft to very soft – in parts ankle deep mud – well it is cross country.

Twenty-five Massey runners took to the start line in the final race of the series.  With numbers down on previous races even coming near last in the field would score well and possibly improve standings in the overall competition.

Despite the muddier conditions, Philips Sellars had a storming run this month taking 50 seconds off his time from last month to come home in first place.  Jenna Pogue continued her run of good form as she yet again improved her time over the 3mile course resulting in her being first lady over the line.

The scores for each race have been input and are being carefully checked to find out the overall standings in the Winter Handicap.  The results of which will be announced at the Annual Awards Dinner on Saturday 11th February.

Full List of Results (Alphabetical)

Alan McDougall 00:24:25
Alison Lowe 00:37:27
Andrew Stephens 00:41:20
Cal Oddy 00:40:22
Cathy McKeown 00:30:02
Cathy Keay 00:33:56
Dave Lee 00:24:29
Dean Semple 00:24:39
James Padvis 00:30:19
Jenna Pogue 00:33:37
Kathy Neeson 00:33:04
Kerry Grantham 00:33:02
Kevin Hinson 00:25:12
Les Carter 00:33:20
Philip Sellars 00:27:50
Sally Slevin 00:57:13
Sam Lowe 00:23:44
Sean Fox 00:30:54
Simon Neale 00:24:07
Sonia Blackaby 00:35:43
Sonia Karamat 00:39:40
Stuart Sahan 00:32:52
Wendy Foxall 00:34:59
Yvonne McElligott 00:32:34

Although that was our last Winter handicap race, fear not the summer series will start soon but on tarmac and not cross country terrain.