MFRC Summer Handicap Race 2 3.5.17

This maybe the summer series of races but the Memorial Park was definitely chilly for the second race.  This overcast weather didn’t put off over 70 runners from running a new one loop course of 4.39miles.  With a new route we had a lot of marshals out on course but three runners decided to take a slight detour (or did they want to round the run up to 5 miles?)  A huge thank you to everyone who helped out on the race as without you putting on these races would’t be possible.

Massey Club Race 2

First over the finishing line totally destroying her handicap time was Ruth Mahon over two minutes ahead of Sheila Johnson – who took a few attempts to run down the funnel.  Trevor Day ran came in third to become the first male finisher.   Below are the provisional times and positions for Race 2, please contact us if you notice any errors.

As this is a 6 race series the results,times and positions will be published for the first 4 races, but the last two will be kept a secret to leave an element of surprise for the finale of the series.

Race 2SurnameElapsedGenderActual Run Time
1Ruth Mahon45:36Female36:21
2Sheila Johnson47:47Female40:47
3Trevor Day48:03Male31:33
4Angela McKay49:42Female41:12
5Philip McCarron49:45Male35:15
6Paul Mattock50:07Male31:07
7Simon Trenchard50:09Male32:09
8Lore (Guest)50:14Male30:14
9Simon Neale50:19Male26:19
10Jan Hall50:21Male28:51
11Martin Judge50:33Male32:33
12Paul Curtis50:38Male36:08
13Dean Clarke50:43Male26:43
14Linda Simmonds50:50Female46:50
15Lindsey Yeomans50:50Female43:50
16George Semple50:51Male26:51
17Denise Elkington50:55Female46:55
18Jason Nicholson51:00Male27:30
19Robert Kerr51:04Male32:04
20Alan McDougall51:06Male30:06
21Kevin Hinson51:07Male29:37
22Zoe Moore51:16Female34:46
23Nikki Carter51:29Female39:59
24Paul Bradly51:33Male28:03
25Kelvin Elliott51:34Male46:04
26Michael Hammond51:38Male47:38
27Leon Coppola51:43Male31:43
28Kim Davies51:44Female38:44
29Marie Edmunds51:58Female30:28
30Stuart Sahan52:09Male35:39
31David Robbins52:10Male35:40
32Dave Cass52:17Male31:17
33Alanna Pennell52:21Female34:21
34James Padvis52:25Male35:55
35Julia Minty52:28Female35:58
36Dean Semple52:30Male30:30
37Debbie Davis52:30Female41:00
38Sophie Abbot52:33Female36:03
39Cathy McKeown52:38Female34:38
40Guest – 118252:42Male#N/A
41Nathan Bignall52:43Male33:43
42Carmel Capelett52:45Female34:45
43Rachel Hogg52:46Female39:46
44Sam Lowe52:55Male31:55
45Anita Sharma53:00Female38:30
46John Peavoy53:05Male34:05
47Mark Walton53:08Male34:08
48Casey Leaver53:21Female40:21
49Anne-Marie Paszkiewicz53:28Female43:28
50David James53:33Male32:33
51Dave Goodwin53:53Male40:53
52Robert Bowell54:09Male35:09
53Hayley Tracey54:10Female50:10
54Jenna Pogue54:10Female42:40
55Joanne Steele54:14Female37:44
56Dave Mason54:18Male34:18
57Chris Ramadhar54:20Male34:20
58Jess Rexworthy54:33Female33:33
59Sonia Karamat54:35Female43:05
60Alexandra Sharp54:54Female36:54
61Cathy Keay55:21Female38:51
62Sonia Blackaby56:04Female46:04
63Lisa Kenny56:21Female46:21
64Fiona Ryan56:31Female46:31
65Christina Semple57:04Female39:04
66Alison Clark57:18Female52:18
67Helen Rowe57:24Female57:24
68Jo Goode57:47Female52:17
69Richard Lapworth59:27Male39:27
70Elizabeth Connolly1:03:10Female53:55
71Mary Connolly1:03:11Female53:56