MFRC Summer Handicap Race 1 5.4.17

Although dry, it was definitely chilly for the first summer handicap race, especially when the sun started to disappear from view.  A  huge field of 81 Massey Club members and 6 guests took part in the first summer handicap race.

As traditional with our races you can only win the trophy if you are a Massey Member, so unfortunately for Lore Paterson who was first over the line he couldn’t win tonight. How ever he was very closely followed by Natalie Deven (First Lady) & Simon Trenchard (First Male).

As this is a 6 race series the results, times and positions will be published for the first 4 races, but the last two will be kept a secret to leave an element of surprise for the finale of the series.

Before I publish the first league table I must pass on a huge thank you to everyone who came out help out, from timing, scanning marshaling or even funnel directing, without whose help we would struggle to stage our races.


PositionNameTimeRace 1NameTimeRace 1
1Natalie Deven31:32100Simon Trenchard25:57100
2Sophie Abbot28:1899Jerry Trill22:2699
3Lizzie Dobson23:2098Martin Judge26:3098
4Rachel Hogg31:2197Simon Neale20:5797
5Kim Davies29:3596Brian Boyle24:3396
6Anita Sharma29:3695Kevin Hinson23:3495
7Samantha Smyth29:4394Jan Hall23:4494
8Sheila Johnson35:1293Ian O’Donnell25:5693
9Casey Leaver31:2592Andrew Rollins23:5792
10Alanna Pennell26:4991Alan McDougall24:0291
11Zoe Moore28:0190Hugh Miller26:0390
12Anne-Marie Paszkiewicz32:1589Craig Keenan30:0689
13Sonia Blackaby32:1888Paul Bradly22:1688
14Julia Minty28:2687Ross Cooper21:1887
15Cathy McKeown27:2986Dave Mason26:2486
16Clare Weston30:3485Peter Hall23:2885
17Joanne Steele28:3584Michael Hammond37:3284
18Nikki Carter31:3783Robert Kerr25:3483
19Jo Pinches36:3982Trevor Day28:4582
20Lee Hill32:5381Robert Bowell25:4981
21Carmel Capelett26:5480Jason Nicholson21:5180
22Brenda Lee38:5879Dave Cass24:5579
23Mo Smith33:1378Sam Lowe24:5878
24Sylvia Guthrie33:2477Dave Lee24:2377
25Paige Zhang-Green28:2476Richard Taylor23:2776
26Denise Elkington38:2675Phillip Sellars27:3375
27Lisa Jay32:2674Leighton Jackson26:4374
28Lindsey Yeomans36:3373David Robbins28:4573
29Kathy James30:3472Stuart Sahan28:4672
30Hayley Tracey39:4671Philip McCarron29:5271
31Lisa Kenny33:5770Paul Mattock26:0770
32Fiona Ryan33:5869Nathan Bignall26:1469
33Julie Flanagan36:5968Ed Goodwin35:3168
34Linda Simmonds39:3067James Padvis28:5067
35Carol Martin33:4866Peter Paprcka29:0066
36Wendy Foxall33:5765Dave Phillips40:1665
37Alison Lowe34:0664Dave Goodwin32:3264
38Angela McKay34:3863Ian Cameron34:2063
39Jenna Pogue35:4262Kelvin Elliott42:4862
40Angela Day42:1261
41Jo Goode38:5160
42Helen Rowe48:4459

There are still 5 races left in the series so if you haven’t joined the club or signed up yet there is still plenty of time and plenty of races.