MFRC Winter Handicap Race 2 – 18.12.16

race-2The second installment of the Winter Handicap was run around the two lap course in Ten Shilling Wood today.  40 runners completed the 3.12 miles in slightly muddy conditions than last time.

Apart from the mud another new appearance this month was digital timing! In the second test of the system with Massey,  runners were barcoded up and scanned at the finish – manual timings and recording were done as a back up.  But I am pleased to report the system was perfect and greatly assisted the processing of the results.  This test run on a real race will stand us in great stead for future races.

Jenna Pogue & Dean Clarke needed no manual or digital timings to tell them that they crossed the line only a few seconds apart to claim 1st place in the male and female competition.

15578658_1287933781278802_4328101234143562519_n 15578631_1287933901278790_761357409743903226_n

Again we are trying to maintain the racing and element of surprise in the final league placing right up until the final race in February so each races individual points score is being kept secret for now, but for those interested in their individual times (handicaps removed) please find them below.

If you wish to enter the next race please follow the link for the Handicap series on the website and let us know so your handicap can be properly calculated.

Full List of Results (Alphabetical)

Dean Clarke 20:23
Jason Nicholson 21:36
Andy McConville (Guest) 21:47
Simon Neale 22:21
Ross Cooper 22:36
Kevin Hinson 23:10
Dave Clarke 23:18
Grahame Flanagan 23:40
Peter Paprcka 24:20
Alan McDougall 25:00
Sam Lowe 25:19
Martin Judge 25:27
Ian Bourne 25:34
Jason Douglas 26:31
James Towey 26:53
Phillip Sellars 27:15
Dave Robins 27:17
Andrea Clarke (Guest) 27:24
Cathy McKeown 27:43
James Padvis 28:40
Alexandra Sharp 29:26
Stuart Sahan 29:49
Les Carter 30:03
Kathy Neeson 32:00
Lisa Jay 32:06
Yvonne Mcelligott 32:09
Anita Sharma 32:20
Cathy Keay 32:30
Lisa Kenny 33:08
Sonia Blackaby 33:53
Christina Semple 33:59
Jenna Pogue 34:17
Sonia Karamat 35:43
Alison Lowe 35:46
Dave Goodwin 36:23
Fiona Ryan 36:33
Wendy Foxall 37:12
Cal Oddy 38:08
Sheila Johnson 38:14
Sally Slevin 51:34