MFRC Winter Handicap Race 1 – 06.11.16


Today saw the first race in a series of 4 XC club races, that take place in Ten Shilling Wood in Coventry.  All Massey Running Club members are free to take part and this morning 44 runners completed the 3.12mile course.


Sean Fox and Cathy Neeson ran away winners this month.

To maintain the element of surprise over the 4 race series the individual points will be kept a secret, however for those interested below are the finish times for all the runners today, with their handicap time taken off.

If you wish to find out more on the MFRC Winter Series please click on the link.

Full List of Results (Alphabetical)

NameRacing Time
Alan McDougall00:24:16
Alexandra Sharp00:28:21
Alison Clark (guest)00:44:27
Alison Foley00:30:57
Alison Lowe00:34:57
Andy Mc (Guest)00:20:59
Anita Sharma00:30:59
Brian Boyle00:24:06
Cathy Keay00:31:13
Chris Foxall (Guest)00:27:37
Darren Chambers00:25:56
Dave Goodwin00:34:11
Dave Lee00:22:37
Ed Goodwin00:35:54
Fiona Ryan00:35:59
George Semple00:20:02
Grahame Flanagan00:22:30
James Padvis00:26:59
Jason Nicholson00:21:22
Jenna Pogue00:35:45
Kat Gavin (Guest)00:35:49
Kathy Neeson00:30:29
Kerry Grantham00:31:01
Kevin Hinson00:23:03
Kim Davies00:31:27
Leon Coppola00:25:04
Les Carter00:30:26
Lisa Abbott (Guest)00:27:38
Lisa Jay00:31:16
Lisa Kenny00:32:20
Lore Paterson (Guest)00:24:19
Mary Connolly00:40:13
Paige Zhang-Green00:28:21
Paul Hulland00:20:31
Phillip Sellars00:26:49
Sally Slevin00:57:21
Sam Lowe00:23:03
Sean Fox00:26:47
Sheila Johnson00:31:23
Simon Neale00:20:56
Sonia Blackaby00:33:05
Stuart Sahan00:30:09
Sylvia Guthrie00:32:47
Wendy Foxall00:33:55