MFRC Winter Handicap Race 3 – 8.01.17


Although the sun wasn’t gleaming down from the sky, instead the sky was a murky grey and misty that gave an eerie look to Ten Shilling Wood.  Despite it being early January, the temperature was a pleasant 9 degrees and it stayed dry.  The perfect conditions for a Cross Country Race around a wood.

Conditions under foot were certainly muddier than the previous two races in the series and despite the recent festivities having passed 40 runners (7 of them guests) stood waiting to be started at different times as set by the handicapper to alllow anyone to win this race by crossing the line first.

Despite storming around Newbold Coymn yesterday, in the Warwickshire XC Championchip and facing the ditch and the hill twice, Lizzie Dobson charged around Ten Shilling Woods to take first place in a combined time of 46:03.  Sam Lowe didn’t let an extra two minute handicap on Lizzie deter him as he valliantly chased her and finished second (and First Male) only 26 seconds later in 46:29.


As customary with the Winter series of races the league table of points will be kept a secret until the very end but for those interested in their individual times (handicaps removed) please find them below.  With a different winner in each of the handicaps the results of the series are still wide open, so make sure that you come to the 4th and final race of the series on Sunday 5th February.

Even if you haven’t raced any of the previous 3 races and wish have a go at the the next race please follow the link for the Handicap series on the website and let us know so your handicap can be properly calculated.

Full List of Results (Alphabetical)

Alan McDougall 25:46
Alison Foley 31:57
Alison Clark 42:51
Alison Lowe 35:54
Andrew Stephens (Guest) 33:36
Andy Mc (Guest) 21:15
Cal Oddy 39:13
Cathy Keay 31:10
Cathy McKeown 28:20
Chris Foxall (Guest) 29:16
Dave Lee 24:17
David Robbins 28:48
Davies Kim 32:25
Dawn Lama (Guest) 38:27
Dean Semple 23:52
Fiona Ryan 34:30
George Semple 20:40
Ian Bourne 25:50
Isabel (Guest) 44:09
James Padvis 26:51
Jan Hall 23:44
Jenna Pogue 33:52
Kathy James 32:19
Kevin Hinson 23:53
Les Carter 34:41
Lisa Jay 32:02
Lisa Kenny 32:34
Lisa Dyer (Guest) 27:59
Liz Haigh (Guest) 45:22
Lizzie Dobson 25:03
Lowe Sam 23:29
Philip Sellars 28:40
Richard Taylor 23:33
Sally Slevin 52:13
Sean Fox 28:33
Sheila Johnson 37:25
Sonia Karamat 36:23
Sonia Blackaby 33:46
Wendy Foxall 35:39
Yvonne McElligott 30:36